Free Military Drone. Thanks UPS!

A guy on reddit received an unsolicited package from UPS. It is a $400k unmanned aerial vehicle. It appears to by part 1 of 2 packages. He is missing the propulsion and the imaging portions of the drone.





The response from UPS is amazing.

OP here, just called UPS. They told me that it was one of the undelivered packages in their office, and asked if I’ve ever had an undelivered package. I said no, but he insisted that it was mine, and said that it was up to me if I want to keep it or not.

I don’t think that’s the right way to go about this, so I’m going to call the number on the card, and get this sorted out.

I am curious as to why this was undeliverable? Wouldn’t the original recipient and original shipper be wondering where their drone had gone? No one followed up on a $400K drone that UPS had “lost” at some point?

I would have kept it and tried assembling it. Then contact some RC plane enthusiasts and see how we can get it to fly.

Nicholas C

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  • TITAN308

    Keeping it would probably have gotten you some unwanted federal agency attention regardless of what UPS says on the matter.

    You know what the saying is; Never invite ‘the man’ into your life.

    • gunslinger

      what do you do, take this to the local cop station and leave it on the doorstep?

  • Steve Truffer

    Uhh, I think the gov’t suits would take exception to UPS giving away something they didn’t own. Think that’s considered theft. $400K worth, and the Reddit OP could get caught in it, too.

  • Hunter57dor

    this is a Puma drone. its an over glorified toy, and in fact, im not even sure why it costs that much to begin with.

    • SD3

      Because the gubermint is the ‘customer’. For any other schmoe this is a $400 toy.

  • Kyle

    It’s about the same when the USPS loses a Machinegun and the ATF just says oh well it will turn it eventually…….

  • this site makes me sad now

    100% relevant to firearms. 10/10 want more of these posts please.

    • steve

      The drone might have been stored once at a facility that also stored firearms maybe.

      100% relevant.

      • 11b

        Also, if we can weaponize it somehow, totally relevant.

    • FourString

      you’ve got to be living under a rock to not realize that shooting down drones, whether prudent or not, is a hot topic among gun owners right now

    • E

      TFB supplies us with daily free content and you’re complaining? Even I know there isn’t enough firearms related content and updates out there to meet a 24hr cycle. So quit bitching, I for one am grateful for any post these guys give us.

    • Dave

      I liked it. They publish more posts because we wanted more posts but they don’t have the resources for all their posts to be in depth articles. They might not all be to your liking but don’t be a hipster troll “I liked tfb back when, blah blah blah” if it doesn’t interest you read something else.

    • Karina

      Fuck you, self-entitled cunt. You aren’t paying anything for this website, if you don’t like it you can just go away.

  • guest

    400k? Somebody is making a lot of money on a whole lot of nothing.

  • Andrew

    It becomes theft when you know who it belongs to, but choose to keep it instead of returning it, even if it was given to you to begin with. Like the 18 year-old a couple months ago, who spent $20,000 of someone else’s $30,000+ deposit that the bank accidentally put into his account. Boom, felony charges. And in this case, Federal charges.

    • Brandon Whosville

      The charges are easily beat, and totally trumped up because some dipshit douche bag wanted a headline. The BANK FUCKED UP. So why are we so hot to ruin some poor kids life? He didn’t steal anything. He was given a gift, a blessing. The bank made the error the bank should be responsible. Imagine you were the SENDER of that 30k. The Bank says oh I’m sorry sir, your money is gone. Why? you ask. Oh, we deposited in the wrong account and he spent it. SO? wheres my money. Oh, thats your problem. We don’t have any control over that… yeah sure. thats who that convo went..right? uhhh FUCK NO. That kid never caught charges, the bank never admitted any wrong doing and the fdic gets left holding the tab. I think we should be mad at prvt banking and corrupt politicians for that one. But no, let the media tell us what to think. We should blame the kid!!! LOL FUCKING MORONS.

  • gunslinger

    so i bought a house and there’s a port to what i think is a bunker in there…

    oh and i found a safe too 🙂

  • LosingInterest

    What does a story about a drone used to carry out environmental research have ANYTHING to do with firearms? It is NOT military. It is NOT a firearm.

    Is this not the FIREARM blog? Or is it becoming simply a content aggregator (and not even a good one, as these are always days behind the rest of the internet) for whatever a particular author thinks is OMG COOL I WANNA POST THAT?

    I used to be a TTAG reader, until they got silly with their obsession about certain gun control groups (don’t forget their history of copyright infringement and douchebaggery). Now, it seems TFB is losing its purpose as well. Remember when TFB started posting stuff about knives? And stealth tanks? Why not just post about Ford’s newest concept car and Twitter’s stock price and call it a day?

    I promise you, editors and authors… it’s OKAY to have a slow news day once in a while. You don’t need to fill it with goofy crap like this. Stick to guns, ammo, and accessories – the bread and butter. Drop the fast-food-style content with no purpose other than to waste your readers’ time with unrelated content.

    • If you’re not interested, don’t click the link?

      • LosingInterest

        Sorry for having an opinion. I’ll try to be more like you and never give negative feedback for anything ever again, because obviously I should have been psychic and just ‘not clicked the link’.

        I hope you have never criticized anyone or anything before, otherwise you just might be a hypocrite. But I know that’s not the case, right?

        • I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess someone doesn’t need psychic powers to discern the non-firearms nature of this article…

          • Dan

            this article doesn’t belong on a firearms website.
            what’s next, articles about landscaping, or baking cookies?

          • PCDEC

            I love cookies!

          • Brandon Whosville

            How doesn’t it? It could have been ANYTHING in that pelican case. Military contractors shipping god knows what through ups and sups happens way more than anyone will ever care to admit. This blog is to post items of interest to firearm enthusiasts. If you can’t draw the parallel between misplaced military hardware and firearm enthusiast, then the problem is you. Not them.

    • Brandon Whosville

      the military doesn’t conduct environmental research. They size up a country for its resources, wealth and strength. Then they overthrow it or roll it into nato. Everything in the military is a weapon. From the bombs to the bulldozers. Just because one item is directly used to kill a person, while another is used to fortify the emplacements that house the soldiers who fire the guns that kill the people. In the military. EVERYTHING. is weapon.

  • wetcorps

    So the source is Reddit? Seems legit.

    • J.T.

      A news site saw it, got a hold of NOAA, and they confirmed it.

  • J.T.

    This has nothing to do with guns. No reason for it to have even been posted here.

    • kipy

      Its about military hardware, I found it interesting

  • avconsumer2

    $400k?! Em… seems like it would be cheaper to retrofit a friggin’ Cessna with remote stuffs. Yay gubment!

  • Whargl Bargl

    First off, it’s not a drone. It’s a UAV, more specifically a Puma. The 400k price tag is not the cost of the UAV itself, it’s the total cost of the entire Puma system.

  • RocketScientist

    For the curious: the UAV was being shipped from NOAA’s AOC (Aircraft Ops Center) to the Stellwagen Bank Nat’l Marine Sanctuary in MA. My family (dad, brother, previously myself) work for NOAA at AOC on the hurricane hunter planes (dad actually has the world record for most hurricane eyewall penetrations, over 550 now I think). I actually had dinner with some of the guys last night, including the dude who shipped out the packages containing the PUMA. They definitely had it labelled/adressed correctly, the word they have been getting from UPS and NOAA brass indicate the current theory is that during automated processing (conveyer belts and such) the shipping label somehow transferred from the weight bench the kid had ordered, and gotten stuck on one of the pelican cases containing the PUMA.

    • 11b

      Is that what your dad tells the ladies at the bar? “You know, I have the record for the most eye-wall penetrations…” *wink*

      • RocketScientist

        Nope. He may tell momma that in a romantic moment though. He says using “penetrations” as a measuring stick lost a lot of its appeal a few decades back when they started giving the storms mens’ names too.

  • Jim Chambers

    This sort of thing happens more often than you would think. Most likely the shipping label from the bench the guy ordered fell off in transit and landed on this package. As it’s mostly machines doing the sorting, they read the label on top and that’s how it gets routed.

    Having said that, UPS’ response was kinda weird. They should have asked if there was another label on the box and came to pick it up and then check their overgoods (or whatever they call it) for this guy’s bench.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    What a coincidence. FedEx just delivered two tactical nukes that the CIA had intended to send to Syria. That’s going to save me $100 on Tannerite for our big redneck shoot this summer.

  • Ken

    The Gov’t is used to throwing away money, and $400k in taxpayer money means nothing to them.