Troy Pump Action Rifle Features posted up a video of the new Troy PAR (pump-action rifle). Some interesting features are highlighted in this video. The stock is billet and the hinge can be flipped for ambidextrous folding. I am rather impressed how slim the stock is and more so when the stock is folded.

The pump release is a bar under the trigger guard. I would have preferred a pump release similar to the KSG for the Troy PAR.  This looks to be a very interesting AR from Troy. It will be legal for many people in restrictive states as well as hunters who can’t hunt with a semi auto.

Nicholas C

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  • Maxpwr

    Banned soon in a coastal state near you.

    • Mike

      Florida is a coastal state, it won’t be banned here.

      • bucherm

        Texas, Georgia, Maine, The Carolinas, Virginia. Basically he’s someone from one of those states you could draw with a ruler with a strange view of the coasts.

        • Dan

          Aweeee!, a coastal resident got his feelers hurt, but don’t worry I’m sure he didn’t mean any of those states you listed. Unless instead you live in a blue state then I am truly sorry about your stockholm syndrome.

  • ValleyForge77

    Ahh heck, too bad we can’t hunt (deer) with .223 either. This seems to make much more sense in .308.

    • Nicholas C

      True but you can hunt ground hog or coyote with this. Some places do not allow Semi-auto for those types of game.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I won’t buy one. But I won’t argue or complain about guns that make it harder to ban other guns just based on their appearance.

    Make everything look like the media’s idea of an “assault weapon” and that made up term looses it’s power. Call it a dangerous pump action tactical gun and hunters will take notice. If this is too dangerous to be on the streets, so are the Mossberg MVP and Ruger 77/22. I doubt they will sell very well, but that doesn’t really matter.

    • Maxpwr

      Nothing will “make it harder” to ban when they have the votes to ban them after someone shoots up a school with a pump action AR.

      • Nobody will ever shoot up a school with a pump-action AR, unless they are too stupid to realize that they might as well use an illegal gun for murder.

        • Eric S

          Not only that, no one will care as it doesn’t fit the narrative. Almost no one talks about the DC Shipyard shooter, but I still hear Columbine bandied about regularly.

          The real concern is people saying you don’t need a semi auto ‘salt’ rifle cause you can get them in pump action. Still not as ridiculous as the pump AK though.

        • Maxpwr

          Nor a pump action shotgun.

  • Fred Johnson

    What? No forward assist?

    😀 😀 😀

    • gunslinger

      yeah, ther is one. it” ya know.. forward of the chamber

  • dp

    So, this is military-like looking repeater. What’s wrong with that? To me, it’s creative thinking and will to provide shooters with guns when the hammer falls.

  • simon

    iv been looking at this gun in Australia and hoping it gets down here really quick but now that i know its got an ar15 trigger group i think il have to look at a 7615, its a dam shame having pump action ar15’s every where would of been good for the sport

    • iksnilol

      Does the AR-15 trigger make it illegal?

      Maybe a special version could be made for Australia with a different trigger (and unthreaded barrel)?

      • simon

        threaded barrel makes no difference but its already on the banned from import list

    • Nicholas C

      Yeah, why does an AR15 trigger group make it illegal?

      • echelon

        Because some politician somewhere said it does!

      • simon

        since its fits in a category class of firearm (D) that is heavily restricted, but its mainly the looks and the folding stock that does it in

        • Nicholas C

          Interesting. When I was living in NY, there was an exclusion for manually operated firearms. If it is manually operated, then it is NOT considered an assault weapon and can have as many evil features as you want.

  • Steveweiser

    Just buy a used Remington 7615P. Probably a lot cheaper too.

    • jdkchem

      If you can find one.

      • erwos

        Plenty on Gunbroker. But they seem like they run $750+… it might make sense to pay extra for a new rifle, especially when it has some extra features.

  • kev

    wonder if its UK legal?

    • Micki Mahoney

      It’s not. Pump-action rifles were banned here after the Hungerford massacre back in the ’80s, along with non-.22 rimfire self-loaders. (Despite the fact that the perpetrator didn’t even use a pump-action rifle in the rampage…)

      • Cynic

        Which is proof any incident they can use to push a ban through they will. Doesn’t matter if the ban is linked to ANY THING. from the incident

  • William DeWeese

    I was hoping for a plain vanilla pump gun, box magazine fed, like the Remingtons, or maybe something such as Rossi or Puma produced. In a battle cartridge, they’d make great low profile, relatively inexpensive truck guns and utility rifles while providing 99% or the functionality that the average cop/citizen needs. The location of the action release might provide some commonality with that of the ubiquitous Remington 870.

  • jdkchem

    If you can swap barrels you could have a pump 300BLK.

  • Caio

    The stock its the most interesting thing to me. If only beretta put these in the arx-160… We will have a trully fully ambidextrous gun in every aspect.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    Nothing new here. During the Clinton AW ban a couple makers came up with similar guns. DPMS jumps to mind..they had some pump AR that didn’t get much traction, even during those years. Couple outfits also rehabbed the Blue Sky imported M1 Carbines to pump action as well. These things are all infrequently encountered relics of a darker age and reminders of what happens when you get a Clinton in the White House.

    • Fred Johnson

      I remember seeing those in the annual “Gun Buyers Guides” back in the 1990s. I never saw one in person though. Probably due to me being in Texas.

  • contary

    Pump = 12 gauge shotgun. That is my preference, and, I am sticking to it. Having choices is wonderful.

  • valorius

    As a pa. Resident this would be a neat hunting rifle.

  • bfreeordie

    Troy continues to earn my hatred. F Those Jack booted Troy Nazis