Savage Mk.II FV-SR Review

Oleg Volk has reviewed the Savage Mk.II FV-SR over at AllOutdoor …

Savage has long done well in the entry-level rimfire rifles. Mark 2 series represented an upgrade on the basics with the addition of Accu-trigger. FV-SR model takes it another step towards versatility with a built-in Picatinny mount, target bolt handle and muzzle threaded for sound suppressors or other devices. All that for less than $300 retail! Check with your local gunsmith on the cost of threading the muzzle on an existing rifle and you will see just how good of a deal this is.

I own one of the original Accutrigger-installed Savage Mark II models. I had my gunsmith thread it for a .22 suppressor. Its a nice rifle, but the heavy barrel and tactical bolt of this Mk.II FV-SR model would be a nice improvement.

Steve Johnson

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  • Mike P.

    I own one of those rifles and it shoots accurately and has a great trigger…however the magazines leave a lot to be desired and I often get rounds that stick in the chamber.

  • Boots

    I have one. It’s one of my favorite rifles, I only wish it had a stock similar to a Hogue Overmolded stock. The magazines are not the best design. Too bad Savage couldn’t make a deal with Ruger to use 10/22 magazines. I hope Hogue is listening too. …reading. .whatever. The FV-SR is fun, fun, fun. I’d love to buy another.

  • Hunter57dor

    If you are gonna go to that much trouble to silence a .22, just get a pellet rifle. you can get the ammo easier, and they are cheaper, so more cash for accurizing modifications.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      do you mean an airgun? Air guns are VERY noisy, and have a lot lower muzzle energy. Shooting .22 Long from a suppressed .22 bolt action, the only noise if the firing pin, and the noise of the bullet impacting the target.

      • iksnilol

        Airguns are also harder to use since you have to use the “artillery” hold, unless you get an expensive PCP (cheapest with a pump was 400-500 dollars). So I will much rather buy a .22 for 100-200 dollars plus a suppressor for 200-300 (Huntertown makes some good ones). With the tax stamp you can get a suppressed .22 for 500 dollars.

        Also you can use a .22 for long range training if you don’t have a 1000 meter/yard range available.

    • Dan

      sure, if you want a worse gun then get a pellet rifle.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    @ Boots & Mike P. :

    I think you both said it very well in a nutshell. And I’ve always had a lot of respect for Oleg Volk and the way he objectively evaluates firearms performance. Besides, Savage bolt-action rifles in any caliber, including .22LR and .22WMR, have been some of my personal all-time favorites ( so please allow for my possible prejudices in favor of them ).

    Steve, thanks for publishing this article — nice re-introduction to an excellent yet under-rated small-caliber rifle!

  • Mark N.

    My first firearm was a savage Mark II, before they added the accutrigger. It has been a tack driver, and for under $200 with a scope. This looks very interesting. And I agree with everyone else–the mags are terrible. Don’t know how many times one has scratched me, especially the ten rounder.

  • J.T.

    It looks like a good rifle but I just wish they would change their standard plastic stock. The comb is way too low for a proper cheek weld. They really need to change them to have the same profile as the wooden stock on the mk II G.

    • Limonata

      Many Savage owners simply switch to a Boyds Stock

  • Limonata

    My only complaint with the Savage Mk II and Savage 64 lines are the magazines. The QA on the magazines is awful. On the Mk II, the lips can separate and on the 64 you have to take a file to the feeding ramp. Sometimes they get them right, but my experience is most of the time they do not. And with the magazines, the magazine catch/release. The Mk II is not bad but can be improved and on the 64 is simply needs to be redesigned.
    I own a MK II BV and Savage 64 that has been highly modified.
    I wish they would update all their 22lr rifles to use B-Mag magazines

  • Tom

    Tons of fun, picked one up in April of ’14. I Like it with a Redfield 2-7×33 scope, shooting great groups at 50 yards. Agreed that the magazines are sub par; wish they were strait like the Marlin’s. The 16inch barrel produces a sweet jet of flame with most shots.

  • KM

    Savage MKII rimjob edition

  • Streitz patrick

    Hello I have a Savage Mark 2 22 LR caliber rifle and I am looking for a complete relaxation accutrigger block I do not find this piece in France.
    Do you have a contact for the order in the United States.

    Thanks for your reply

  • ⊕RussR⊕

    my FVSR