New 10mm Ammo from Federal

Federal 10mm

Federal Premium announced a new 10mm load designed for handgun hunting.  The load uses a 180 grain JSP that is rated at 1,275 fps from the muzzle.  Federal states the load should be good for deer, bear and hog.

MSRP is $39.95/box of 20.

Federal 10mm

From Federal:

While most commercial 10mm Auto loads offer ballistics comparable to the 40 S&W, the new Vital-Shok™ Trophy Bonded® 10mm Auto from Federal Premium® restores the cartridge to its intended full power. Accurate, powerful and designed to succeed where other rounds have failed, this new load is the perfect choice for semi-automatic handgun hunters.

With a muzzle velocity of 1,275 fps, the 180-grain jacketed soft point (JSP) shoots flat and packs a powerful punch in semi-automatic pistols. With ballistics that fall between those of the 357 Magnum and 41 Magnum, the load gives hunters the power to take down deer, bears or hogs. 

The new Trophy Bonded JSP bullet provides optimal terminal performance because it uses some of the proven elements of Federal Premium’s Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw® rifle bullet. The heavy jacket features a formed inner profile that preprograms and controls expansion to ensure deep penetration and high weight retention. A nickel-plated case allows easy and dependable extraction in virtually any 10mm Auto pistol.

Federal 10mm

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  • Rusty Shackleford

    Federal 180 gr JHP 10MM for $2 a pop? Why not just stick with DoubleTap or Buffalo Bore for much less money, and usually more power?

    • Chained

      First it is a Jacketed Soft Point not a JHP which I haven’t seen produced by DT BB or Underwood but I agree it is a bit pricey. I know that they make hardcast lead bullets for hunting with the 10mm but not JSP until now. I would like to see how it handles a pissed off 300 lb wild boar though.

  • TyroneAlfonso

    Is this another one of those “not and advertisement” advertisements? Or are you just checking to make sure your copy/paste function still works?
    I miss the old TFB

  • Michael

    Didn’t Col Copper design the 10mil to be 200 gr and at much faster speeds? And to that, this looks like, and over priced at that, FBI load for 10mm.

  • smith

    I’ve used 10mm for deer, but I would question what “bear” this particular load would be appropriate for. Small black bears, maybe, but certainly not any variety of brown/grizzly. CorBon and buffalo bore do already make great hunting loads, especially for 10mm’s with fully supported chambers. I do always welcome more ammo variety in any caliber, however.

    • kipy

      I could see it as a bear “defense” round, maybe not ideal for actually hunting.

      • Mouldy Squid

        I was going to post just this. Up here in the Wilds of Canada, a hand gun might be enough to put the fear of God into a Grizzly or a full grown black bear, but there is no way I would hunt one with it. Bears are very big, very robust animals. Having been less than 10 feet from one, I can tell you, a handgun is scant protection.

        • smith


      • Giolli Joker

        According to wikipedia the only forces issued 10mm handguns are Danish units patrolling Greenland, to defend themselves from polar bears…

  • kipy

    Man I’ve really been wanting a red dot for my Glock 20.

  • 101nomad

    I hope the bear likes chewing on the pistol.

  • Chained

    I am glad to see Federal stepping up their 10mm performance levels to what it was originally designed to be but seriously 2.00 a round?