Reality vs Imagination

Gun Nuts Media posted an interesting article. Caleb Giddings wrote about how he sets up his guns in real life and that he follows the same ideology when setting up his guns in the virtual world via a video game.

I have the opposite mentality. I feel that real guns are limited by certain real world rules. There are no true high capacity pistol magazines like we see in the movies. Weight, size, ammo are all limiting factors. If we could remove such feeble limitations, then the sky is the limit.

Back in the early 2000s, I was an avid airsofter, running around with my friends in SoCal. I made this monstrosity out of my Tokyo Marui P90TR. I was using a LayLax box magazine that is fed using a hi-cap winding M4 magazine. It has a resevoir of bbs that are fed into the magazine. The bbs then channel thru a waterwheel like device, up and over and down into the gun thru a channel in the box magazine internals. It is complicated but it works and I had 1500 rds of bbs.

There were purists who scoffed at my hideous creation. But if you think about it, these guns are re-purposed RC car technology. Rechargeable batteries and gears just to shoot some BBs. If we could fit 1,500 rds of bullets into such a compact package, I am pretty sure the military and the civilian world would be all over it.

The world is what we make of it. Make it fun. Use your imagination.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Dropship Ace

    I personally love realism, but the problem with Airsoft is that it will never be.

    I would love Simunition paintball. Painful realism ho!

    • ColaBox


  • mikewest007

    Hey, I’m planning to build a StA-18 submachine gun from Killzone and I just found a cheap source of helical airsoft mags (Cyma cloned a PP-19). Sure, it’s going to be laughably weak, what can you expect from a Skorpion AEP, but the look? The look is gonna be AWESOME.

    • mechamaster

      Wow, it’s a cool idea !

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I’m with Caleb.

  • mikewest007

    Also, there’s a matter of preferences. For example, I dislike the modern AR15s. They’re boring. They may have more rails than the New York City subway, and accessories that go on those rails, but modern AR15s are EVERYWHERE. Same goes for Glocks. If I can have something else than an AR15 or a Glock, I’ll have it. For example, my current airsoft gun collection consists of, among others:
    1. a scoped and suppressed Ruger 10/22 in a factory Ruger wooden stock. I also have a Muzzelite kit for it, but I don’t use it anymore (any former Muzzelite user will understand why 😉 ). The suppressor is a necessity since I slapped a 509mm M4 inner barrel into it, and it sticks out of the 360mm Ruger barrel. So, a short, low-profile can. Or a 240×40 King Arms one if I feel particularly crazy.
    2. A TOMMY GUN! I need to put a weaker spring in it, people don’t like being hosed with 420 fps in close quarters.
    3. Full-metal GBB Broomhandle Mauser. Yeah, it’s made in China. But it works.
    4. KJW USP Tactical with a suppressor and flashlight/laser combo. And everything still works (KJW USPs were notorious for breaking with little to no provocation).

    • Hip Star

      “I listen to bands that don’t even exist yet.”

      • mikewest007

        More like “I listen to ICP, Aleksander Pistoletov and Rucka Rucka Ali”. I don’t treat that shit seriously, actually the “Seal Team Six Loadout” people get on my nerves.

        • Jacob

          Not all of us airsofters are like that. Hell, I just use what works for it. Its hard to take it too seriously for me at least, its high speed, long range freeze tag. I have however noticed that a lot of the load outs or whatever you want to call them do revolve around those sort of groups because one would assume it works. However the guys that run an “inspired” kit but don’t have the mentality are completely cool. It truly is all remembering its a game

          • Jacob

            Just read the one reply above, so you know the whole thing. How is the USP still working??

          • mikewest007

            Oh, it’s just lightly used. And since I’ve recently bought a WE P228, the USP is getting shelved.

  • BB Thrower

    “re-purposed RC car technology.” Indeed. Too bad these things in Germany still count as Firearms, and, if full auto, even as Weapons of Warfare.

    • mikewest007

      Only if the output energy is above half a Joule, or did they do away with that restriction too?
      No wonder German airsofters go across the border to play if they can. Not sure how many of them skip eastwards, but I know that some of them play in Belgium and France.

      • BB Thrower

        True, below half a joule muzzle energy they are considered toys.

  • david

    wow, another slow news day? Airsoft? Really?

  • JaxD

    Another useless “article”. Been noticing the slide lately. Just looked over the last 30 postings. Saw about 4 posts that deal with actual guns. And those look like press releases. The rest are filler: Airsoft, bb guns, corny videos, accessories, freaking garden hoses, movie tribute guns, etc. Any idea when you’ll go back to being a GUN blog.

    • Michael R. Zupcak

      I love this blog, but I see where JaxD is going. Airsoft guns are not “firearms” and neither are garden hose attachments, for that matter. The Alien M41 pulse rifle article isn’t much better; let me know when someone makes one that actually shoots plasma. There have also been quite a few advertisements disguised as articles. Finally, my biggest gripe with TFB are those “teaser” articles that show a picture of a gun and then say “Joe Shmo over at *Someothergunblog* wrote a great article about it here: *link*”. Those are the worst!

      • Raven

        “The Alien M41 pulse rifle article isn’t much better; let me know when someone makes one that actually shoots plasma.”

        Someone’s never seen Aliens. The M41A Pulse Rifle fires a 10x24mm caseless high-explosive armour-piercing round, not a plasma projectile!

        • Michael R. Zupcak

          Shit, well thanks for the correction.

          I have seen it, though. It’s been a long, long time.

    • Kurtz

      I second this. While this blog has grown considerably in the time I’ve been reading it, it has also taken a serious dive in quality. You’re completely right, m ost of the posts that are actually about firearms read just like press releases. It’s a shame, this used to be one of the few places on the internet to get informative, unopinionated gun news.

    • DubbsT1

      Could not agree with you more. I have been a TFB fan for a pretty long time and this one may take the cake for worst, and most pointless, TFB article ever.

    • JaxD

      Hope the big guy is paying attention. Over 100 total up votes for returning to a real gun blog. About a dozen for the new direction. Choose your audience.

  • Shawn

    I like these articles, keep them coming and don’t listen to the nay-sayers. For me its all about “shooting stuff is fun!” regardless of what ammo I happen to be using at the time (to include H2O when battling it out on a hot summer day with my kids).

    • Dan-O

      Nope. This was first and foremost a FIREARMS blog, not a plastic BB fantasy BS fan boy blog! There are other places where one can read up on non “real-steel” items, and as everyone else has been saying, I really hope this blog gets back on track.

      • Shawn

        In your opinion. I’ve been a FIREARM owner since I was 12 year-old and my Grand-dad gave me a marlin model 60. But before that I had a Crosman 760. It was those two guns that lead me to my life long love of shooting things. Over the years and I’ve shot many FIREARMS including the M16A1 during my time of service in the Army during the 80s. But I still get out my old 760 once in a while to plink cans in the back yard. If you can’t see that it is all related, I feel sorry for you. And I found this blog while looking for info on Bigbore, I haven’t seen any new articles on bigbore in a long time, but do you see me complaining about it? No I come here and enjoy the articles on all the different types of shooting presented.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    An increasing number of scifi games/movies justify “infinite ammo” by having guns that shave off small pieces of material and send them down rage at absurdly high velocities.

  • jordan Hyers

    Shooting is shooting get over it whether it’s paint plastic or lead keep me coming

    • iksnilol

      Agreed. Really dislike the “it is just toys! Wah! This is a gun blog!” attitude some people have.

      I sorta like airsoft, mainly because you can sorta try out different guns to get a feel for them (+ some guns you wont be able to own for a while). And if you tire of them you can gut them and put a .22 in them. Those are always fun.

      • mikewest007

        Bullshit on the “put a .22 in them” thing. Airsoft guns are made NOT to take the stresses generated by firing real ammo, no matter the caliber. That’s the legal requirement in Japan, and when everyone else copies the Japanese stuff, they aren’t really bothered about reinforcing it for that purpose.
        And when it turns out that a Japanese airsoft gun can take it, it means a hefty fine and mandatory product recall for the manufacturer. Even if everything is based on a half-assed rumor, like the case of Tanaka Works Casyopea series.

        • iksnilol

          So much bullshit there, amirite?

          • mikewest007

            You could do that without an airsoft gun too, and not necessarily for much more money (the airsoft M200 is obscenely expensive and terrible as an airsoft gun for its price).
            And yes, I’ve seen people making 10/22 stocks out of Wal-Mart airsoft P90s. Oh well, Archangel can’t cover everything, right?

          • iksnilol

            You don’t have to buy functional airguns. Most stores have a “boneyard” where you can get broken airsoft guns that still have the shell intact.

            Yes, I could probably make my own out of fiberglass or plastic but that would take much more time/money and would be less versatile/good looking.

            You can get a Famas, Thompson, G36, AUG, etc. for 50-150 with most under 100 (boneyard, AKA something is wrong with it or it has been unpackaged). Marlin 795 for about 100-150. Invest some hours and you have something unique.

          • mikewest007

            I can hardly imagine a boneyard M200. Common stuff like a G36, AR15 or AUG – sure, those things are dime a dozen. But not a thing that goes for upwards of 600 bucks brand new in Hong Kong.

            Also, imagine the liberal media shitstorm that would erupt if some nitwitted journo had the bright idea to put together some article on how you can “easily turn an airsoft gun into a real one” (shit like that happened several times in the British tabloids already). They wouldn’t dare to cover “easily turn a shovel into an AK”, but “dangerous toys that teach kids how to kill” are fair game.

          • iksnilol

            There was a good looking boneyard M200 for 250 at Evike. Sold out now of course, you can still get an AWP for about 90.

          • mikewest007

            Bah, AWPs are cheap since the Chinese started cloning them en masse. I’m a bit pissed off, because I couldn’t find any of those for a project involving my 10/22.

          • BryanS

            It was fairly common about 5 or more years ago to see articles about stuffing a 10-22 into a G36 or P90. Myself, I did a P90s, and later traded it to a buddy. It shot well for about a year, and got a lot of kids through bulk boxes on a plinking range.

  • ColaBox

    Well…at least its not about politics. I can live with this.

  • Masoo2

    I was going to comment nice article, but, looked in the comments, and saw how rudefully he (Caleb) replyed to a comment about ArmA 3, stating PC gamers are so cute and laughed as if the original commenter was dumb or ignorant.. The original commenter said ArmA 3 was “adult style realism” and arcade shooters were just children’s games.

    TL;DR: Caleb insulted a person due to their preference of PC over console, and milsim games for realism compared to arcade games for realism

    • mikewest007

      Hey, he’s a Southerner. Southerners often play with cowdoody as kids. Some still do as adults. 😛

  • big daddy

    I have refrained from commenting but after this article I have to say something. I have been reading this blog for a long time. It WAS one of the best, no longer. I am a serious shooter but I do have the side of me that likes thinking outside the box and do not have the tunnel vision of reality that so many in the gun community do. NO AIRSOFT CRAP PLEEEZE!!!!!!
    Sci-Fi is OK. It’s part of the past, future & now type thinking I like. I love old guns from the beginning like early firearms to the old west. I like what’s happening now in firearms development and I sure like to read about the future even if it’s Sci-Fi. Many things in Sci-Fi have become reality, that’s a fact. BUT NO AIRSOFT, that’s where I draw the line.

    • jamezb

      buh bye!

      • big daddy

        If this place is going to be inhabited by your type why bother coming here if a person is interested in high quality firearms information. It was a great REAL firearms blog at one time. You can have it jamezb.

    • Nicks87

      I somewhat agree. I can appreciate the fact that airsoft can be used as a great training tool but I dont come to this website to read about what’s new in the world of airsoft. Also I dont want to read about people comparing their airsoft experiences to real life situations. The point of training with airsoft is to make combat/use of force situations as realistic as possible without using live ammo. For example: when someone has a magazine that holds 1500 rnds (pellets) it eliminates the need for reloads. You dont have to change mags as often which means less repetition and you lose that aspect of training. When you throw out the limitations of reality it opens the door for people with big egos who are just trying to one up each other. If thats what you are after then you might as well be playing a video game.

  • jamezb

    How many average collectors would like to have an M60?
    Even a display-only dewat? Good luck, live guns are in the high-end sports car price zone, Dewats are expensive as hell, too.
    For a fraction of the cost of a registered dewat M60, you could have a M60, a M249, a MG42 a MG34, hell, throw in a Thompson, an MP40, a MP44 a Sten and a PPSH…and a BAR! An impressive looking collection, airsoft collection… and these will shoot! Perhaps they are only shooting plastic pellets, but they will shred soda cans as well as any other gun, and will do so in your backyard for pennies.

    • big daddy

      I did shoot an M60 I joined the Army. Make believe is fine but this is a REAL gun blog or it was and if it’s going to include this nonsense there is no need to come here. There’s enough make believe on the internet and video games, please not here that’s all I am asking. You don’t have to make believe, go to a place you can fire real full auto guns, save your money. Some go for a few grand, that’s not a lot of money if you want to put the time in and save that much money. Sure I wish I could make some of my guns full auto. But it takes enough hard work just to learn how to shoot properly in semi-auto. If you think this is fun because you can shred soda cans you do not fully understand what real firearms are really about. It’s about skill and improving your skills, it’s a lifestyle. If you want to make believe and play soldier that’s fine all I ask is not here. yes blowing stuff up is fun, I did it, but even that is serious and dangerous business. I take it very seriously, yet I have fun every time I go to the range, it’s a blast!!! Your attitude is immature and explains your views.

      • Simon

        I couldn’t agree more.

        I play a lot of airsoft, but I am also an Army veteran (with an Infantry combat badge earned in Afghanistan) and gun owner/competition shooter. I started a small airsoft group with my former army friends.The airsoft crowd couldn’t be further apart from the gun owners and former military people.

        Most of my mates cannot stomach the airsoft crowd anymore, most of the airsoft crowd failed to follow their ambition and re-eneact being Call of duty / Seal time Six people. This is completely fine and its their private hobby but their mentality is so far apart from the gun crowd that they scare away the military and shooting people.

        If you want a reminder of what kind of crowd these posts are drawing, look at some of the airsoft ‘review’ videos. The ones from are some the worst. Pretentious pricks that regurgitate false information.

        Just quit with these ridiculous posts and get some quality, or reduce the post frequency or you will break this blog.

  • JLR84

    This is the reason why I often play the heavy machine gunner in many games. Since I don’t have the real world burden of carrying the damn thing around, why wouldn’t I want the gun that does more damage and has a 100rd belt?

  • William DeWeese

    As long as politics doesn’t creep in, I’ll take a 200 to 1 airsoft to real gun ratio. Nor will I consider telling a blog owner or author what to put on their blog or what articles to write. Like just about everything, until you’ve tried to do it – run a blog or write – people don’t realize how difficult and time consuming it can be.

    As for airsoft, it is arguably the most cost-effective tool for training cops in force on force exercises present today. I have zero interest in airsoft as a “hobby” or whatever it is, but considering the size and training budgets of LE agencies today, we can do training in places where we could never use marking ammunition at a tiny fraction of the cost.

  • dan citizen

    I find airsoft guns interesting and often practical. At low power I found one excellent for driving off feral dogs. I was super happy with the usefulness of a hopped up AEG for rats, 25 rps @ 450 fps is devastating to a rat.

    • mikewest007

      Dude, are airguns restricted somehow where you live? A CO2-powered airgun would be even better for pest control.

      • dan citizen

        I was living in hawaii then, strict firearm laws, lots of rats and feral dogs, no airgun restrictions.

        I had an nice AEG around and found it worked great, plus the neighbors didn’t freakout.

  • Peter

    airsoft?? please stop it! Airsoft is fun, but this is a firearm blog!

  • J.J

    Quit whining you people could bitch about anything. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the articles just leave. This blog is not only a about firearms but also firearms culture and part of that culture is airsoft, hunting, and a number of other topics. So if you don’t like the article don’t read it.

  • 101nomad

    Frankly, I would not want the job.

  • ShadowHatesYou

    I think you guys would get a kick out of the Baikal Drozd. It may not be a firearm, but it will still fuck your world up.

    Buy it here:

  • Ben Russin

    This site used to be my firearm haven. Now it’s a crisis center.

  • M.Mitchell Marmel

    Why not? Heck, I put a trolley pole on a Lionel steam loco once just to confound the purists…

  • Nick

    Wow. I feel like a lot of you people just want to complain. There is still a lot of good content here, and this article isn’t even really about airsoft, if you read it. He just happened to read another article that prompted him to think about his airsoft days and how he sees airsoft as being a fantasy/game where as firearms are firearms and there is only so much you can do with them realistically. I don’t think it was that hard to grasp. And at the end of the day, these guys write what they want or what comes to mind. If you don’t like it, skip over it. Or as most of you seemed to have done, skip it and complain anyway or just skim it and write judgemental pious comments.