Ferfrans CQB Modular Muzzle Brake

Muzzle Brakes are an amazing addition to your rifle, they’re great at reducing recoil and muzzle rise and help speed up follow up shots. They’re not without their drawbacks however, they’re pretty loud as most brakes redirect the sound and muzzle blast to the side or back at the shooter. Some brakes can also kick up dust and dirt while shooting in prone. The Ferfrans CQB Modular Muzzle Brake is a new style of brake that tries to reduce some of these downfalls. The Ferfrans brake comes with what they call a Concussion Reduction Device which is essentially a quick attach/detach shroud that helps redirect concussion and sound forward away from the shooter. While the Ferfrans CQB isn’t the only muzzle brake to come with a shield attachment, theirs is a bit different in that it includes ports which help aid in reducing muzzle climb and recoil. You can see in the videos below that with the Concussion Reduction Device it still does a pretty good job at reducing muzzle rise. They retail for $179.95, check out Ferfrans.net for more info.

Muzzle Brake Specs:
Weight – 4.0 oz
Length – 2.28″
Brake Thread Pattern – 1/2×28
Caliber – (.223/556)

CRD (Concussion Reduction Device) Specs:
Length – 2.17″
Width – 1.6″ Diameter

Total weight of the system combined is 10.4 ounces.



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  • JumpIf NotZero

    $180, 2.25″ and 10oz… For a triple chamber muzzle brake.

    Hahaha… Good one!

    I’m not saying it’s worth it for most people to get into NFA esp for 556. But at some point I think you need make the choice between A2 and a cheap-light brake and doing a dedicated or QD can. Skip this nonsense in the middle.

    • Delivery Boy

      True, but this makes sense for non free states on AR pistols. Where SBR’s and cans alike are not allowed by law.

      It looks mighty attractive for an AR pistol build… i think it will do well by filling such a target market.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        I’ve YET to see a single good reason for an a fake-y SBR be it pinned 11.5 with a stupid long flash hider or a 14.5″ pinned compared to a 16″ gun. Can’t have cans, ok, I feel for you. But people building AR pistols and going through lengths to work around state laws ffor the sole reason having it “short”, meh.

        If you happen to think that 16″ is “TOO LONG” and that you a pistol or pinned gun is “better” I think that’s certainly a training issue. A 16″ carbine is short enough for vehicle/house/super-operator work. It just is. It’s nice if you can make a niche gun at 12.5″ for suppressed use. If you don’t mind all the cons, a 10.5″ Mk18 might make sense for someone out there. But AR-Pistols just for the sake of being short, are a joke.

        I’d take a 16″ midlength with an A2 over a 14.5″ pinned 10oz comp-thing… to say any day of the week would be understating it. This is not a serious product any real shooters would get behind. It’s just a range toy, and unfortunately a heavy one at that.

        • 11b

          But, but… guys with cool helmets and Crye use it!

        • Besides being short, AR pistols are lighter than carbines. (Figuratively) hacking off 5 inches of barrel reduces weight a lot more than going to a $340 carbon-fiber handguard.

          I skipped the crazy-expensive Ferfrans brake, however, and opted for a $30 Levang comp, which seems to work well on the Mk18 barrel.

        • Delivery Boy

          Why an AR pistol? Same reason one might desire any SBR. It’s a rather simple concept to grasp really. If SBR’s are no-no’s, whats the next best thing? A pistol version(and now with the Sig brace even better (now don’t go slamming the Sig Brace because its so dumb and useless and no operator would use an ar pistol- again, working with what we got here)).

          Back to the topic at hand- the brake… 100% agree with choosing a brake/FH on the SBR and/or wearing a can. And if you can’t own a can (be it legally or financially) this would be an alternative for blast mitigation for both the shooter and those around. We can all agree short barreled 5.56’s are pleasant to the ears…

          • JumpIf NotZero

            SBRs aren’t-No-No’s as they do not impede the actual USE of the firearm, only the ballistics. Which depending on use can be a fine compromise.

            Pistols have the poor SBR ballistics with terrible handling/control. Yes, pistols are No-No’s because they offer nothing but disadvantages. A 16″ carbine is almost infinitely more useful unless you really are in a tank or an airplane and just CANNOT fit a 16″ carbine with you. For 99% of people, pistols are very much the wrong choice. Mostly because people just want to look cool with the short barrel they saw on the internet.

            The real only advantage I’ve ever seen for pistol is to have something you can tune (gas port, buffer, spring, gas block, suppressor, ammo) while you’re waiting for your tax stamp to come back.

            AR pistols are as bubba as you can get. As far as the SIG brace goes, used as a pistol-brace it’s retarded. Used (legally somehow) as a stock, it’s an SBR-workaround.

        • big daddy

          The GOD of ARs has spoken!!!

  • BattleshipGrey

    I like it, but I don’t “$180” like it.

  • jobob

    Botach $159, I got one, it works. and the holes in the CRD doesn’t reduce muzzle climb it reduces the pressure signature up close.

  • hydepark

    So ever since I saw this I have had one question: doesn’t the outer shroud almost completely negate the “comp” effects of the brake? Even the video seems to show no reduction in recoil once it’s mounted. I have an AAC two chamber and there is literally ZERO recoil, although every time I shoot it one or more of my friends always complains about the noise. That’s their problem. I keep telling them to double up on ear pro regardless and spend more than $19.95 on ear muffs.

    BUT, anyone have a science-ish answer? Sure looks like the outer dissipator completely negates the recoil mitigation of the comp itself to me.

  • Delivery Boy

    It reminds of this article from last year!… alot of the discussions are applicable…


    Perhaps the Ferfrans CQB is a more refined mouse trap?

  • ColaBox

    I didn’t think anybody still did the whole double mag thing.

  • William DeWeese

    Hanging 10 ozs off the muzzle has to reduce climb anyway.

    The AR pistol concept is growing on me, particularly now that the BATFE has explicitly stated that the buffer tube is not a stock, regardless of what you do with it. It is as close to a PDW as can be bought off the shelf, carried in a normal briefcase or truck side door pocket, or kept in a file drawer. And adopting H&K sling-braced techniques from the ancient days of the last century, like 1985, accuracy and speed is a shooter issue, not gun dependent.

  • gunner-223

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