Lage Manufacturing MAX-41A Pulse Rifle (Machine gun / Short Barreled Shotgun)

Lage Manufacturing have uploaded new videos of their long-in-development-not-for-sale prototype machine gun / shotgun patterned after the famous M-41A Pulse Rifle (from the Aliens movies). The MAX-41A incorporates an unmodified M-11/9 lower receiver (registered machine gun) and a Remington 870 short barreled shotgun. It holds 50 rounds of 9mm and 2+1 rounds of 12 gauge.

Thanks to Robert for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • West

    Holy shit,that is awesome.

  • 1leggeddog

    Game over man! Game over!

    But seriously, that was awesome. I do feel that if the magazine dropped freely more easily and the magwell was hella flared to make mag changes a lot faster, he could do even better.

  • Hicks

    Why is this not on sale!!!?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I wish it were for sale, although it would probably cost as much as a Barrett 50. Even though Lage is high quality, their set up is way too small-time to be able to produce this. Even the MAC uppers they are famous for takes a long time for them to make.

  • Will Saunders

    iirc the movie prop base gun was a thompson and was in “10mm”…

    • Stojespal

      Yeah, but there’s no way in hell that 12 gauge shotgun is a 30mm…really; if they’d called it a 20 it would have been close enough to handwave!

    • Hank Seiter

      FYI, .45 caliber is roughly equivalent to 11.4 mm. I doubt the script writers were too concerned with getting it exactly right and were probably inventing a cartridge out of thin air though it wouldn’t be much later that a real 10mm pistol cartridge would go into production. Though a real Thompson probably cycles close to 800 round per minute, the movie sound effects sound more like 1500 rpm which is about where an MG-42 operates.

  • Joe

    As much as I love the Pulse Rifle and as fun as it would be to shoot, I can’t imagine hauling something that heavy around. Maybe if it was mostly made out of graphene or something.

  • Galen

    Build it and we will buy.

  • Stojespal
    Just putting the link to Steinschneider’s stuff again so that people who want to do the above can get parts…either for a shooting version or the greatest prop toy ever. About 90% of SD Studios’ rifle is real working parts or machined duplicates thereof – Thompson gripframes, receivers, 870 parts, all of it. Go introduce yourself to your OWN personal friend!

    (No I am not affiliated with them, just someone who ordered their kit once a while back)

  • Tronista

    That magazine looks too short to be a 50 it a quad mag?

  • gunslinger

    the shotgun looks awkward to manipulate. still would be awesome to shoot

  • Jason

    REALLY cool, but where were the Xenomorph targets?!?

  • nurglitch

    Isn’t it supposed to be 10mm explosive armour piercing?

    • Wendy Wagner

      and caseless.

      • SDLeary

        Yeah, they could have at least gone 10mm Auto! 😉

  • Lee

    OMG, every kid born in the 80’s will want one! Where is the pre-order list?

  • Hank Seiter

    Just the airsoft version of the M-41 Pulse rifle is way cool, and this from a guy who owns a SCAR 17, FS2000 and a Tavor. I bought the airsoft version some months back just to hang on a wall. Love the count-down meter which actually works.
    Not too many people even in the gun world know the Aliens M-41 Pulse Rifle was based on a Thompson machinegun and the grenade launcher was a Remington 870. Even in semi-auto, the Pulse Rifle above would be great if they could keep it under $2500.

    BTW, I heard the movie prop weight somewhere around 18 to 20 pounds! Talk about busting a nut! Most of the non-firing scenes in Aliens were shot using resin replicas which weighed somewhere around seven pounds.