Gear Head Works Tavor Modular Forearm

Gear Head Works has a pretty cool modular forearm for the IWI Tavor Bullpup Rifle. It replaces the factory forearm and features slots that accept Magpul MOE rail sections or a flashlight pressure pad. It also has an internal mount that can be used with most 1″ diameter flashlights, Surefire Millennium and Scout series lights mount directly and fit perfectly. It has a Cerakote finish in either black or Flat Dark Earth and retails for $125 with free shipping. Check them out at


– Compatible with 1” bodied lights or the Surefire Millennium and Scout series lights.
– Slots provide additional ventilation over the factory forearm as well as the ability to accept the Magpul MOE rail sections.
– Front end cap is a rock solid one piece mount providing 7/8” of clamping contact on your light and 3 points of contact bolting it to the forearm body.
– End cap gives a finished look and keeps dirt out of the front.
– Cerakote finish provides an insulating property over anodized aluminum. Anodizing increases the exothermic properties of aluminum which makes it hotter to the touch over even bare aluminum.
– Remote tape switch is run out the back and around to the side for convenient routing.

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    That’s a clever design. Preparing to see about 30 versions of it between now and next SHOT show….

    On a side note… I held my first Tavor on Friday. For some reason I was expecting either lighter or better balanced, it felt way rear heavy. Was Not Impressed 🙁 I like my AUG A1 far better. I was kinda bummed because I’m not sure I’d buy one now.

    I had sort of pictured SCAR 16 feel in a bullpup package. Importance of hands on before purchase I guess.

    • bull before you diss the tavor 🙂

    • Airman596

      Geiselle and Timney make excellent triggers for the Tavor if you don’t like the factory feel. However, if you think the plastic feeling factory trigger of the AUG is better than the metallic feeling factory trigger of the Tavor, I have to question your sanity. The Tavor’s trigger feels like a doubt action revolver’s trigger. While long and heavy, it’s smooth with very little creep and very little over travel. Of course, triggers will vary from Tavor to Tavor, but I’ve tried many and none of them felt any worse than a Smith & Wesson or Ruger double action revolver. All the components of the factory trigger in the Tavor are metal, unlike the plastic components of the AUG and FS2000, which makes a big different in feel.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Uh huh… Way to focus in on the trigger that I don’t really care about. How about the terrible balance?

        • Airman596

          The balance is excellent in my opinion. Check out Tim’s review of the Tavor on the Military Arms Channel. He agrees that the balance of the Tavor is excellent and goes into detail about it in his videos on the Tavor. This is especially true compared to a front heavy AR-15 with an M4 profile barrel and accessories mounted to the handguard.

        • Dean

          That sounds like you’re just reaching for a reason to not plunk down another two grand since you’ve already invested in your AUG. It’s understandable. Neither the Tavor of FS2K are going to be 200% better, *or* worse than one another.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            You couldn’t be more wrong.

            I don’t care about the price. And I didn’t invest in the AUG, I inherited it.

            I wanted a Tavor until I held one. Now, no thanks. It doesn’t help that people on the Internet are lining up to claim how incredible they are. Just like the RFB, the KSG, almost all LWRC guns, Taurus Judge, etc etc. The more the Internet likes it the more skeptical I am.

            In this case it took about 2 minutes with the gun to decide its heavy and unbalanced.

          • FiveSix

            Whatevz… The solution to the Tavor vs AUG rivalry is easy. FS2000. 😛

          • Michael

            LOL seriously? IWI and LWRC grouped into the same league as Kel-Tec and Taurus? Ignoring this guy from now on in 3…2…1…

          • robert ts

            *sigh* this is why I frequent tfb comments less and less. clearly this article is not for you if you have already concluded negatively about the base platform. i wish i had a dime for every post in an AR related article where an AK/AR piston fan boy hops in just to share why they’re right and we’re wrong.

            o·pin·ion (ə-pĭn′yən) n. 1. A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof

    • st4

      After getting some trigger time with the Tavor, AUG, and FS2000, while shopping for my own first bullpup, I had the opposite results and favored the Tavor myself over the other two. Results differ person to person, so yes, agreed on, “try them all before you buy.”

  • BattleshipGrey

    I like when aftermarket items incorporate the ability to add other accessories that are already in full circulation. Seems like a well thought out forearm. I have yet to handle a Tavor. I’ll try not to drool all over it when I do.

  • Airman596

    According to Gear Head Works, they’re going to make a solid end cap for the TMF as an option for those who want to use an Inforce WML. The TMF is useful for those who want to use the WML because its compatible with Magpul MOE rails and accessories. With the MOE cantilever rail, the WML is mounted in a comfortable location on the handguard allowing easy thumb activation. Gear Head Works did not tell me a release date for the solid end cap.