DTAC Mongoose Stock for Mossberg shotguns

The DTAC Mongoose is a minimalist stock system for the Mossberg 500 or Maverick series. It features a quick detachable stock so you can switch to a pistol grip shotgun without the need for tools. The most interesting feature is the unique dual chamber, pneumatic/mechanical recoil reduction system. This offers dramatic felt recoil reduction (about 75% with the heaviest loads), which means comfortable shooting and quicker follow up shots. A tad bit pricey though at $205 MSRP.

If you are interested, check out DTAC for more information.

Nicholas C

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  • Spencer

    $205? That’s more than I paid for my Mossberg 500.

  • Geo

    Meh, the safety on the 500 is in the wrong spot for a pistol grip and the stock cost more then a Mav 88.

  • The_Sargentos

    Two concentric tubes with a heavy spring and a plate welded on the back? Has Y-Man already done this? 🙂

    • gunslinger

      was thinking the same thing

  • DV

    More moving parts; no thanks. $200? gtfo.

  • iksnilol

    Can’t you make this out of your regular stock?

    A couple of strong springs, tubes and some handiwork.

    • Steve Truffer

      Not with a standard layout. Monolithic chunk of plastic/ wood no workie.

    • RetiQlum

      No. 90% of the cost is in the pneumatic cylinder inside.

      The inventor (who happens to be my brother, for full disclosure) has a background in industrial engineering. That cylinder (custom sized) is rated for 24/7 use in industrial applications and has a MTBR of tens of millions of cycles.

      To put that in perspective:if you fire 100 rounds per day that cylinder will last a few centuries.

      Dozens of springs were tested to find the proper tradeoff between recoil reduction and cylinder return.

      I will tell you this: with birdshot you won’t notice a difference between this and a solid stock. With slugs on the other hand you will definitely notice a difference. The rapid conversion is also a nice feature if you use your shotgun for both range/hunting use and CQB.

  • Casey D.

    Don’t Nighthawk customs and Wilson Combat offer a similar upgrade package for 870 shotguns with a hydraulic stock or some garbage like that? i’m glad to see one for a mossy but really man the fit and finish looks to be a little lacking here…also saw one for a saiga shotty that was just ridiculous

  • 101nomad

    My Mossberg Maverick 88 pump ($189 before taxes) barely “kicks” as is with 00 buck short brass. I did buy an after market adjustable stock, mainly so my diminutive sister could shoot it and decide on a 12 gauge shotgun, instead of a 20 gauge at a higher price. She had no problem with recoil, just the 14.5 LOP. My experience with “recoil” is limited to .22s, M1s, M-14s, and 12 gauge shotguns short brass. I used 20 and 16 gauges for years, rabbit, squirrel and quail hunting. Great shooters all. It is good to have choices, use them if you need them. (If you have never fired a a grenade from an M1, you have never known recoil).