The New Glock 19C Gen4 Compensated

New from Glock is the Glock 19C Gen4, a compact 9mm pistol with a ported/compensated barrel. It replaces the Gen3 frame Glock 19C which was discontinued late last year. This Glock has not yet been announced, but has been on sale in Austria for about a week.

glock 19c gen4-1

glock 19c gen4 barrel

Our Austrian friend who passed on this photo, told us there had been some technical changes, including a slightly different chamber design, but did not elaborate.

Thanks to Clemens for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    Maybe they can make a technical change back to the Gen 1/2/early-3 days when they didn’t eject into your face?

    I’m calling it right now, when Old man Gaston dies, that same year you’ll see a whole new Glock. Single stack 9, Glock carbine, possibly an actually new design, a 22, etc.

    My guess Gen5 Glocks are being drawn up now with an interesting set of features that Gaston would never sign off on.

    • CrankyFool

      Interesting — I have a Gen1 Glock17 (it was the first handgun I purchased, in 1992, when I first became legally able to purchase handguns). 23 years I’ve had it, and it pretty much consistently ejects brass right at my face.

      • Nicks87

        Interesting– I have a Gen 3 Glock 17 that I’ve had since 2000. It wasnt the first handgun I purchased but it is my favorite. 14 years I’ve had it and it does not eject brass in my face nor has it ever malfunctioned.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      There are going to be years of court cases before final ownership of Glock post-Gaston is determined by the courts. Until then, nobody in management is going to change the course of the ship when they don’t know who the captain will be. Nobody got fired for doing what you always did.

      • Emir Parkreiner

        In the case of the Springfield National Armory, EVERYONE got fired for doing what they’ve always done.

  • BattleshipGrey

    I thought they announced that they were discontinuing the compensated models.

    • Eric Montgomery

      All compensated models were discontinued as of the first of this year.

  • Bud Spencer

    Since i am
    the one who sent the pictures, I would like to specify the changes on the
    barrel/chamber. As you see on the picture there are to parallel cuts on the top
    of the chamber. As far as i see these cuts do not correspond with the side. I
    have no idea what they could be for…

    I will
    shoot it on Thursday though.

    Also I have a very nice serial number 😉

    BUT another big rumor coming out of the alps and our relatively (compared to
    most other EU states) gun friendly republic, there will be a genuine Glock SMG.
    Not a Glock 18 in a stock system, its going to be totally new. The Viennese
    special police unit WEGA will get it for testing in the near future. It should
    replace B&T SMG and in some extend the Stg77.

    And a rep also said that there are plans for a civilian version. Maybe not for
    austria. (We have some strange Semi-auto laws).

    For the SMG
    I probably won’t acquire pictures or the gun anytime soon.

    • hkryan

      Thank you for the info!

    • Flatline2a

      Lucky you for getting your dirty little paws on this one! Lol..Thanks for the heads up brother!!

    • Terence Hill

      I like your Internet name, partner

    • Colby

      Perhaps the cuts on the top of the barrel hood are there to decrease the surface area on the locking shoulder in order to compensate for the decreased chamber pressure resulting from the gas bled from the ports.

      • Bud Spencer

        Sounds plausible, probably to reduce friction/material wear on the top of the chamber.Thats definitely an interesting feature as a gun club buddy had an older 17C and I couldn’t see any friction issues.

    • Christopher

      Can you at least confirm which calibers it will take? 10auto/40 S&W & 45 ACP versions would make Heckler and Koch sweat and Kriss will look like slackers.

      • Bud Sencer

        OK Gen4 Compensated models available here: Model 21 (personally seen), 20, 31, 32. Havent seen or heard of the .40s though but its plausible that they are available as there are the .357 Sig Models. As I said they havent been officially announced Bigger Glock dealers are getting them slowly in and have them on their price list.

        They havent been on IWA, heck they havent even been shown on national gun shows.

        • Bud Spencer

          Oh sorry you ment the SMG!
          Well as our standard police ammo is the 9mmP Fiocchi/S&B 6,5g TMFK (Cobra has the 9mm EMB) it probably will be 9mm Para. Like I said these are going in the testing but far more concrete than anything else.
          There are multiple things in development. Long desired stuff. Watch shot 2015

          • Christopher

            Yeah wanted to know about the SMG. Was hoping they were going with a round that wasn’t obsolete such as 5.7×28 or 4.6x30mm instead of 9mm. Though those are used by the Military and CT forces. Hope it at least takes 33 round 9mm Glock mags.
            One would think Glock would build an AUG based SMG or Rifle because Steyr doesn’t make new variants anymore.

    • FourString

      Awesome. The C series is the only kind of Glock I’d enthusiastically consider.

  • patrickiv

    Why are the ports so far back?

    • totenglocke

      That was my thought. Shouldn’t they be about another inch forward?

    • Mack

      i was wondering the same thing, in this position you would think it would just lose muzzle velocity not compensate muzzle flip.

      • Bud Spencer

        The ports start right about 5.7 cm (measuring from the end of the chamber)
        The ports itself are 1cm long

  • Andrew

    Sad day for everyone trying to sell their super rare discontinued collector’s item gen 3 Glock 19C for $700 on arfcom.

  • JRator

    The cuts corespond with the cuts inside the slide were the hood rides, relief for gas to escape.

  • n0truscotsman

    People still want to buy these and I don’t know why…

    • Chippah

      Why Not?

      All the “internet” downsides are fantasy talk..

      “Blinding”, “Burning metal in your eyes” etc

      I Officially call Bravo Sierra on it

      • n0truscotsman

        Fantasy talk? you mean from credible instructors that have seen students bring the damn things in their class?

        Ever do a night shoot with a compensated glock? I’m convinced there is no advantage to buying one that offsets the disadvantages.

        But do whatever you want to do. Its your money. Im going to keep steering people away from them

        • Chippah

          Thank you for your service captain know-it-all.

          Now take that Riff-Raf Rock Horror Hair-doo outta here.

  • BuzzKillington

    No pictures of the top of the slide?

  • Chippah

    Just sold a G19 Gen4 for buy one of the last Gen 3 17C models I could find in stock.
    I’m very confident in my purchase and the Gen 3 is the last of the “Classic” Glock’s anyhow.

    Gen4 g19 Spit brass to face like crazy..

    Gen4 = trying to reinvent the wheel, looking for a solution to a problem that didnt exist.