Stag Arms Commemorative Rifle Program

Engraved Lowers

Stag Arms is now offering custom laser engraved rifles to the public.  The engraving is at no extra charge, but does require a 10 rifle minimum.  This is similar to the program offered by SIG SAUER and other companies.

From Stag Arms:


STAG ARMS, one of the nation’s largest AR-15 manufacturers, is now offering its Commemorative Rifle Program to the public. Under the program, any group or organization can purchase rifles with a custom logo or insignia laser engraved onto the lower receiver.  STAG ARMS Sales Manager David DeFord said,“ After several years of working with military and law enforcement groups, we are excited to be able to offer this program to everyone.”

There is no additional cost for the program; however, there is 10 rifle minimum purchase. One of our trained sales representatives will work closely with you to customize your order.   For additional information about the program, visit

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  • ColaBox

    10 rifle minimum? Who is going to buy 10 ARs? I cant even find time to use the one I have. Im guessing this is aimed at dealers who can then use the engraved as a “special” show case piece for sale.

  • Mark Griffin

    An amazing program! Any group or organization can get their rifle customized with their logo or insignia laser engraved onto the lower receiver. Looking forward to Get the same from our organization too.