Fast Shooting by Instructor Zero

We saw this guy a couple weeks ago. His latest video shows some rather impressive skills. We can debate all we want about the efficacy of his training, but you cannot deny the man has skills.

One aspect of this video really intrigues me. 2 mins into the video, Zero draws from concealment. He calls it the Back Choke Draw method. Based on the explanation below, it seems like a sound idea. However I have never practiced drawing from concealment. Any IDPA shooters got comments?

The back choke method is to be used when the jacket you are wearing is either padded or has a lot of volume as is the case with down filled and insulated jackets where a one-handed sweep and extraction is difficult, if not impossible to perform. The 511 Aggressor Parka is not one of these jackets. It is light weight and facilitates the single handed sweep and draw method.

Nicholas C

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  • Cpd

    I have seen Jack Manfre formerly of Chicago PD teach a similar method years ago. Jack would use the support hand to extend the jacket out as a distraction as he was drawing the pistol with the strong hand.

    • Manny Fal

      Zero’s method looks better though, as you could say your taking out your wallet from your backpocket.

  • JT

    He looks like he’s using a an Army Marksmanship Team stance for the pistol at one point, albeit faster and at natural point of aim.

  • jones

    I still want to know why he puts the or four in the ground…

    • Nicholas C

      That was covered in a Russian Confidence video with Larry Vickers. It is a technique used overseas to ward people off. It is literally a warning shot.

  • david

    I prefer a one handed draw at all times. Support hand may be injured, holding family, striking, blocking, etc.

  • vereceleritas

    It’s not a bad idea. I dont think the instance in this video really demonstrates the advantage though. He had no problem pushing his jacket back one handed to holster. I don’t see why it would be any more difficult to do the same thing for the draw.

    • Nicholas C

      I havent tried it but they say heavier winter jackets make it more difficult to sweep and draw one handed.

  • seans

    Using the support hand to move clothes, especially for inside the waistband is pretty crucial.

  • Scott Clark

    Impressive, makes me wonder how many rounds he has put downrange to achive that skill level.

    • salty

      alot. and on your dime or other civvies dime. but thats to keep you safe. chillax

      • Scott Clark

        I agree, i’m jelous.

  • MrSatyre

    Never imagined there would be something like the Magazine Swap Grimace. Xbox needs a whole new game just for that now.

  • Awesome moves! The man has real skills and drawing gun from a concealment is a skill. Practice always makes perfect.

  • WaltherJJR

    So unfair…can you imagine what it would be like to do this for a living? I haven’t been to the range in months and when I do it’s usually pretty boring compared to this.

    • Matt

      Exactly what I was thinking. Anybody can become a professional if that’s all you do for 8 hours a day every day.

  • Yellow Devil

    It’s the power of the beard…

  • Irish Clay Shooter

    He’s also a pretty darn good cook too, check out his cooking video on funker tac as well. He trains with a filipino guy who works with improvised hand-to-hand and knives. Their colab videos are really really interesting.

  • Patient Zero

    Can you guys PLEASE do a little investigative journalism on this guy. I heard one guys say he is a regular-Italian-army flunky (and that’s saying something) who is pretty fast with trick shots. Sure he’s likeable but he walks around full-retard tactical as though he is the operatoriest operator in the world. What’s his back story? It’s not anywhere online where I can find it. A few actual badass SOF buddies think he is a turd and have never heard of him. What gives? Please someone post a real link about his real bona fides. Or TFB do your job and dig into it. Please?

    • Miguel

      He is(was) ‘folgore'(paratrooper) for sure, confirmed. An italian friend( Carabinieri, GIS) said he was ‘Reggimento Acquisizione Obiettivi’ too, kind of special reconnaissance and surveillance unit.