NRA 2014: DPMS’ New .308 G2 Compact Hunter & .308 Bushmaster 18″ DMR

Not content with the current G2 .308 offerings this year, DPMS has released the Compact Hunter. Using a 16″ barrel and collapsible stock, the Compact Hunter loses some weight and height to create a svelte smaller package. Sadly, losing the weight kept the price the same. MSRP is $1,699.

DPMS is releasing the Compact Hunter rifle in three additional calibers: .243, .260, and .338 Federal.

IMG_2298 IMG_2301 IMG_2303 IMG_2305


Instead of shrinking rifles, DPMS’ sister company Bushmaster opted to grow one. Tucked away in the Bushmaster booth was a new .308 variant. The DMR is an 18″ heavy-barrel variant including the MagPul PRS stock, Troy fore-end, and AAC flash hider. Pricing was not available, but I would expect in the same range as its smaller cousin at $1,599.00


Nathan S

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  • Nicks87

    Compact Hunter indeed, this one will definately be on my radar.

    • Anonymoose

      I’ve actually ogling a 24″ bull-barreled one.

  • Brad s

    At the end of the day it’s still a DPMS

  • 1leggeddog

    Nice operator beard.

  • echelon

    I’m iffy about anything that’s made under the Freedom Group/Remington Outdoor Company umbrella these days unfortunately…

    Too many other options that are as good or better from companies that aren’t owned by giant investment firm holding companies.

    The QC from any FG/ROC product these days is extremely spotty…

  • behemoth85

    Is the bushmaster based on the G2?

  • david