Grendel .22 WMR firearms

For those, like me, who didn’t know about the Grendel P-30 well now you do.

George Kellgren designed the Grendel P-30 back in 1990. It is a 20 oz pistol chambered in .22 WMR. It is the predecessor to the Kel-Tec PMR-30


The P-30 isnt the only predecessor. Kellgren also designed a carbine version. Like the RMR-30, the Grendel R-31 is the rifle chambered in .22WMR. Here is the only video I could find of one firing.

Nicholas C

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  • I ain’t good at creating names

    The pistol looks like a toy gun. And is probably as well made.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      A poorly made Kel-Tec?!? That can’t be.

      • allannon

        I think he means the Grendel.

    • Sean

      I used to own one. It actually wasn’t THAT bad. It worked well, once you found the load it liked. The trigger was a little heavy. I ended up trading it off for a gun that was probably 3-4 times as expensive as I paid for the Grendel. Don’t really regret it.

  • I used to own one of these. My example did not feed very well, but when it worked I rather liked it.

    It’s a “toy” gun in more than one way; they should have made a .22 LR version, I think.

    • Sulaco

      Pretty large and clunky for a .22 LR ant’ it?

      • It’s not that bad. It’s pretty light, too.

  • jamezb

    Shaving cream targets …yes. yes.

  • allannon

    Dunno about performance (though comments below do not inspire confidence), but the pistol is butt-ugly.

    Carbine’s not terrible.

  • Munkfish

    I’ve got one. Still haven’t figured out what ammo it likes, could be that there’s something else wrong with it though.

  • Andrew

    Only gun that I have shot that actually blew up in my hand. I sent it back to the factory…the one that was returned immediately malfunctioned. What a piece of junk!

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    As long as youre tripping into the Wayback Machine to look at old Grendel products, you might wanna cover their .308 folding rifle, tactical light, and their very cute P-10 .380 that was a 10-shot pocket .380 that used a fixed magazine a’la Steyr-Hahn. It later morphed into the 9mm KelTec pistol, but the P-10 (at least the ones I had) were quite serviceable and unique in the ‘non-detachable’ magazine regard.

    • dan citizen

      I had one of those, with it’s capacity and role as a CCW gun I figured I would never need a reload in a hurry.

  • dan citizen

    I’ve always been curious about these, glad to see the article.

  • Sulaco

    Have one, shoots very well even with what appears to be a wonky magazine when trying to get a full load of .22 mags in it. One of the hardest of all magazines to find, last one I found guy wanted $75 and got it…Saw a couple at the last big gun show and asking was over $500.00!

  • Nick

    The sound that plastic makes when he sets that pistol down on the table are not confidence inspiring…. I’ve had more solid sounding toy guns.