Female Gun Instructors In Demand

NRA's Women on Target program

CNN reports on the continued increase of woman taking up shooting for either self-defense, sport or both

“When I started training women in 2007, there weren’t many female instructors,” she said. “Now you’re not the only name in town.”

The National Rifle Association, noting the burgeoning market opportunity, is trying to boost its ranks of 8,000 NRA-certified female instructors, said spokesman Andrew Arulanandam.

In 2009, the NRA organized 280 “Women On Target” training clinics nationwide, and 8,000 women signed up. In 2013, the group held 450 clinics for 12,000 women.

While Arulanandam said self protection is still the primary reason women take up gun training, he said they’re increasingly realizing “that they’d like to pursue it for activities like target shooting or skeet shooting.”

All the woman I have taken skeet shooting have loved it. In my experience, many males have a belief that the Y-Chromosome imparts some sort of innate sniper abilities. If they have never used a shotgun before, but have shot a torso sized target at 5 yards with a pistol at an indoor range, they assume they should be able to hit clays easily. When they miss time and time again their pride/ego/manhood gets hurt. Woman are far more patient and so easier to teach.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • The Hun

    I find this trend troubling- these activities interfere with women being barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.

    • 101nomad

      There are some things I have no come back for.

    • 1911a145acp

      That being said- I find a woman out-shooting me on the range…. VERY attractive….

  • Wonder Woman

    woman. ha ha

  • ColaBox

    Did it really have to end with a bashing against men? If a guy thinks he’s skilled because he can shoot a torso at 5 yards, AND THEN gets mad when he cant hit a clay, as if its one in the same, then he’s an idiot. Being an idiot is something found in both genders. Hell at least men don’t stop to take constant selfies, something iv seen WAY to much of at the range. Im all for women getting out there and having fun but c’mon…

    • Chris


      • The Hun

        Agreed to the agreed.

        • 1911a145acp

          Generally agreeable to all in agreement.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Buddy, I was not bashing the male species, just making a personal observation. This is not a feminist blog and I am not a self-loathing male.

    • Dropship Ace

      Woah buddy, your insecurity is showing.

      Tuck it away.

      • ColaBox

        Whoa buddy, all im saying is everyone can be an idiot, and once you see a mother pointing a loaded shotgun at her kid so she can take a selfie, it kinda pisses you off. Its something iv so far seen exclusively in women, and more often then not it comes with a disregard for safety.

    • KC

      it’s basically a stereotype that a lot of guys perpetuate. Every girl I’ve taken out shooting that’s gone shooting before has a story of a man being upset he outshot her. I see this a LOT with folks military talking to folks who shoot that aren’t in the military too.

    • Juliemac

      I am a female firearm instructor and females ARE easier to train. They have no trouble saying “I don’t know”. Guys on the other hand…. Show them the correct grip or stance and they’ll fall back to what they saw on TV. Luckily, not one has tried to fire a pistol horizontally…..

      • Sulaco

        Been there, done that and she’s right.

      • tsh77769

        I am an NRA firearms instructor and a Cavalry soldier. Yes, Women are BY FAR better students, more teachable, less ego. The worst are soldiers or cops who think that because they are soldiers or cops they are automatically hot stuff.

        • 1911a145acp

          AMEN brother!

      • 101nomad

        I am willing to be taught by a good looking female pulling me close and showing me the correct way to shoot my gun. (I am old enough to get away with typing that.)

      • Taught countless female Marines to shoot,usually the “unquals” and they DO listen and once it “clicks” look out. Many went from unqual to expert in a week of shooting.

    • RawDawg

      It does appear that opinion overtook fact in this article.

      • 101nomad

        Facts are dry, opinions are lively.

  • Gary from Michigan

    We have a lot of female instructors in Project Appleseed. Could always use more.

  • 101nomad

    My sister is about 4′ 10″. Exceptionally dangerous with a firearm, she is dangerous enough without a firearm, (dangerous, as in, find somebody else to try and victimize). Dad started us all at the age of 14, .22 up to 12 gauge shotguns. At the time we were not far from the era where firearms were hunting tools, for the most part. A .22 revolver was something everybody had in the car, truck, house, or at the race track, the old 1/4 horse dirt and bleachers variety, everyone had money stuffed in their pockets. Thing is, death was real to us, not some abstract, we were raised with it. Sickness, death by car on a dusty road, human or animal, we knew what happened when you shot something. We The People can not be disarmed, but we should accept we need to know the tools we might have to use, and the responsibility in using them. It is not about men/women, it is about us.

  • Cynic

    Can we get rid of the hurr durr u womenfolk is better with this nice simple pink 38 airweight than a complicated semi auto bollocks now?

    Similarly why is it that when two family members shot clays for the first time that the woman a trainee copper was given a 20 and the bloke a 12? They explained it too her as the 12 is more powerful….. the casual sexism amongst some ‘gun people’ makes me roll my eyes.

    I prefer a 20 to a 12 for clays myself and I well last time I checked appeared to be male. More instructors of whatever kind is a great thing to happen to the industry.

    I get the same shit being disabled. I hate most lightweight revolvers. And the heavy pull of some triggers.

  • Nowadays females are ahead in every field whether it is in gun training or shooting. I really feel proud to heard that demand of female gun instructor is increased for giving training.

  • idahoguy101

    My experience is that it’s much easier to train women with firearms. Half as much as young males

  • 101nomad

    A woman can shoot straight up and hit a man between the eyes. Your mileage may vary.