TAC-CON Releases Media Event Video

Last month I was at the TAC-CON Media Event shooting the new 3MR trigger.  While we were there they hired a local videographer, Lear Miller, to video the event, and come up with a promotional video.  Lear also did the initial video that sent the firearms community into a tizzy over the new trigger system, with the fantastic shots of the trigger system at work, even before anyone knew what the 3MR trigger really was or what it did.  I am happy to say that the video turned out just as cool as the first one.

I do have a full review of the trigger in the works, with some other videos that I have taken coming out soon.  So stay tuned for a full review!


  • gunslinger

    wait, this is the $500 “somewhat faster than regular semi shooting” trigger?

    i thought the consensus was dropping that much cash really wasn’t worth it in the end.

    • It is a lot of money for a trigger. I’ve seen a video test between three triggers one being the Tac Con. The times between these was minimal.

    • When you look at the actual design of the trigger and what is designed to do, I do think that $500 is a little steep, but you are not dropping that much money to dump mags with it. You are getting a trigger that forces a reset and improves your split times between shots. Yes, shooting a 30rd magazine in 4.5sec is the byproduct of what they created, but was never the intended purpose.

  • LRB

    Im not sold, I still believe that a CMC 3.5lb flat trigger, or Hiperfire 24 series trigger would provide similar results at much less of an MSRP than the Tac-con.

    • As someone who was in the same boat as you, I used to agree. But having shot it until I was sick of shooting, I have a new respect for it and its abilities. You would be hard pressed to get one of those triggers you mentioned to shoot as fast or faster then the 3MR.

      This coming from me, the guy who extols the virtues of the Hiperfire system, and has one if ever single one of my guns, but one. Hiperfire is the best trigger on the market, period. But there is a tool for every job, and personally the 3MR beats hiperfire in one area, the ability to force a reset and get the shooter back off the trigger. I will be keeping a 3MR in my CQB rifle because of the way it shoots. For that it is the right tool for the job.

  • Steve Truffer

    I still wanna know – where is the AK version that was promised? And will it cost less than
    what I paid for the rifle?

    • derfelcadarn

      Agreed I honestly believe that 90% of this stuff is bragging rights and bell and whistle doodads.

      • Steve Truffer

        Honestly, I could see spot welding an extra tab to a trigger leg that would get knocked down by the contour of the carrier. This and a pinned trigger hook would actually make for an interesting setup. No fire mode selection, but seems like a $50 rapid-fire setup.

    • I haven’t personally heard anything more on an AK version. Sam may be know more about it.