Metal Mag Release Button for M&P

Live Free Arms has come out with steel machined mag release buttons. They are coated with melonite and retail for $26.96. It comes in two flavors, standard or extended.

To check out the mag release, go to their website.

Here is a pic of the extended version.



Extended Release


Here it is compared to the factory mag release.






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    Nice, the extended release might just be something I have to look in to.

    • They look good. I actually ordered an extended one earlier today.

      • ihtrux

        Where did you order it from? Have been trying to order 1 from their web site for last 2 hours they have no shopping cart.

        • LF Arms

          The site works and you can order right from our product page

  • John Daniels

    “They are coated with melonite”

    Melonite is a surface treatment, not a coating.