NRA 2014: Faxon Firearms’ New Barrel Device “Time Lock” System & ARAK-21 Tear-Down

The Faxon Muzzle Brake is a strong contender for my personal “Best in Show” award. While the brake looks effective, the magic behind it is a set of opposing threaded locking ring over the top of the base threads. No need to use crush washers. This is an easy-index system with easy-on/easy-off capabilities. They call it their “time lock” feature.

Faxon plans to offer the system to other OEMs through either a license or providing locking rings. Foxon’s brake will be available soon. It will retail for $49.99.


I also was able to go hands-on with the ARAK-21 rifle. Faxon did a full tear-down and build-up of the upper system for YouTuber Hank Strange and I. (Hank is a really nice guy!). If you listen closely, we ask a few follow-up questions on calibers, etc.


Good news, readers! Faxon is only aout two hours from me. We are working on scheduling a factory visit and review of the ARAK upper. It will likely be a few weeks, as I have yet another International trip for the day job.


Nathan S

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  • John

    Pick up my ARAK-21 last summer soon after the initial release. Guys have been really great to deal with and the rifle even more. Especially love the ability to swap the charging handle for lefties and the lack of a buffer spring/weight, plus it shoots like a dream. You guys should have a blast with it during the review.

  • noob

    I wonder if you could make a bullpup stock that encapsulates the AR-15 lower and has an ARAK-21 on top.

    I’d lovingly call it the AR-bomination.