NRA 2014: Glock Confirms Upcoming Factory Threaded Barrels and New Production 17L’s

At NRA 2014, Glock confirmed that they will be offering factory threaded barrels for Gen 3 firearms later this year. Included models will be the G17, G19, G21, and G23. Interestingly the full-size .40 G22 will not be included. Per the representative present, the G22 will not be included as “.40 does not supress well”. (I agree, as I shoot G22’s). The G23 will get the barrel to make it Canadian-legal.

Threaded barrels will be available in complete firearms and as stand-alone options this summer. Glock estimates around June. As a bonus, the long-slide G17L will also be produced in the same timeframe.


No Gen4 Glock’s are slated for the factory threaded barrels in the short-term. If demand is there, Glock may produce them for Gen 4 pistols, likely the same models barring the G23 in the US.

I also asked about a single-stack 9mm. The representative was suitable evasive: “Who knows what we will have for upcoming products?”


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Nathan S

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  • ARL

    Did they say what thread pitch the barrels are going to use? Glock has been selling factory threaded barrels separately from guns for about a year now, but those barrels are only offered in weirdo metric lefthanded threads. Those thread pitchs are probably popular in Europe, but aren’t used here in the US very much.

    • I honestly did not think to ask, but will get with my contact there are report back.

      • Steve_7

        If they’re made in Austria, then I guess they’re not changing the tooling.

  • blueorison

    Will they be producing the 17L in Gen3 or Gen4?

    • Gen 3 only. The rep intimated that they only had tooling for Gen 3 threaded barrels and long slides available and were bringing them online again as production capacity has opened up.

  • Drew Wood

    Please explain how .40 does not suppress well? they had to make a special round to make 9mm subsonic, but 180 grain .40 is already subsonic.

    • therapist

      Precisely. .40 does suppress well. Nameless Glock rep doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    • maodeedee

      And so is a 230 grain 45 acp even at Plus+P velocites.

      • Marc

        So what? .45 is still louder when suppressed. There’s no prize for being “the most sub-sonic”.

      • adfsd

        145 grain 9mm is quieter than and 45 thoe

    • Glock Rep was their National Sales Manager.

      Perhaps it should have been rephrased: .40 does not suppress as well as 9mm and .45.

      The fact of the matter is as a higher pressure round there are more gasses to capture, making it harder to suppress. Combine that with few dedicated .40 suppressors (yes you can use .45, but you can’t suppress it as much as gasses escape around the bullet), the comment is valid.

      I will second his sentiment. Having show multiple suppressed handguns across a wide variety of platforms, .40 does not suppress as well as other common calibers.

      • Drew Wood

        9mm and .40 use the same pressure. .40 has a larger case capacity, so there are more gasses to capture, but .45 has almost double the case capacity of 9mm. most “dedicated” .40 suppressors look to use the same dimensions as 9mm, which would make them less effective in .40. for glock to ignore the 2nd most sold pistol caliber in the US in new models but make it for .45 makes no sense, and to use the excuse of more difficult to suppress sounds lazy. .308 is more difficult to suppress than .223 and people still want it. let me, the consumer, decide how big of a suppressor i want to dangle off the end, but let me get it in any caliber possible. i guess, FNH will get my business for threaded .40 pistols.

        • Drew, by goly you are right about the SAAMI pressures. Glad I learned something today.

          To your other points, companies make products to satisfy demands. Simply put, there is little demand for .40 suppressors compared to other calibers today even if it is a top seller.

          You can chose, but it takes 1000’s of others to chose with you to generate the market interest to cover the investment needed to engineer, tool up new machines, test, and produce new products.

          Until .40 caliber shooters demand (and actually buy) the existing suppressors, I would not expect more companies to produce new units.

  • hami

    Would a G17 L be too long for IDPA?

    • VoterID4Me

      Yes. The G34 and 35 were specifically dimensioned to be the max length allowed for IDPA. The G17L is longer.

  • LRB

    I was really hoping for a Glock 20 practical/tactical

  • Marc

    Suppresses better than .45.

    • Marc

      Attachments don’t seem to work for me.

    • maodeedee

      “Suppresses better than .45.” What, according to some chart that you got off the internet? Logically a 180 grain bullet at subsonic velocities should suppress just fine, but I don’t see why it would suppress better than a cartridge with a heavier bullet that was also subsonic and was a lower pressure round besides.
      I’m not saying that it’s wrong, just that it ain’t necessarily so.

      • Marc

        Yes, according to some chart showing actual data obtained from using actual guns, actual suppressors and actual, common ammo. You can even watch the gathering of the data in some video on the internet, you’ll find it on silencerco’s youtube channel.

      • afsddf

        Heavier bullet does mean higher pressures. Higher pressures = louder. There. A bullet barely heavy enough to be guaranteed subsonic is quietest.

        • 1911a145acp

          Bullet weight means naught. Sound is ( sound ) pressure. SAMMI internal working pressure for 45 acp is only 19,000 cup ( copper units pressure- similar but not the same as PSI ) 9x19mm non+P is 35,000 cup, 40 S&W ( 10x22mm ) is also 35,000 cup. All things being equal- which the never are, subsonic 45 acp will be deemed slightly quieter by most listener’s human ear- than 9x19mm or 40 S&W

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    What do you mean by “The G23 will get the barrel to make it Canadian-legal”?

    • drjones

      The stock G23 has a 102mm barrel which would make it prohibited up here. To be canadian legal the barrel would have to be a minimum of 106mm, presumable the threaded barrel makes up those few extra millimetres.

  • ProdigalSon

    Forgive my ignorance, but what’s the difference between a G17L and a G34?

    • The 17L is another .5″ longer.

      • Cymond

        I think the 17L also has a standard magazine release, trigger, and sights while the 34 has upgraded components.

        • Michel_T

          the Gen2 came with the extended mag and slide release.

  • Ryan

    Gen 3 barrels won’t fit in Gen 4 slides? Because of the RSA?

    • Steve_7

      Yeah I didn’t understand that point either, I have an older barrel in a Gen4 Glock and it works fine, I didn’t think there was any difference.

  • Michael

    How about a Glock in .22lr?
    They would sell like hot cakes.
    Are the threaded barrel guns going to have taller sights?

    • HSR47

      They could even call it the G40….

    • adfsfds

      A 20 round doublestack glock with a threaded barrel would make them kings of the 22 world. Kel-tec proved it’s feasible. C’mon, Glock, you gonna be outdone by that Swedish turd-man that founded kel-tec?

    • ConvoyScout

      I think they have taller sights (rumor), yes I agree a 17/19 frame in 22lr would be fantastic.

  • miamic70

    WTF would they release these only in Gen3 when Gen4 is current generation? Talk about bonehead move.
    Also, why no Glock 20 threaded? Why no Glock 10mm long slide?
    No single stack 9mm? No .22LR?

    Come on…Glock you guys really trying to be the new H&K?

    • Again, it boils down to tooling. They have the tools already made for the Gen 3’s. It takes time (and serious investment) to tool up a new product.

      As the rep said, if they see demand (remember, there is much more Gen 3’s in the wild) for Gen 4’s, they will tool it up and start producing factory barrels.

      • miamic70

        Gen 4 is current model that is what should be updated and that is where their innovations should go. Otherwise it is like Apple launching a Gen 6 phone and then offering latest OS on Gen 5 because oh there are more out there. :/

        • Cymond

          Except (to continue your analogy) that the Gen 6 phone needs an all-new OS. The updated OS for the Gen 5 phones was already 95% complete when the Gen 6 came out, so it is a trivial amount of work to finish it.

      • Steve_7

        But there’s nothing to tool up, the barrels are interchangeable.

    • Steve_7

      To make them legal in California? Not sure if changing the barrel length requires a re-test. Will these barrels be available separately, I’d like a slightly longer barrel for my 23?

      • Michel_T

        On the plus side… the new-improved G19 and G23 would now be legal for sales in Canada (for us lowly civilian)

    • michael neyman

      10mm way to fast to supress

  • maodeedee

    Why are they messing with all this trivial nonsense when what the public really wants is a single stack 9mm the same basic size as the new G42?

    • fsdadfadfd

      Because I actually do want a G19 with a factory threaded barrel? Because what I REALLY want is a G19 with a SIG or M&P or 1911 grip shape rather than the shitty turd-from-ugly-town-that-that-feels-bad-in-my-hand grip??

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Wow, that took all of about 30 years to happen. Does that mean the single stack 9mm is just a decade away?

  • Bud Spencer

    Why only Gen3s? Here in austria we are able to get threaded barrels (from the factory) for the 9mm Gen4 since february. -> But no silencers XD
    Also were are getting C-Models for the Gen4 within the next weeks.
    I am going to pick up my 19C Gen4 from the first batch out of Deutsch-Wagram anytime soon. 😉

    • hydepark

      Any chance you could post a source for your Gen4 barrels? And also, is there a similar restriction to export there as there is here with ITAR? We can’t even ship grips or stocks without going through some hoops. Just curious because if that’s not the case then I would way rather spend a little extra time and money on shipping to get a factory 17 barrel. It’s awesome to see international representation here, too. Thanks.

      • Bud Spencer

        I have seen them in person but ditnt take a picture. But this is the price/model list of authorised Glock-dealer in vienna (“Gewinde” means threaded) from our austrian online gun forum

        Yes we have export regulations, but they are not as strict as ITAR (regarding civilian sales to non crisis states) BUT I doubt that Glock Gesmbh will do this, as you have Glock Inc. in georgia. As we are usually a test market and the production line in the US is currently expanded they´ll probably wont do it.
        The austrian branch is not very “civilian end-user friendly” 😉
        Cant wait for my gen4 G19C though

        • hydepark

          Thanks for the info. Google tells me that 200 Euro is close to 300 USD. I guess I’m eating my own words now haha. That is quite a lot for a barrel and that’s before shipping.

          • Bud Spencer

            Yeah guns and gun parts are pretty expensive
            here. Well, we have 20% sales tax. European weapons are relatively cheap here
            compared to us made guns -> 800 € for a S&W M&P9.

            Usually you get a new Gen3 for 550€ (non LE discount).

            Used guns with the exception of glocks are pretty cheap though. As licensing in
            austria limits the amount of semi-auto guns someone can hold for home
            protection, sport, hunting or collecting.

  • Ben Filtness

    Any news on the Glock 24? They usually release them with the 17L.

  • molonlabe28 .

    Very nice.
    I can’t wait to get one for my AAC 9mm suppressor.

  • MichaelBolton

    Glock continues its crusade for irrelevancy….

    I say this as a self-proclaimed Glock fanboy, but how in the Gaston Glock can one company be so obstinate and behind the curve for offering products?

    Threaded barrels!??! Only 5-6 years late to the show behind Lone Wolf, Glock, and AAC beat you to it as well.

    More features for the 17L, one of the more obscure handguns? Great.

    A single-stack .380? Well, that’s *almost* the caliber people wanted.

    Meanwhile, everyone and their brother begs Glock for a single-stack 9mm, and Glock says, “TL;DR”

  • 1911a145acp

    GREAT! Now I can have a factory GLOCK threaded barrel, just like I got on my S&W M&P…..3 years ago……