NRA 2014 Day 1: American Suppressor Association 1st Annual Shoot

I was about two hours late to the 1st Annual American Silencer Association shoot at Camp Atterbury, but I am glad I was. My morning interview with the ATF for my FFL took longer than expected (lots to cover for 07’s!). That said, I put the time to good use.


Part of AAC’s table. I got a chance to shoot the SCR in 300 BLK, suppressed!

The event was supported by four major OEMS. Much to my delight (and chagrin since I was late), I was able to go hands-on and put over 100 suppressed rounds down range through a variety of weapon systems and suppressors.

  1. SliencerCo
  2. AAC
  3. GemTech
  4. Daniel Defense 

Hornady provided most of the ammunition. GemTech also had some of their impressive loadings present including 300 BLK, 22LR, and 9mm.

GemTech's 300 BLK loadings. Polymer tip with a proprietary jacket on the bullet.

GemTech’s 300 BLK loadings. Polymer tip with a proprietary jacket on the bullet.

TFB will do a full profile on the ASA later next week. We had a great interview with Knox Williams, ASA’s Executive Director on progress being made across the country and the challenges the ASA faces.

Another of AAC's tables!

Another of AAC’s tables!


Looks for short hands-on impressions of the Ares SCR and Daniel Defense Mk12 up soon!

Nathan S

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  • Walsher

    What the heck is the thing 2nd from the top in the 2nd main article picture? Some kind of half breed AR?

    Nevermind, that’s the Ares SCR. Not to be confused with JP Enterprises SCR-11.

  • Julio

    Interesting photos, but could you find time to caption them for us? TIA.

  • Cymond

    Wait, the first annual American Silencer Association shoot, as opposed to the first annual Silencers are Legal shoot in May 2012?

    Any word on if there will be a second ASA shoot? I can’t find evidence that a second SaL shoot ever happened. I just moved to SC and I’m struggling with the decision on my first suppressor.