Mini-Review: Mechanix Wear’s New Offerings

A few weeks back a mysterious package showed up at my door.  I hadn’t been expecting anything, so it was a welcomed surprise.  Upon opening it I found a pair of Original Mechanix Wear insulated covert style gloves with the retail packaging and a zip-loc bag.  The ziplog bag was marked Pre-Production Original 0.5mm, size large.  Both are brand new offerings from Mechanix Wear.

The new 0.5mm gloves are thinner in the palm and fingers, actually 50% thinner then the original gloves.  They are also made from a breathable vent back that helps to keep your hand cool. The vent back is nothing new, it has been available on the Original line for some time.  The only real difference is the palm and finger covering is much thinner.


Gloves left to right, Original 0.5mm, Original Insulated and M-Pact 3

They are designed for greater dexterity, and dexterous thy are.  I was actually able to pick up coins from a hard floor with them.  I am also able to do manipulations on every firearm I own without any issues.  Being a precision shooter, I also wanted to know how they would feel with a high end precision rifle trigger.  I was able to feel my trigger better, and with more crisp responses just like I was not using gloves at all.  I am also able to handle, draw and manipulate my daily carry handgun without any problems at all.

Gloves left to right, Original 0.5mm, Original Insulated and M-Pact 3

Gloves left to right, Original 0.5mm, Original Insulated and M-Pact 3

Also featured is a small paracord loop under the velcro for donning purposes.  It helps to be able to quickly don the gloves and not pull on the strap.  It also disappears when being worn, and doesn’t interfere with movement.  At first I was a little apprehensive as things hitting my wrist tend to bother me, but I have yet to have any problems, or even feel the donning loops that are sewn in.

Paracord Loops for donning.

Paracord Loops for donning.

For shooting they are amazing.  Many of you probably saw my post about three weeks back about a Mechanix Wear glove saving me from a burn, if you missed it you can find that here.  I am someone that almost always shoots with gloves on, especially where guns are going to be heating up.  The benefit to having protection far outweighs the negative of not “fighting like you train.” Being able to train hard, and heat things up without worrying about burning yourself in my opinion is much more beneficial.  Plus, I have always trained with gloves, they are a part of my protective wear like eye and ear pro.

Having been able to wear them several times for being out at the range the last two weeks, and even for everyday wear I have found my new favorite glove in the 0.5mm gloves.  Being able to use my phone, take things out of my pockets and handle small things makes them very everyday wear friendly.  I was even able to disassemble and reassembly several firearms as a test without any problems.

Also in the package was some of the new Original Insulated, which feature some insulation for colder weather.  They are also a fantastic everyday wear glove for colder days.  While they aren’t nearly as dexterous, it is pretty rare to insulate something and keep fine motor skills.  On colder days I wear the insulated gloves that keep my hands warm, but also provide protection.

Original Insulated on right.

Original Insulated on right.

Just recently available on Mechanix Wear’s site, info and ordering can be done here for the 0.5mm: and for the Original Insulated here:


  • Guest

    Were you wearing gloves when you typed the title? 😛

    • Thanks for the catch… You proof read it over 100 times… But seem to always forget to proof the title.

      Edit made.

      • 101nomad

        I ain’t hardly ever made no mistakes myself.

  • Gun_lover42

    How are the velcro straps have they given you any problems

    • On all three pairs they are secure, and hold well. Haven’t had any of them pop. No problems yet.

      I do have a pair that is about 2 years old, been welded in, washed… Even wore them diving and the velcro is still good.

      • ATman

        I have currently nuked the velcro on three different velcro straps although In one case my gloves died before the guarantee on the gloves was up so I mailed the gloves away and they were really cool and sent me new ones (they said they usually do not replaced user damaged gloves) Now I have moved up the the Mechanix wear 4x gloves and they seem to be rocking on quite strong. I live in Canada so getting the tacticool models of gloves is a major PITA (I think they are export controlled).

        As a trick to keep the velcro on when it starts to come off I use good old bostich staples seems do do the trick.


    You can’t get anymore Operator than Mechanix gloves. Well, other than Oakley . . .

    • Nicks87

      So, are you saying my isotoner smartouch driving gloves are not operator enough? I can still use a touch screen while wearing them AND they look good when I have to wear a suit and tie!

      • 101nomad

        Anybody tries to make me wear a suit and tie better be armed. The gloves might help. I do have separate sets of blue jeans, T-shirts and tennis shoes tho, (socks optional). One set for formal occasions, and one set for work/casual wear.

  • Brad Miller

    Those are not “donning” loops, did you just make up that? Those loops are for when you hang your gloves of a carabinier or a grimlock. But I do use them as donning pull tabs, so I guess your half right 🙂

  • claymore

    Wish I was wearing a pair when I got my introduction to the hot AK rivet LOL.