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  • gunslinger

    glass breaker?

    • seldomwright

      What would happen if you sit the glass?

      • seldomwright

        ha! – “shot” the glass…

  • bbmg

    A suppressor can be misaligned, who on earth would deliberately bash it against anything?

    • Actually with a breaker like that there is very little bashing. Because of how auto glass is designed to work, you really just have to tap the glass with something like that. You can also just place it against the glass and push hard and the glass will shatter.

      • dan citizen

        I work at a facility that salvages autos. I break a lot of car windows. We use many methods, sledge hammer, wire cutters, sharpened 20 lb prybar, automatic center punch.

        For anyone who says their toy can break auto glass easily, I suggest they provide a video,

        Most “glass breakers” we have tried failed miserably, and no muzzle mounted one has succeeded in our attempts.

        If this is made of a metal that can be pinch clamped on the suppressor without shattering, I sincerely doubt it’s hard enough.

        • Bobby

          This one works very nicely

          • dan citizen

            very nice!

    • JumpIf NotZero

      The AAC 51T mount is old, but it can’t be “misaligned”, neither can thread-on, surefire’s, silencerco’s, etc. Due to the way it works I wouldn’t do so on a YHM or Gemtech BiLock mount…

      But no for the most part suppressors can’t really be “misaligned”. I wouldn’t poke anything I wouldn’t poke with the bare muzzle (hardly anything) but that’s a different story.

  • JumpIf NotZero


    I thought it was known that glass breaker was a real product that AAC made a handful of you sf guys?

  • DV

    Inb4 bayonet.


    It looks cool, I’ll give it that and it probably works like a charm, but I wouldn’t exactly place my rifle as a glass breaker compared to maybe the back of a knife or an utility axe.

    And in the front of a pistol? I don’t know…

  • /k/ommando

    Why not just carry a large bolt in your pocket?

  • Ron Fox

    i’m having a hard time coming up with a scenario where i need to break a car window to get to whatever is inside and happen to be carrying my suppressed ar-15 with the glass breaker attached – and shooting the window out isn’t an option. I’m 43 and have yet to be in a situation where i had to break out a car window. I bet I can live my whole life wthout ever having to break out a car window.