Sisk Rifles to Introduce the STAR Stock at NRA

The new STAR stock from Sisk Rifles promises to be an “aha” moment for anyone that stops into their booth at the NRA show.  Sisk has decided to “turn rifle stocks upside down-literally-exploding the scope of adaptability.”  By offering a stock with more then just LOP and comb height adjustments.

There are some promises being made like “No matter how you adjust the stock, and there are literally hundreds of ways to adjust it, the parts will fit precisely together every time, and will never shift point of impact.” Which are some pretty big claims, which are even better if they can be backed up.

I can see the usability of the system, especially for police departments that want to buy rifles that then have to fit several different shaped officers.  So there is a problem for this rifle to solve.  With an MSRP of a complete rifle starting at $6495 and stock at $1395, I would expect a great rifle capable of all sorts of different things.

TFB has a guy on the ground at NRA, and I will do my best to get further info.  Until then, you can see how several of the different adjustments and how they work over at the Sisk YouTube channel, or their website

I would be interested in what our readers here think of this chassis system, or a full rifle and the different adaptations and geometry changes that can be had.  Feel free to comment below, let me know what you think.

Dayton, Texas – If you are anywhere near the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis April 25-27th you owe it to yourself to stop by the Sisk Rifles booth (#8456) and see the future of rifle stocks.

Everyone is jumping onto the adaptability bandwagon but so far they have limited themselves to a few degrees of cast off or on, and tweaks in length of pull. Charlie Sisk of Sisk Rifles decided that simply wasn’t enough, and decided that instead of starting at point A and adjusting by bits and pieces, he would turn rifle stocks upside down-literally-exploding the scope of adaptability. The result is Sisk’s STAR® rifle stock.
Sisk’s 3 1/2 pound stock starts out with a billet of aluminum which is not only not temperature sensitive, but wears like, well, aluminum. Aircraft grade aluminum. No matter how you adjust the stock, and there are literally hundreds of ways to adjust it, the parts will fit precisely together every time, and will never shift point of impact.

Stop by Sisk Rifles-booth 8456–and give yourself an ‘aha’ moment. It will be worth the price of admission.

The complete STAR® rifle is now available for short action 700’s (starting at $6495);
If you have an action and barrel, the stock is available separately for $1395.
Other rifle calibers are available built to order.


  • hod0r

    Just another hilariously overpriced Remington clone.

  • Jeremy Star

    Another marketing guy that doesn’t understand what the word “literally” means.

    • Crossfan

  • iksnilol

    Don’t see the LEO practicality, mainly because all LEO sniper shots are at less than 200 yards (most are at around 70 yards).

    A remington 700, Savage 111 or any other decent bolt gun with a good 3-9 scope is sufficent.

    • I kinda like a straight 10x. There are exceptions in the LEO world. County Deputies can be confronted with much longer shots as can the State Police.
      The longest recorded city LEO shot 600 yards I believe it was. It’s been a long time ago though. Better to have it and not need it.

      • iksnilol

        County Deputies are in rural areas, they need some long range stuff. My comment was directed to those in urban areas. I am simply annoyed at those who face a maximum of 200 meters (and that is if the moons of seven galaxies align perfectly during a solar eclipse) yet they still buy something that costs several thousands of dollars + a scope for the same price.

        This comes out of the tax payers money and it annoys me. Simply because a rifle and scope for about 2500 is more than enough, yet they buy the most expensive stuff they can find.

        Regarding 10x: I am a fan of 2.5-10x scopes. Mainly because I don’t intend to shoot much farther than a kilometer and I like having 1x for every 100 meters.

  • Sadler

    Jeff from Gunblast took a look at this over a year ago:

    Also, the link to the Sisk site redirects to a TFB article from two days ago.