Cabela’s Exclusive Kahr Pistols

Robin Egg Blue PM9

Cabela’s is now selling a pair of colorful pistols made exclusively for them by Kahr.  One is a PM9 and the second is an Auto-Ordnance 1911.

The limited edition PM9 is a 9mm pistol that features a Cerakote Robin Eggshell Blue frame.  The pistol will come with a black pistol rug and pocket holster.  Three magazines will also ship with the gun:  a flush-fitting 6-round mag, a 6-round mag with the finger extension and a 7-round with an extended grip.  MSRP is $899.

Black Orange 1911

The Auto-Ordnance 1911 has a Cerakote-finished orange frame with black accents.  The gun is chambered in .45 ACP and will ship with two 7-round magazines.  MSRP is $759.

Richard Johnson

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  • Gunnutmegger

    Uh, the PM9 has a polymer frame. No need to Cerakote it, just make it blue from the get-go.

    • Science?

      Doesn’t coloring polymer weaken it vs. black?

  • Jeff Smith

    Orange on a live firearm – BIG MISTAKE.

    • gunslinger


      • DV

        Because its highly unfashionable. Also, because orange on a firearm is reserved for non/less-than lethal munitions (think bean bag 12g shotguns with orange furniture).

  • JaxD

    Man, this info would have been great a week ago. The Easter baskets have been put away for next year.

  • WaltherJJR

    What kind of an idiot puts safety orange on a real firearm???

  • 101nomad

    The PM9 is by Makita, the .45 is by Dewalt.

  • ryobiwankenobi

    Oklahoma State and Oregon State fans now have a factory for a pistol in school colors.

  • ryobiwankenobi

    Oklahoma State and Oregon State fans now have a factory option for a pistol in school colors.