KRISS Vector Right Hand Magazine Release

Necessity is the mother of invention. Last year, when I was living in NY state, I figured out that I could use my KRISS Vector faster if I could release the magazine with my right hand. We were only allowed 10 rd magazines so reloading was crucial to action pistol caliber matches at my club. I had been shooting my Vector Carbine like an AR and using an extended thumb over bore grip with my left hand. The KRISS Vector magazine is a Glock 21, so the magazine catch is also a Glock design. I would have to release my left hand, move to the magwell, press the mag release and then go for a fresh mag. I then developed a magazine release lever that is mounted to the right side of the weapon. It makes reloads much faster.


Here is a descriptive video I made going over the benefits of the design with regards to real firearms and the airsoft variant by KWA. The audio is not that good so bear with it.


It took a while but finally a company has actually made this into an actual product. Ace1Arms in Taiwan has made a complete unit. My design was a bar that is drilled and screwed into the existing glock mag catch and a small plate that holds the bar in place. Ace 1 Arms went and remade the entire mag catch and pinned it to the lever. A concept I had considered but give my lack of engineering and resources I built mine out of scraps and 3D printed parts. Ace 1 Arms made their mag release for the airsoft KWA KRISS Vector. I am looking forward to checking out the Ace 1 Arms release and seeing if it works for the Real Steel KRISS Vector. As I own both the real and airsoft versions, I am confident this part will work for the real thing. The only crucial part is what Ace 1 Arms made their lever out of.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • hydepark

    I’ve been watching the development over at KRISS TALK. Very awesome product, although I would waaaaay prefer my money to go to an American company / individual whenever possible. I also would have liked to see TDi or Magpul take this design over and deliver it in a massive way at a reasonable price. But beggars, after all, simply cannot be choosers.

    • Nicholas C

      Yeah I would like that too. But I am a guy with very little funds and even lesser resources haha.

      • BryanS

        I think your resources are better than you realize….

  • patrickiv

    As much as I hate all the semi-auto KRISS Vectors I’ve seen lately, I have to say that this mod is really impressive. I’m surprised KRISS hasn’t bought his idea and marketed it as a “high-speed tactical upgrade”.

    • Nicholas C

      They are getting better, with their Krytac division. But like many European firearm companies, they do things to the tune of their own trumpet.

      • patrickiv

        It’s the whole concept of a semi-auto Vector. The whole point of the Super V system is to reduce muzzle climb in full-auto. For a semi-auto platform, it’s grossly over-engineered.

        • Nicholas C

          I agree. I dont find the Super V system really that crucial in a semi auto platform. Shooting the HK UMP, there is very little difference. Although I like the ergonomics of the KRISS Vector and the mag choice over the UMP.