Desert Eagle Takes Bronze

Desert Eagle 50 AE

The Olympics are long over, but the Desert Eagle has still taken bronze.  Well, a bronze Cerakote finish anyway.

Magnum Research is now selling .50 AE and .44 Magnum versions of the Mark XIX Desert Eagle pistol in a Burnt Bronze color.  The pistols will be available only through the distributor Bill Hicks & Co., Ltd.  Both models will retail for $1,696.

Richard Johnson

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  • iksnilol

    Things like this annoy me.

    “Hey! Instead of improving on a good pistol by y’know making a doublestack version, threading the barrel and making it lighter (maybe use steel-reinforced aluminum or just use titanium?). Let us make it in a different color, completely ignoring the fact that you can get your guns hydrodipped for a reasonable fee.”

    • BOB

      OH LAWD!! I’m a 6’4 man with XL-XXL hands and I don’t think I’d feel comfortable with a double stack .44mag or 50AE grip.

      • iksnilol

        Wouldn’t be that bad. Much thickness in the grip is due to the grip panels being unnecesarily thick. Thin grip panels plus a thinner titanium frame and it would be as comfortable as a DE can be.

        Have you ever held a Para-Ordnance P14-45? Those use really thin grips (called “razor” grips by some) and have a frame that is a bit thinner. The end result is actually thinner than your average 1911 with thicker grips (i.e stag or rubber grips).

    • Karina

      That implies the Desert Eagle is anything but a range toy, or a “good pistol” to begin with… not to mention how absurdly huge and heavier a double-stack version would be. As if it wasn’t enough of a steel brick.

      No thanks, I’ll be over here with my 226.

      • iksnilol

        Most people i have seen don’t have problems with them. I did hear about older models having problems but the newer ones are good. Main thing is to use strong ammo and keeping the gas chamber clean. So no, I wouldn’t call it only a range toy.

        I also take it you didn’t read how the two issues you mentioned would be solved. So read my previous post.

        Then again, I will admit that SIGs are good guns and I would prefer them over a DE for most purposes (but not hunting or defense against large predators).

  • Cymond

    I just don’t understand the current fad of ‘burnt bronze’. I think it looks like dog poo.

    Yes, I know this comment will be unpopular. No, I’m not trolling you, I’m serious. Cerakote is available in a really great selection of colors, and I just don’t understand this one’s popularity.

    • allannon

      Because people like it. What is it you’re wanting to see, olive drab? Bright yellow? Leopard-print pink and blue?

      • Andy

        They already have tiger stripe gold, so leopard pink probably isn’t out of the question.

    • BOB

      As practical as FDE is, I’m really tired of FDE everything, Burnt Bronze is at least a different shade of FDEesque color…

      • Diesel

        I prefer the original FDE that Knights Armament created for the M110. It’s basically Field Drab with a drop of Patriot Brown in the pigment.

    • iksnilol

      I kinda like bronze, it gives that steampunk look. If you want it to look good you gotta have some contrast though. Similar to how the 1850’s revolvers have brass trigger guards that contrast nicely with the dark (almost black) bluing while matching the wooden grips well.

    • Karina

      Opinions are just like anuses, everyone’s got one. You don’t like it? Fine. No-one cares.

  • Colabox

    Somehow iv learned to hate the Eagle.

    • iksnilol is the coolest handgun. It even makes that cool “dchink” sound with the slide which for some reason always reminds me of the Gauss rifles from Starcraft.

    • lurpy

      Shot one once, was really unimpressed. I get the “cool factor” for collectors, but it’s bulky, heavy, recoils like a bastard (well, the .50AE version anyway), and (at least the one I shot) was prone to jamming. If I want a big-bore pistol, I’ll get the S&W .500; I was amazed how easy to handle the 4-inch version was–for what it is, anyway–and if you need more than 5 rounds in a caliber that size, you should have brought a rifle.

  • Anon. E Maus

    That’s it? A new color?
    Tell Magnum Research to get back at me when they make a double-stacked .30 Carbine Desert Eagle with a thinner grip.

    Yes, .30 Carbine, trust me, it’ll work, it runs on rifle-powder so it’ll be more sustainable for gas-operation.