United States Postal Service Also Needs Ammunition

Newsmax reports that the United States Postal Service is looking for vendors to sell it ammunition, which has upset some people who don’t think the postal workers should be buying ammo …

Add the U.S. Postal Service to the list of federal agencies seeking to purchase what some Second Amendment activists say are alarmingly large quantities of ammunition.

Earlier this year, the USPS posted a notice on its website, under the heading “Assorted Small Arms Ammunition,” that says: “The United States Postal Service intends to solicit proposals for assorted small arms ammunition. If your organization wishes to participate, you must pre-register. This message is only a notification of our intent to solicit proposals.”

This is not as controversial as the media are making it out to be. The United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) has the oldest origin of all the federal law enforcement agencies, predating the United States itself. It was founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1772 when he was the colonial Postmaster General.  The Postal Police employ 1,000 armed uniformed personnel and 1,200 criminal investigators.

One of the more interesting powers the USPIS has is to enforce the government-granted monopoly on the delivery of non-urgent mail. In 1993 they raided the offices of Equifax because the company was suspected of sending non-urgent mail through Fedex instead of the Postal Service. Equifax was fined $30,000.

So next time you are tempted to send your grandmother a birthday card through Fedex, remember that the postal service is armed and dangerous. Send her an email instead.

Steve Johnson

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  • Joseph A. Clark

    as much as you might like to make fun of the U.S. Postal Service, the postal inspectors do more than just raid “rival” companies like Equifax or FedEx. There is a burgeoning business in postage stamp counterfeiting, as well as mail fraud. Postal inspectors are sometimes sent as undercover officers into some pretty dangerous situations, so it’s not like they sit in an air-conditioned office and tap keys on a computer.

    • idahoguy101

      Postal Inspectors definitely do some dangerous work in the their investigations. I don’t begrudge them being armed

    • Agreed. They have jurisdiction on a lot of fraud and theft cases that go through the mail. I’ve worked with a few of these guys and seen them on some pretty long stakeouts. If I recall correctly, that is one of the toughest departments to get hired by due to the stringent pre-employment requirements.

      • Very true Richard they are probably the hardest agency to be hired by. There’s a lot of competition for each new job posted. They can be very picky and hire the very best applicants.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Well, to be fair, the entire blog post was explaining why they needed ammunition, while the rest of the media was being hysterical.

      I did mention “One of the more interesting powers” which is true, it is definitely the most interesting powers they have. I did not say all they have ever done was raid one company 21 years ago. If they have 1,000 armed officers, I think it is self explanatory that they do other stuff as well.

      • FourString

        i think he was addressing the post’s audience rather than the post itself

      • supergun

        Was the equifax story true?

    • supergun

      But do they need millions of rounds of ammo?

  • idahoguy101

    Interesting that the Postal Service has a thousand uniformed officers guarding it’s facilities, but school districts are protected by “gun free zone” signs. Are Christmas cards more deserving of armed protection than school children are?

    • Limonata

      No, but your tax refund checks are probably high on the list as well SS checks, pension checks, pharmacy drugs and other items, including firearm related that many of us have trusted to be curried through the post office.
      I am fairly certain there is a lot of drugs and a lot of hate mail and other items that go through the mail as well. Mail and identity fraud is a huge criminal business.
      I would personally like justification of why EPA and Education Depts have SWAT teams however

      • David

        And those are more important than our children?

        • 1captainhooker1

          Apples and oranges. Would you argue that a bank is more important than children? A police station? A mall?

          Let’s be honest. People shoot up schools because they are crazy – something you really can’t anticipate with any accuracy. Places like post offices and banks are more logical targets (and thus justified in having armed officers) because of the nature of the business itself – the storage and transportation of goods with monetary value.

          • Ken

            People attack places where they can rack up the highest body count quickly, and the best place to do that is in a gun free zone where everyone but the criminal are disarmed like schools, movie theaters and malls.

          • Owl

            To be fair, SPECIFIC types of people attack places for body count. I doubt a bank robber would hit a school because that is not where the money is. Or if someone is anti-government, hitting a post office is more likely than a school because the post office is more “government like”.

          • Ken

            When a bank robber robs a bank, his #1 goal is getting as much money as possible, as quickly as possible. Completely different motive, objectives, etc.

          • Owl


            So it all boils down to what the gunman is trying to do. Which is why I pointed out that only specific types go for body counts, same as bank/post office robbing, where there are specific types of people targeting them too, usually the ones with either a profit motive or an anti-government agenda.

            School shootings are usually done by students studying in that school, more of a specific grievance thing than an overaching political statement.

          • Christine

            One major reason people (Crazy people), shoot up schools is because they know nobody is going to shoot back! Where I live concealed carry is legal, and if one of those nuts tried to shoot up a mall, restaurant or anything other than a school…They would have 20 guns pointing back at them!

    • Less than 3000 officers and agents for the entire country isn’t much coverage at all. I know the inspectors are way overloaded all the time and never catch up on the workload.

    • Manimal

      Woah, an entire school district that is a gun free zone? Where is that?

      Also post offices are “gun free zones” as well.

    • mike gee

      Postal locations carry money, valuable mailed items, have been targets of nutjobs, have been robbed , bombed, had employees kidnapped, have have every type of criminal use or abuse them, and have had postal inspectors and postal police officers attacked!

      Sadky witg schools they have liability conscience or anti gun administrators who don’t like even uniformed cops around.

      Los Angeles is a perfect example, they have the second larvest school police force( I’d actuallycall then the largest as NYC school safety division isn’t armed and their”cops” are basicalky security guarss who can make limited arrests , while LAUSDPD patroks over 700 sq.miles, has 400 cops, and orotect up to a million students and staff, have aswat team, detectives, k9s, and motor cycle enforcement units) yet due to civilian staff and the teachers union, they are virtually kept off campus “until something happens”

      The sign “gun free zone” around schools is feel good bandaid. Many administrators still haven’t learned anything from sandy hook, like they learned nothing from columbine…

    • GunTotingLib

      Been in several post offices in my area and have never seen an armed guard.

      • mike gee

        GTL, depends on the location, postal police are mobile in many cities and states, and if you notice,with the exception of OLDER branches, many post offices have bullet resistant glass installed , surveillance cameras, and their access doors are reinforced.

        Larger branches have Postal PD or armed security assigned. Its a toss up-as citizens we complain about protection, but don’t want to accept( or pay for) the financial or social cost, them we turn around and complain about the LACK of protection…

        • GunTotingLib

          I like the post office and the postal workers. It amazes me that I can hand a letter to a postman in Seattle with my sisters address on it in and for less than 50 cents about three days later someone will hand it to my sister in New York. with better than a 99.9% success rate. And I want them safe and protected, but my comment is I never seen an armed guard. I have been to several smaller neighborhood offices and the main sorting facility in town and I walk up to a counter and at most ring a bell. Must be worst in tougher areas. I do not begrudge the postal workers protection when and where need and gladly pay for it and I want the armed guards to have plenty of ammo to practice with so if they draw their weapon they are proficient with it.

        • Ken

          I have never seen any bulletproof glass in any post offices in 5 cities and 3 states and I mail stuff out for a living. Do you live in Chicago?

          • FourString

            Exactly. Not once in my life have I seen bulletproof glass in a post office o.o

      • supergun

        They are behind that mirror glass you see in the post office.

  • johngalts_brother

    Where do they keep all of this ammo so we can take it when we need it?

  • BryanS

    How about they wait until the restriction on carry at a postal facility by the public is dropped? I mean, it was only put there because their environment helped create the term going postal, with their own employees. Not the rest of us.

    No no soup for you, until I’m at least allowed to retrieve my property (mail) without the possibility of a felony for crossing onto property I pay for.

    • Kotyaer

      You only pay for the property insofar as you pay for postage or other services at the counter. That said, it’s still a federal entity and all owned (or leased) property is considered federal property. So yeah, It won’t be a misdemeanor trespassing charge like it would be at a mall. However, they don’t leave much doubt as to what the rules are and what the consequences are if you break them. Pretty big signs and a detailed explanation as to what’s not allowed.

      • BryanS

        Myself and others pay money to rent post office boxes, and the items that arrive in those are my property.

        Still remains… the law is supposed to restrict federal incursions on our rights, not allow them to do it because their own environment provoked a crime by their staff.

        No ammo for the USPS until this unnecessary restriction is lifted.

        • mike gee

          BryanS- the post office is the “landlord” in that issue, and when you “rented your post box”, it is NOT your property( you probably,like many lazy folks l, did NOT read the “contract” agreement you accepted in order to use that box ,including reasonable inspection of what you receive in the BOX OWNED BY THE POST OFFICE.)

          You don’t want incursion on your rights?don’t use the post office( go directly to the source you receive parcels or mail from)

          Your view that the post office is some oppressive entity is silly at best, and paranoid at its worst.

          Postal law enforce ment exists because criminals have been robbing mail and post offices since they first opened, and with this,freak society we have now that thumbs its nose at laws and decent society, the mail is used to send deadly and harmful material too.

          Short of the postal police and inspectors, I doubt you’ll volunteer for a postal posse to stop postal related crime….

          • BryanS

            I beleive that robbery has been illegal since the post office came around as well. Now, they are not the only place in town other than the bank that has any cash.

            There are people whose mail delivery only happens at a box, and not by their choice. You are forced to disarm off the property, and then make your way to their property and retrieve your documents.

            It is oppressive and stupid to disarm a person who actually cares about the law, from coming onto what tax payer owned property (that does not have jail or court facilities), when it is an abvious truth that criminals do not obey signs or laws (prerequisite for the job).

          • mike gee

            BryanS, we have a difference of opinion. By your views, you shouldn’t have to disarm to go into courts or schools either. I pity you that you feel so unsecure.

            You sound like my nephew who’s in the navy. He’s stationed at a Naval airbase in florida. He picked up a concealed firearms license, and now all he talks about us how he needs his gun to go our and “be safe” and how the gov’t will disarn people.

            He grew up in Vallejo,CA, a town with rough edges, YET he never had a fight, was never robbed, bullied, and can’t even tell you a time he saw a violent act before joining the military!!!!

            I believe in peoples right to self defense, but really??? Lets say you need to go heeled at a post office to pick up your latest jazzercise dvd, or turn lead to gold kit, and a shooting goes down, you think you and a group of the upright citizens brigade or gonna be the best to deal with it? You think some other armed citizens are gonna automatically recognize you as the “good guy?” Now the police respond-they could be anywhere from 30 secs away to 10 minutes away, you think they are gonna recognize you as “the good guy?”( be real-unless the shooters look like Klebold and Harris- who are the archetypes for most mass casualty shooters) it would be unwise for you to run around with gun out, playing “charles bronson”-officers or deputies responding are gonna take you down HARD and ask questions later!

            Having a concealed firearms is self defense, meaning there is NO alternative. If your only alternative is to go to your gun, you are already beaten on many cases-physically and legally.

            As far as whining about Federal property restrictions? Either change the, or find an alternative since you feel your rights have been “suppressed”( fedex, and ups ship parcels and letters, never seen any “no weapons” signs at one of their offices)

          • BryanS

            I, like millions of others, carry a firearm on a daily basis. I think it is irresponsible to fiddle with a firearm (De-holstering, unloading, and storing) when it can stay where it is hurting no-one. In my holster. Inert, and legal.

            It also is not being stored in a car, where it would be easily stolen.

            In PA, carry into a court facility is restricted, and there is a law mandated secure storage facility available at every courthouse.

            Carry into a school facility is a grey area legal by wording of the law, but no one wants to test that law.

            Your concern over a lawful person carrying a firearm in a school tends to make me think you :
            1. Are calling myself and others a murderer in waiting.
            2. Are placing your own self trust issues on others, as many anti-gun people do.

            given your example of your nephew, I am going to take an educated guess and say the latter. You, in some part of your brain, dont trust yourself, so you impose that mistrust onto us.

            Or, you just like to call others murderers and psychos.

          • mike gee

            ..and what makes you “think” I don’t legally carry a firearm, or understand that people other than govt officials safely carry them?!

            The difference is I know that the avg citizens isn’t concerned with public safety anymore than their own necks!

            You are unarmed in a a public hospital, court house and certain govt facilities to prevent interference with its operation( yes, buddy, for every group of individuals that will abide with the law, there’s always some FOOL that decides he/ she doesn’t have to! Add gun to to the mix?

            I really have to ask, just how many times have you had to “defend yourself” while pickin up your mail? Do you really think having your gun made you “safe?”

            Crazed gunmen are not the,daily norm, and when 90% of police officers NEVER use their firearms in a violent conflict and they survive incidents on a DAILY BASIS, what makes you think you can’t walk into a post office for 10 mins and do the same?…

    • mike gee

      Yeah carry guns onto federal property. Why not? We can carry guns into federal court without restriction, federal jails too, or in congress without restriction…yeah, that’ll make “everybody safe”

      We hav enough people ,even folks here who think they are rambo or lone gunslingers. Guns don’t “fix everything”, even for our police forces and military.I don’t need a pissed off dude with a strap standing behind me with a gun, nor do I need a lady too scared to drop off her christmas cards going heeledat the post office.

      We have laws to keep guns out of certain places to “try” and prevent disruption od certain services needed fir modern govering and operation of our nation.

      Bone up on history a bit more, folks carried guns MORE to protect themselves from lawlessness because law enforcement was quite primative or non existent. Today people do it more out of paranoia of crime,even when they live in LOW crime areas and a far more efficient public safety component than in the early days of our nation.

      Even though case law has stated that the “police” are not liable for your safety realistically they will be available 99% of the time for a majority of people to never need to go out armed

      • Yellow Devil

        Coming from a fellow Reservist who’s main job is a Sheriff Deputy in a small town, “My backup on any given night is an armed, lawful citizen.” And I don’t know where you got that 99% will be available statistic, but if they show up after the crime is committed, really than what’s the point of that? I also have to call out your characterization of a “pissed off dude with a strap” or “scared lady” with a gun. Don’t project your own inept insecurities on to everyone else. In regards to “history” you might want to do a better job indicating the difference between historical causality and correlation.

        • mike gee

          Yellow devil, I would say the same for you in your equally flawed view. Its called an opinion, and mine arw based on what I’ve seen and experienced.

          We no longer live on the “rugged frontier”( thanks to electricity, modern roads, and strong govt infrastructure) “armed citizens” are no longer needed to “jump in posses”

          And if you are a reservist in a small community, you either have never dealt with real brutal, violent crime( I have in my professional capacity for well over two decades, or yoir agency polices a relatively crime free environment( good for you)

          What may work in your environment, won’t work everywhere. I have dealt with “well meaning armed citizens” who were more of a danger to themselves than a help or aid( and while you may know everyone in yoir Mayberry environment, people in large communities don’t have “I’m a good guy” stickers on their backs-they appear or are on scene in places like Chicago, or here in L.A. They are getting disarmed and detained until the situation is under control( safer than allowing them to get involved and possibly INJURED or killed by responding officers or

          • usmcmailman

            You smell like a Government turd to me boy !

          • mike gee

            Sez the man who has “usmc” in his screen name( what? You joined to serve the country, meaning the “people”, which is the “government”! Or did you do it because you were too stupid to find a job???!)

            I find it amazing how people( like you) whine about “gub’ment this, gub’ment that” and the worse you have to complain about is the tax rate, which is actually the LOWEST in modetn history.

            Bet USMC you don’t cry about “gub’ment bennies” you have access to thanks to your service to the “evil gub’ment”( A real “patriot” would serve for FREE…)

      • usmcmailman


  • The Hun

    F*** all govt agencies- armed to the teeth or not. When you project violence do not be suprised when violence is visited upon your house.

    • Oh please not all government agencies are jerks or unneeded. These guys have a lot of responsibility in solving felony crimes of all types including that package mailed to you that never arrived because some jerk stole it.
      These guys are very low key they certainly dont project violence.

      • The Hun

        It’s an arms race between govt alphabet agencies to see who can become miltarized fast enough- don’t kid yourself

        • I’m not kidding myself at all. I have the good fortune to have seen these alphabet agencies from the inside. I think a lot of what we hear from both sides of the fence are a bit paranoid.
          I’ve been assigned to work with many agencies during my LEO career including the FBI, DEA, ATF, USSS, postal inspectors, NCIS and US Marshals. Sounds terrible huh:-) No plotting against US citizens etc. We worked with ATF to get some bomb makers and they also detonated a couple for us that were too nasty to move. Working with the Secret Service on protection details when the president,VP or candidates came to town. Working on a sting operation to recover guns stolen from people like us and then returning them to the rightful owners. The usual jobs nothing Tom Clancy like.

          • gunslinger

            NCIS? did you work with GIbbs???!!!?? 🙂

          • LOL–I knew somebody would say that! Nah never met the guy:-)

            Yea that one was weapons being stolen and sold—-

          • gunslinger

            surprised it took so long.

          • mike gee

            Phil, I too have worked with federal and state, as well as local law enforcement agencies, and despite bureaucratic BS, they all did what they were legally empowered to do by the tax payers!

            I really like this site, as it often gives good firearms reviews, as well as interesting firearms related stories.

            What is sad is the paranoia, fear and unsubstantiated beliefs in govt conspiracies, as well as the delusion that we live in a “police state”( still waiting for Geo Bush Jr to ship me off to GITMO for personal criticism of the gov’t, and my kids haven’t been sent to the Obama re-education camps like the fearmongers promised!)

            Like the oil producers, firearms and ammo are valuable properties. Material costs go up, as well as shipping and supply. And since so many folks claim to believe in capitalisn, why do they,think manufacturers are gonna keep the price down?

            If I were a manufacturer, and jad x,y,z agency of the govt willing to buy from me in bulk, I’m gonna be concerned with meeting that big PAYDAY order over whether or notu products are sitting for weeks on a shelf at walmart or a LGS!

            All this”black helicopter” fear is plain old stupidity. The US military is basef primarily overseas, and the combined states and federal law enforcement in this nation couldnt control the state of rhode island let alone the entire country.

            Our government isnt “out to get us”, yet even people that post here seem to want it that way so they can justify their “red dawn” fantasies..

    • mike gee

      …until you need them to “protect you”. The only violence I’ve seen this “corrupt evil govt”( gotta laugh at that one) is upon THUGS, CRIMINALS,and foreign scumbags….

  • fred

    you started it.

    mm yeah it is normal for the weather service the postman and all the other feds to get billions of rounds of ammo.. and armored vehicles and… and..

    move along no police state here..

    firearms not politics

    Sorry, they are the same subject…

    … don’t learn the hard way.

  • AKSapper

    My father in law is a retired postal inspector and worked several mail bomb cases including one that killed a post master. US Postal Inspectors also bust huge amounts of drugs that some fools try to mail. ALOT of Joint Task Force investigations, Also remember post 9-11 Ricin attacks were investigated jointly by them and FBI . Also Postal was very instrumental in the mail fraud and tax evasion cases of Jim Baker …But alot of the inspectors I’ve met are anti freedom .

  • gunslinger

    so wait, what is an “urgent” mail vs non-urgent?

    • You got me???

      • gunslinger

        lol. ok. i always wondered how the parcel companies existed in that they shipped mail. important documents and all, when the feds have the monopoly of mail.

        • mike gee

          Its because the Feds DON’T have a monopoly on it. But unlike your tax paid post office, there is no guarantee of free access, on time delivery, continued delivery, or LOW cost.

          One of the DUMBEST things i’ve heard people talk about is abolishing the post office( wow, them we can all pay $5.00 per letter delivered by private industry)

    • Manimal

      Urgent mail requires an immediate response, like a legal document that must meet a filing deadline . Typical communications like invoices, letters, advertising, etc. are not urgent. I asked a lady I work with that use to work at the post office.

  • PatrickHenry1789

    Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Fido may never chase them again.

  • Dan-O

    I’ll start worrying when they start delivering mail via MRAPs.

    • Owl

      About them? Or what they are protecting the mail from?

  • LeeC

    I can’t wait for the next exciting, thrilling episode of “USPIS” on a channel near you! The thrill of careening postal delivery vehicles! The staccato of stamp machines! The undercover operations to keep America safe for another delivery!

    • gunslinger

      Humm… who could we get to play inspector? And it’d have to be done 80s style with the graphics amd cheezy sounds.

      Im in

  • Blake

    Newsmax is the American equivalent of Pravda.
    Tabloid-grade “journalism” designed to stir up the ignorant…

  • mike gee

    Dissing the USPIS and postal police is lame. I know for a FACT that postal related crimes that the local police don’t have time or resources to handle, and the FBI see as beneath them, the USPIS will handle-everything from black mail, forgery, counterfeiting, theft. My ex girlfriend was receiving death threats and reported it to her local city PD . They simply took the report and a detective called ONE TIME. This continued for weeks and included her car vandalized twice. We told the post office branch manager, he contacted Postal inspectors, and within less than a month they tracked it ti a former military guy she dated 4 yrs before me and he went to jail

    • Yellow Devil

      Wait, how did the post office get involved? Was she receiving threats in the mail?

  • 101nomad

    One gun, one bullet for basic stamp, goes up from there.

  • Leigh Rich

    They will militarise the Post office. WOW

  • Owl

    Well, let us just say that even government employees have the right to bear arms. It’s bullshit to say “I have the right to guns” but “oh you work for the government, I do not recognize your right to the 2nd.”

    There is a reason why “Justice” is depicted as a blindfolded lady with balanced scales.

    Though the wags would tell you that the blindfold isn’t much help with the 386 CPU behind the eyes and the scales seem to be tipping to one side.

  • The Survival Wire

    Eliminate these unionized civil servants. There salary & pension is twice what’s common for privately employed people doing similar jobs. Let the Feebs investigate any serious crimes.

  • The Survival Wire

    And everyone needs to minimize your mailings so we can retire this obsolete govt. bureaucracy. We need to force the Fed to tighten its budget. The spendthrifts!

  • 101nomad

    To paraphrase an old joke, “who do you expect to protect with that?”……….answer, “Me, Bitch.”