Guaranteed Ammo Supply? Prime Club Says “Yes”

(Updated) How would you feel if you had a guaranteed ammunition supply, even during the worst “panics”? PRIME Club seeks to answer this question by providing ammunition at various levels through its membership program.


A PRIME Club membership answers these three questions:

1. When will I be able to get ammunition?
2. How much will my ammunition cost now and in the future?
3. What is the quality of my ammunition?

PRIME Club membership also includes:

  • 30-day, money-back guarantee on your membership fees
  • Money-back return policy on unopened ammunition, less shipping costs
  • Includes high-quality ammunition for competition, training, self-defense, and practice
  • Grants an exclusive, 12-month price protection 
  • Grants an exclusive, 12-month, fixed product subscription based quantity protection
  • Delivers with immediate and then quarterly scheduled shipments of fixed, subscription based products
  • Allows access to membership-pricing on professional training and ammunition delivered to your training location
  • Includes access to a respectful, online community that shares through our blog, chat room, and events
  • Contributes to the protection of our Second Amendment rights

I was personally impressed with their ammo partner. PRIME Club has partnered with RUAG for high-quality rounds. Pricing is roughly in line with other major retailers (Note* Pricing is further discounted for members. Membership pricing is typically 20% less than what you see current see on the website.), with lower-cost options (MFS steel-cased) available for purchase.

What do you think? Is having guaranteed supply of good ammo worth a fee?

UPDATE (4/14/2014, 5:30 PM EST):

They owner just called me and spent some time going over the PRIME Club. Jim is a passionate guy that seems committed to supporting shooters. Important things to note prior to formulating an opinion:

  1. Geco is brand made by RUAG. RUAG is high quality stuff. I have shot it in Europe and personally, its more comparable to Hornady than XM193 in terms of performance. We will have a review of the ammo coming soon!
  2. The prices listed are all non-membership pricing. Membership pricing is typically 20% less than what you see current see on the website. 
  3. When you sign up for a membership, you can also purchase ammo outside your allotment. The allotment is guaranteed; A la’ carte is on a whats-available basis. Prime currently has “tens of millions” of rounds in its US warehouse.
  4. They will be offering three tiers of private-label ammo. “Precision” is the high-quality stuff (Swiss P), “Performance” is the good value, better performance (Geco), & “Practice” steel cased (MFS).


Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

The above post is my opinion and does not reflect the views of any company or organization.


  • john

    I absolutely refuse to pay that kind of price for .22, plus a membership fee?? I’ve got plenty of other guns and reload all my own ammo, I’d rather go pop .223 all day than pay those prices to shoot my “cheap” gun.

    • sianmink

      That’s the non-member price, membership gets it for less, and it’s supply and demand. there’s not much .22 out there right now, and there’s people willing to pay for it. Until supplies normalize, things be cray-cray.

      • Comrade Mistfit

        Yeah, well, I bought a 300 round box of CCI .22LR last week for $25.

  • MB

    Their prices are way over the top

    • AmmoWebCrawler

      I am not sure what prices you guys are looking at, but their member prices are quite good, at least for pistol ammunition, and GECO makes good ammo. If you go to or you will rarely find prices that low and if you do it is going to be Russian crap. It is more a question of shipping costs, which can alter a price considerably

  • Walter j

    Nothing is ever guaranteed.

  • Hunter57dor

    Sounds like a stuffy thing for wealthy big game hunters and the like.

    Never, ever pay that much for ammo. they can’t “guarantee” anything.

    • Cymond

      I haven’t investigated this company yet, but yes, they can guarantee it if you guarantee that you will purchase it at a fixed price that is higher than today’s market price.

      Let’s say that 5.56 is currently $400/1000. If you will pledge to buy 100 rounds for $50 every month, then that guarantees they will have $500 income across the next 10 months. They buy the ammo today for $400, sell it to you for $500, and pocket the profit. The only risk to them is if you decide to cancel your subscription AND the market price falls below what they paid. However, the supply itself is still guaranteed.

      Alternatively, they can make more profit is they’re a production company. Then they simply buy components in advance, and complete the process in time for your order.

      Judging from the comments here from other people, Prime Club charges a high enough price to justify a “buy now, sell later” strategy.

  • Jeff Smith

    So, you can guarantee me limited amounts (500 rounds every three months) of overpriced ammunition from a company (Geco ammunition) that I’ve never heard of for $50 a year?

    I think you’d be better off slipping a twenty to a local gun store owner/employee to hold back some ammo for you as soon as it comes off the truck. I’m sure that would guarantee you better prices, choices, and availability, not to mention making a friend at your local gun shop.

    • Steve Truffer

      Geco is German, and makes quality (not match, but pretty good) ammo that I would describe as semi-premium.
      But I agree, those prices look like Prime is getting a healthy markup on that ammo.

  • Comrade Misfit

    Fifteen cents a round for .22? About cheaper to reload .38s.

    • Blake

      Unfortunately, that’s about market price these days… They can’t make what’s not there.

      If this lack of rimfire ammo continues, we may see something akin to 5mm RMR becoming 5mm Craig back when Remington stopped making 5mm ammo (which is now made again by Centurion and currently going for the same price as 22 WMR).

  • Dick is a Dick

    Reloading exists. For a reason.

    • Cymond

      It also has a high entry cost, both in supplies and knowledge. I’d love to reload, but the price of a press, dies, bullets, powder, and primers is just too much to pay for all at once. How many thousands of rounds do I need to shoot to recover that investment? For someone who shoots relatively few rounds a year, or a large number of calibers (each requires an additional investment), the return on investment may be too slow to justify.

      I used to shoot fairly often, but now I live in an area with dense urban sprawl. Due to the private shooting range fees, concussion of shooting indoors, shooting speed restrictions, limited target selection, and the limited availability of ammunition, I just don’t shoot enough to justify a reloading setup.

      • jimmie

        How long it takes to recover the cost depends on what you shoot and how much you shoot. For my 300 blackout it was less the 1000 rounds. Factory rounds were over $1 each and i load them for less the 25 cent. Starting to cast my own bullets now so ill have that price down to about 8-10 cent each. For something like 9mm it will take around 4000 rounds to pay for a reloading set up.

      • smurf

        not really. $100 for a lee kit plus a die set is what I started with 3 years ago. I reload .38spl for ariund $0.12 a round.

  • Want guaranteed ammo? Stock up yourself before this crap happens next time. No membership fee required.

  • ColaBox

    I kinda wish TFB had a trading hub kinda like though less messy. Iv got .22LR, you’ve got ranger plates, yada-yada-yada everyone wins.

  • Blake

    Hey TFB, you know what would be really great that a lot of the other community sites I participate in do about once a quarter?

    Group buys.

    If the community shows sufficient interest, I imagine that an ammo maker (or at least one of the reman shops like Freedom Munitions) might play ball for the publicity & good karma involved.

  • Aaron E

    Holy moly Batman! These prices are highway robbery. Even with 20% off the .223 prices are premium round prices for FMJ. Don’t even get me started on the .308. For those prices I expect the bullet to have a heat-seeking specific target laser identification system for 100% guaranteed hits! YIKES!

  • 1leggeddog

    The idea is there though…

    I mean let’s face is, the problem of the lack of supply is poeple camping/hoarding ammo from stores, and not letting other poeple buy it. Some even resell it. Essentially becoming scalpers.

    If you take out the middleman, in this instance, stores, you correct this problem directly.

  • TCBA_Joe

    RUAG, Geco? High Quality?

    The Geco I’ve fired was incredibly inconsistently loaded. The RUAG ammo I’ve used was notoriously underpowered. Its ok practice ammo, but not “high quality”.

  • gunslinger

    sams club for gun owners!


    As for this company it seems high and overprice average ammo at best.

    I imagine that this company is geared for new shooters who do not have a lot of knowledge when it comes to reloading &/or those who don’t know HOW to find good ammo prices. I checked out the site and found this on ALL the membership levels…


    Hmmm… how come this was not mentioned in the article?

    So you pay money to get @ 20% off of the listed price and you still get expensive ammo and they guarantee? I have to agree that nothing is guaranteed – its like in all the movies where the guy tells the girl “I promise…” then something bad always happens (thats why my family never says “I promise…” to anyone, but rather Lord willing…).

    With that said I wish TFB would highlight and write about sites that actually HELP people find ammo & save money. Want some examples? Ok…

    This is a great site that shows the ammo you are looking for and at price per round for rimfire, pistol, shotgun and rifle ammo.

    It has a pretty nice search program for ammo too.

    It helps you track down ammo shipments for walmart around the U.S. This site has near real time availability of ammo for most walmart stores in the U.S.. Website is not 100% yet but it does work. According to the site, my local wallyworld had limited stock of 9mm Winchester ammo. I went to the store and it was there.

    Come on TFB how about focusing on stuff that helps shooters save money? Its ok to make money but I think if you all made an effort to highlight stuff like the things I use, it would go a long way with your viewers.

    aka SafeArmsReview

    • Steve, we always appreciate a passionate reader and a reasoned opinion, but I must disagree with many assertions in your post.

      TFB DOES help all shooters by publishing all the available options out there. We DID cover ammo buying tips the middle of last year and a quick search brings it up easily. Starting just a few weeks ago, we are now posting up ammo pricing weekly on Fridays.

      Unless it is a review, it is not my job to pass judgement on a new company and their ideas. Instead we try to give you readers the links to go make your own opinions and a forum to post them in the comments.

      Yes, a subscription locks you in to current pricing, but they communicated that if pricing goes down, you get the discount. The subscription keeps pricing from going up for your subscription ammo.

      Its up to you to determine your level of risk on pricing, ammo supply etc. Many like you, especially our most avid readers, take the time and money to stock up when ammo is plentiful. However, its important to note that there are others out there don’t or can’t due to various issues.

      Perhaps during the next panic, many here may wish that they did subscribe?

      • Steve “SAR” Wilson

        Well I stand corrected – I did not know you did cover ammo buying tips = good stuff.

        As for the company, its good that if the price goes down you get the discount. Still wiith that said, I’ll pass on this. Seen a couple other companies try the subscription bit and it didn’t work too well.

        Perhaps these guys will do better but count me out.

  • Xaun Loc

    Prices of 5.56 ammo skyrocketed the same time the prices of AR’s & AK’s did right after the CT shooting — and there was a brief “shortage” of several calibers right afterwards (much of that shortage was staged).

    ALL of the non-member prices that I saw on the Prime website were higher than I have ever paid for the same calibers (MAYBE they have better quality ammo than I buy, but I’ve never encountered problems with functioning, or noticeable issues with accuracy at realistic distances).
    They say the members price is around 20% cheaper than the posted prices — that still seems a bit high, but then again I AM a cheap SOB who shops before I buy.

    As for a “shortage” of .22LR, WallyWorld has plenty on the shelf around here.