Gear Review: NPE Holster & Magazine Pouch

One Source Tactical is selling a minimalist, yet fantastic minimalist holster system dubbed “The NPE” for “Non-Permissible environment”. The holster made by TSD Combat Systems is available for a variety of different handguns, and a matching magazine holder is also available. Both are priced at $29.99.

I know I hate when I see 5,000 word reviews on the merits of a $30 piece of gear, so lets make this easy.

As stated, the NPE system takes a minimalist approach. You get a molded bit of holster and some paracord, which you tie as you see fit:


Gun in one, mag in the other:


I am tall and slim, and as such I have a very hard time carrying Glocks. The NPE system allowed me to conceal both a mag and pistol easily:




It feels really, really weird taking selfies of your torso.

I moved around and adjusted the holster to a point where I thought it was most comfortable yet did not print. Walked down the street to my mailbox to check the mail and found the system to be comfy, especially with such a large pistol.

Even drawing the pistol is easy. You pull up and the holster is retained to your pants via the cord, while the pistol pops out.


For $29.99, the NPE gets a thumbs up from me. I am aware of no other system that is smaller, lighter, and as affordable that gives the user the ability to carry as deeply.

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • jordan Hyers

    Similar to the raven concealment vanguard system probably will probably be popular will those who appendix carry

    • Ranulph

      I actually just upgraded from this to the Vanguard a month or so ago. I personally like the Vanguard better.

  • Korvis

    I sometimes use a MIC holster, which is the same kind of product. They’re handy little gizmos, but I generally prefer a higher-riding holster. The trigger-concealment rigs tend to shift around a bit more than I would prefer. (Though, you can cure that pretty well with a Clipdraw on Glocks, as long as you don’t mind scuffing up the slide a little.)

    • Cymond

      Yeah, I’d be concerned about it shifting around. I think trigger covers things like the MIC or NPE would be great as alternative safety devices for almost any off-body carry method. You could attach one to the bottom of a shoulder bag or inside the glove box to protect a Glock’s trigger.

  • Chandler

    There is also the Dale Frickle Zacchaeus holster to consider which has even less bulk than this one, and about 10 dollars cheaper.

    • Tim U

      OST/ Gabe Suarez used to sell Dale Fricke’s holsters, just like he used to market Rifle Dynamics.

      Now, he’s burned both of them and doesn’t work with them at all as far as I know, unless these kydex designs are Dale’s that have been resold under the OST brand.

      I would rather just do the business with Dale directly. Good guy, plenty reasonable. Gabe? Not as much. Used to respect the guy until he burned RD and went nuts when nobody would buy into his own line of very overpriced AKs.

      • Ian

        >he’s burned both of them
        No, Jim Fuller started doing poor quality work on AKs to get quantity. So he got the axe. Just like Red Jacket some ~7 years ago.
        And last time I checked he started making his own holsters, not “burning” anybody.

        • Tim U

          Gabe’s marketing strategy is to praise the new because his old former partner is suddenly putting out junk. He had nothing bad to say about Fuller until his own line came out.

          • Ian

            >Gabe’s marketing strategy is to praise the new because his old former partner is suddenly putting out junk

            Not to sound rude here, but that’s how business partnerships work. If I expect something from you that is of a certain quality, then a few years down the road you drop off in quality and do not recover then it is time to find a new partner. Not saying I’m a huge fan of Suarez, but the firearms industry is the only I’ve seen so far where substandard products or quality is considered common.

  • Jack

    101 holsters has a similar design. $16 plus shipping. love it on my m&p compact.

    • Jack

      disregard, just checked up. its a new design, same idea but costs $25 now

  • Sulaco

    Similar in fact to the “shoe string” holsters used by the OSS in WWII. Tied loop of cord, both ends of cord looped up over the front and back of the belt from the bottom and the loops tucked into the inside of the pants. Slip pistol into loops inside pants. Total cost $ .05.

    • WaltherJJR

      How many people have shot themselves in the groin drawing a gun with an uncovered trigger? Lots! Trigger guard is worth the extra money.

      • Sulaco

        I was talking about in the extremes not general carry and where the idea for these holsters came from….YMMV
        PPS OSS agents were smart enough to carry condition three with autos and/or carry revolvers….

  • Steve Truffer

    Alex, can we get a video of how this thing works for packing and draw?

  • st4

    Is that just tied around your belt loop? I read with these you actually want to tie the draw cord around the belt itself because there is a chance the stitching can fail on a belt loop during a draw. Repeated draws for practice, I’d imagine, probably makes that more likely with the wear and tear.

    I use a VanGuard, which is similar, in conjunction with a Clipdraw for my G19.

  • Joe

    The Aegis Armory Guardian has been around a while at around $15.

  • WaltherJJR

    Looks cool but won’t work with shirt tucked in, for that you need a .380 that’s under 12 oz loaded and fits in the front pocket. That’s minimal!

  • DreadPirateRoberts

    Dale Fricke makes a much nicer holster, I wouldn’t purchase this blatant copy. Sad thing too is that even in Gabe’s own words Dale Fricke is the one who stopped him from his potential murderous rampage; that isn’t how I would treat someone.

  • Gabe Suarez

    Dread Pirate (great name) – You have no idea of what you are talking about. It is better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. You spoke,

    Tim U – Business is business. I will not allow friendship to ruin mine. If you make a great product and then it turns into a crappy product, I will drop that product. If that is “burning” someone, then I am holding a lighter. I am not about to make excuses for anyone’s substandard kit…no matter who they are. If it ruins a friendship, so be it.

  • Gabe Suarez

    Rest of the group (The intelligent side) – Nope I did not invent this, nor do I think anyone alive today can say they have. I recall visiting the Cody museum many years ago and saw a leather version of this very same rig that dated back to the 1800s. Go figure.

    It is not the best holster for IDPA, or for casual carry. But for NPE Carry – which means carrying in a place where you are not normally allowed to carry, it works great. On the tucking thing…its 2014. Next time you go out, look at all the shirts and see how many are tucked and how many loose. The tucking thing is not as much an issue as some would think. If you do need to tuck, just tuck, and then clip your keys or something else over the 550 cord. No big deal.

    I carried like this into an area in Latin America a few years ago…a real NPE, and went through my day with never a look from anyone…hence the name. Perfect? Maybe not. But pretty good? Yes…I think it is that.