Accuracy International Factory Tour

The Telegraph newspaper has published a factory tour video of the Accuracy International factory in Portsmouth, England. Click though to watch the video.

At a discreet location on the outskirts of Portsmouth, Accuracy International makes precision sniper rifles of world-leading quality.

In November 2009, one of the company’s products was used by British Army Corporal of Horse Craig Harrison, when he fired the longest ever confirmed sniper kill in history against Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. The distance between CoH Harrison and his target was an incredible 2,710 yard, more than a mile and a half.

Tom Irwin, one of Accuracy International’s directors says the company’s founders – one of whom, Dave Walls, is still at the helm of the company – combined their knowledge of competitive target shooting with the experiences of serving military units before creating their first rifle, the new L96A1 – nicknamed the “Green Meanie” by troops.

Thanks to Mouse for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • dp

    …corporal of Horse? not bad, better than horse of Corporal. Who would clean his horsesxxt?

    • Rib

      Corporal of Horse is a rank in the household cavalry, it’s essentially the same rank as Sergeant.

    • Madcap_Magician

      Even though I have a passing familiarity with British ranks that’s still pretty funny.

    • Michael

      So does the dog handler gave a rank of Corporal of Dog or Bitch?
      We could have fun creating ranks here.
      So what is the most amazing title/rank in any military around the world?

  • Blake

    Sorry to be a pedant, please take this as constructive criticism:

    last sentence “creating their first rifle, the new L96A”

    it was either their first rifle, or it’s new, but it can’t be both; they’ve been in business since 1978 :-). Perhaps “innovative” was what was meant.

    Great article BTW. I love A.I. The fact that us mere mortals can get an AICS chassis system upgrade to convert a stock Rem 700 action into a world-class long-range precision tool is really appreciated.

  • kev

    Holder of the longest confirmed kill shot! Makers of the AX 338 and AX 50 rifles currently being supplied to the MoD. The make a great semi auto too AS 50

  • Jj

    I made longer shots with the AWP in counter strike. Big deal

  • Diesel

    There’s no question AI rifles are good quality, but why does the L115A3 cost $38,250 USD? I imagine the real reason the AS50 Isn’t sold to the public is due to the outrageous price they would charge. Then again, the M107A1 weighs less, has twice the mag capacity and is capable of similar accuracy with match grade ammo.

    • G

      A L115A3 rifle does not cost $38.250. An AWM/AW300 (i.e. the 300WM version of the L115A3/AWSM/AW338) costs $7690:

      AWSM/AW338 isn’t available anymore but it costed about the same as an AWM/AW300.

      $38.250 sounds more like a complete deployment kit with rifle, scope, suppressor and other accessories.

      The Accuracy International PSR Rifle deployment kit (without suppressor and scope) costs $17200:

      The military’s weapons are usually very expensive because the military requires a lot of tests and documentation from the weapons manufacturer. A
      contract for a weapon might also include a clause that gives the government/military right to renegotiate the price if the weapon is sold cheaper to someone else (e.g. civilians).

    • Madeleine Goddard

      The UK government will place a Commercial Exploitation Levy on UK weapons developed with government money in order to recoup some of their investment. The money goes to the Treasury. I have no idea if AI received any government funding, and quite possibly they didn’t, but this could also help explain some of the prices being charged. UK prices tend to be high anyway because of small production runs to amortize the R&D costs, which are the same regardless of manufacturing 1000 or 100,000 weapons.

  • Fruitbat44

    Thanks for the video, I’d missed that one.
    Incidentally ‘The Telegraph’ page also has a link to a story about a British sniper using a L115A3 who killed six Taliban with a single bullet . . .

    • Shimazu

      The sniper essentially had an opportunity to get a hit on an IED crew. He hit their explosive and caused it to kill all 6 Taliban. It wasn’t a single file sort of thing where the bullet passed through 6 people.

      • Fruitbat44

        The story makes it clear that was case; not that the sniper had a chance to get an end-on shot at six Taliban in single file . . .
        But it’s still an eye-catching headline. 🙂