My Framed X-Ray Gun Prints

Last year I blogged about the beautiful CAT scanned prints sold by  Mr. Houston H on Etsy. After I wrote that blog post I decided to get prints of the AK and the AR-15. They have just gotten back from the framers and they look amazing (see above), the photo does not do them justice. I had them framed with a 2.5″ border of white matte board and thin black mounding. Two is just not enough. I am thinking of getting a print of the Walther PPK in the near future and after that maybe the Uzi or MP5K.


For the next five days if you purchase prints of the 1911, AK and AR-15 through Gearnaut (a new tactical gear Deal of the Day site) you will get an approximately 30% discount. The AK print is $45, the AR-15 print is $55 and the 1911 print is $40.

Steve Johnson

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  • Dan

    Have the same AR print hanging in my office. The guy does good work.

  • Nicks87

    Very cool. I’m sure they will make great conversation pieces as well. I’m going to place mine right inside the entry way of my house so it’s the first thing people see when I open the door.

  • wojtekimbier

    He had a great idea. Glad to see he is doing well.

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  • Nicholas C

    I want a KRISS Vector one

  • noob


    I wonder how hard the logistics would be on having an X-ray of the full auto M-16A2 as a companion to the AR-15, you know, to point out the differences.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      He has many machine guns scanned in. I think its just a matter of getting one, rather than any more difficult than scanning in a MG42 (+ belt)

  • Awesome! It looks elegant. The frame matches the color of the picture that makes it look even better. I would love to have mine place in the entry way too or in my bedroom 🙂