Arsenal SAM7UF Rifle


Arsenal announced the introduction of the SAM7UF rifle:  an AK-style, under-folding rifle chambered in 7.62×39.  According to Arsenal, the rifle made an brief appearance as the SAS M-7 rifle in a limited run.  At that time, the rifle sold for more than $2,000.  The new SAM7UF carries an MSRP of only $1,299.



  • reinforced under-folding stock that is said to reduce muzzle climb and increase accuracy when compared to the tilt-down under-folding stocks
  • hot-die hammer forged milled receiver
  • 16.3″ chrome-lined, hammer forged barrel with 14x1mm LH threads
  • first batch of rifles will ship with a $50 coupon for purchases at K-Var Corp (the distributor of these rifles)


The rifles ship with a single 10-round magazine, but will take any mil-spec AK-47 magazine.

Richard Johnson

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  • dp

    Way too expensive for AK. If it was WP mil spec gun it would be for less than $500. I know, this market is absurd. All matter of supply demand.

  • Nick

    Or you could get a mid-high end AR as well as a decent optic for the same price.

    Or just get a VZ2008 and 2500 rounds of ammo…

    • The Hun

      Mid-high end ARs are as overpriced as this Arsenal and VZs don’t take AK mags.

      • Nick

        Not really. A rock river (which I would consider a very high quality mid tier AR) runs about $900. Then you get $300 for an aimpoint PRO.

        And VZ’s don’t, but you can get VZ on AIM WITH 5 mags included for $500, then spend $100 on 5 more. You’re set.

        • The Hun

          A RR operator 2 is more of a lower-end mid-level gun @ 1200US$. I would say a Daniel Defense V series is mid-level and LWRCs top end. As far as the VZs go if the SHTF I wouldn’t hold my breath to find extra mags laying around if you need to pick one up in a pinch.

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            Magazines for the vz58 are not as difficult to obtain as it might seem. Besides, if one wants to have extra magazines on hand just in case, one should get them ahead of time and stock up anyway. I have two D-Technik/CSA vz58’s, and have not had a problem with building up my magazine inventory.

            The SAM7UF is a very well-made rifle, but I agree that it is over-priced.

          • dp

            Yugoslav M70 rifles were on sale in Canada in time of breakup and even before for less than 300CDN. To this day I beat my head for not buying one. In my mind they were by far the best AKs. They may still have Vz.58 in Canada (with ever changing legal circumstances), but I am not that interested in it.

          • dp

            Here is nice video with M70: – that’s the gun to have. Yes, may not have Cr-lined bore, but has very beefy and durable 1.5mm stock thickness receiver and is nicely put together. AK-style action is unbeatable too, not to mention fool-proof reliability of long stroke piston.
            On side note, Yugoslav industry (and whole country) was espoused to western manufacturing technologies way before any other socialist-block country. you can therefore assume they did not spare resources to have full advantage of it for defence purposes.

          • n0truscotsman

            atlantic firearms had Veprs for 900 last year. I bought a 5.45 one.

            They’re heavier, but awesome. I went to it because Kvar couldn’t get anything “in stock” that I wanted so I got pissed off and took my money elsewhere.

            Initially, M70s were rough, although, from courses I have taken where people had them, they are pretty solid. The hungarian SA85s were awesome for the money too back in the day, although the market has adjusted to their true value.

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            Excellent choice, beyond any shadow of a doubt. The benefits of the extra-heavy duty RPK receiver and overall build quality are worth a lot more than the small additional weight penalty. I have been fortunate enough to have the privilege of owning a MOLOT VEPR 7.62mm x 54R Tactical Sniper Rifle and a VEPR-12 semi-automatic shotgun, and I will not hesitate to vouch for the sheer quality and functionality of those weapons, regardless of price point.

          • n0truscotsman

            I have taken a shotgun course and a guy had a Vepr-12. It worked, to put it simply. I personally hate magazine fed shotguns and view them as unnecessary, although I was impressed with the Vepr-12. Certanily lightyears ahead of the finicky and unpredictable Saigas that have utterly disappointed me (not to be a conspiracy theorist, but I am convinced Molot trolled Saiga forums, got a list of deficiencies, and addressed them. The Vepr adds all of the improvements people make with their Saigas to make them viable platforms)

            I should have bought the sporterized Vepr back when they were 300 bucks.

        • DiverEngrSL17K

          Or you could get a top-of-the-line D-Technik/CSA vz58 plus an optic mount or some extra magazines for the price of the SAM7UF alone.

    • n0truscotsman

      Indeed you can, although you will pay more for ammo.

      Some of us like AKs. The sooner the people of the gun realize that the days of 300 dollar AKs and 60 dollar 1000 round tins of 7.62 are over with, the better we can adapt and move on.

  • BMan

    And we see Arsenal continuing the trend of churning out rifles with no actual market. If this were a type 3 spec’d underfolder, I would buy one. Instead it’s a modern style AK with an underfolder for whatever reason. Your non-collectors won’t be interested because most people don’t want underfolders. Please give us some actual Type 3’s Arsenal!

  • Rob jon

    This is mil-spec for Bulgaria, a lot of people don’t like Arsenal rifles because they aren’t “correct” when in reality that’s the way the Arsenal of Bulgaria markets these rifles to militaries, they aren’t designed to look like Soviet style rifles

    That being said, WAAAAAAYYYY too expensive, especially for what the military version was being sold to the Iraqi Army for

  • Steve Truffer

    Arsenal, This isn’t what people are after. People are after… more “budgeted”… products. More like <$1000 (800 would be great) rifle made correctly (no welded gas pistons), aligned parts, smooth cycling, and accurate (concentric muzzle threads, 90 degree gas block). These are what I see people praising and desiring, and what I see and desire.

    • Jack

      Steve, what brand/model AKs exist today that are ~$800 and are…. “made correctly (no welded gas pistons), aligned parts, smooth cycling, and accurate (concentric muzzle threads, 90 degree gas block).”?

      • Steve Truffer

        Waffen Werks (proper assembly, smooth, 90 degree block, accurate, aligned), Zastava (proper assembly, smooth, aligned parts).
        They are being made, but not in the numbers needed to keep up (AK’s around here are massively popular- there are more AK products stocked than AR). Arsenal is making the numbers, but their lineup is very eclectic, they seem to just make whatever they want, rather than what people want.

        • The Century Zastava is a very nice AK at a fair price.

        • n0truscotsman

          I feel that KVAR is the same way. It kind of pisses me off.
          On forums, you see people asking everywhere for different kinds of newer AKs. The most desired are the 100 series.

          For the money, Waffens are nice. Ive have heard about a few lemons recently, but havent experienced any myself or personally known anybody that has.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Steve, you are right on the money ( no pun intended ) with the median price range and quality standards you posted — good call!

    • n0truscotsman

      People are after the likes of the AK-100 series.

      Especially AK105s and 74Us.

      The most attractive thing is the side folding stock, which have always been chronically short in supply here in the US (and nobody has thought to make one, with tapco and other like minded companies continuing with their junk).

      • Steve Truffer

        I like to think of the 100 series as the family modernization. No bullet shearing 45* gas blocks, concentric muzzle threads, weatherproof polymer, the effective 74 muzzle brake, sight rail, and packable folding stock (that has weght- trimming cuts, and is more inline than 47 pattern stocks).
        But yes, I could do with a 74u, a 105, and/ a 107, and no one seems to want to make a quality AK sidefolder for a decent price.

        • n0truscotsman

          I have a Arsenal AGL32-61 (105 copy) and it is my BOB/truck gun (or my mk18 “pistol” i suppose).

          Bad ass rifle and easily my favorite. when TSHTF, ill either choose this or my Arsenal Democracy AR.*

          *im like a woman deciding what to wear when it comes to guns, give me a break 😉

          I know the ones that are in the states, people fight tooth and nail over them and they bring higher prices. Arsenal also never has them in stock because only a few 105s come into the states. There are built bulgarian 105s, which are awesome since the barrels use Steyr machining.

          If a company mass produced and sold them, they would sell like hotcakes, alongside the 74U, but everybody is still adamant about underfolding stocks (which are fucking junk compared to the newer side folder that is actually comfortable to shoot while being built like a tank) and milled receivers that are conceptually overkill for the AK design.

          “no one seems to want to make a quality AK sidefolder for a decent price.”

          No and they sidefolders themselves are also expensive because they’re imported in small numbers. The only “inexpensive” option with sidefolders is tapco, which I wouldn’t put even on a WASR 10.

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a top comment on this site that was positive. Not once. All you people do is complain behind your keyboards, not innovating anything whatsoever. I wouldn’t want my content posted on here because the fanbase is mostly a bunch of whiny brats who just want “their” perfect thing. If you like older, cheaper, tested, more classic stuff, why are you even here?

    • WaltherJJR

      I posted a long positive comment a few minutes ago and they didn’t put it on the sight. Oh well…

    • Nick

      No, we have problems with people trying to sell $600 guns for $1200.

      • TheSmellofNapalm

        You people are so selective with your “free market” thinking.

        • Nick

          How is complaining about price not a part of the free market?

          There’s a fine line between charging a fair price and being a dick, and arsenal over the past two years has crossed that line. ESPECIALLY when you can get a VEPR 7.62×39 for half the price.

          • st4

            So then, buy a VEPR?

          • n0truscotsman

            That is pretty much a solution for everything, to include global warming: Buy a VEPR 😀

          • Cymond

            More like “So then buy a VEPR, and let everyone known that they should look at the VEPR too because Arsenal is overpriced.”

        • tfb.lurker

          These are also the types of, “customers,” that gun shop owners loathe. “Oh no, it’s that guy again. All he does is come in, not buy anything and talk about how some other place has the same thing for cheaper.” We’ve all seen them in action at some point.

          If you’ve ever been to a shop that has high transfer fees, it’s because guys like these who find, “deals,” online and get them transferred to those very same shops. Gotta make a buck off them somehow. You know, to make a living or something.

      • n0truscotsman

        You cannot get something for nothing.

        You have a folding stock, milled receiver, constructed of mil surplus parts with no infrastructure to build new parts in the US (or at least very limited).

        It is not a 600 dollar gun. Not everybody can just eat up costs at your heart’s content.

    • AD

      I agree that there’s a fair amount of negativity on this site, and while I believe much of it is fair and/or justified, or at least intelligent and leads to reasonable debate, I do get a little tired of it as well sometimes.

      However, I occasionally make the mistake of scrolling down into the comments on videogame sites, and those are absolute cesspits of hatred, intolerance, assumed entitlement, and rejection of anything new, different, or experimental. After a few moments of that I am reminded of why I enjoy reading the comments here.

      • Guest
    • avconsumer2

      The “vocal minority” thing is not new on the internet. It’s quite common. Bitching, with few exceptions, will always be louder than praise.

  • The Hun

    Git yerself an m70ab2 yugo underfolder for $579 and spend the difference on ammo.

  • hkryan

    I prefer the side-folding polymer stock to the under-folder. Much more comfortable to shoot. Check out the SLR-107F, albeit a stamped receiver rifle. Maybe Arsenal will make milled rifle with the side-folding polymer stock…

  • Nicks87

    $1000+ is too much for any AK. Just another exapmle of people with more money than sense.
    Now for my positive comment, I like the color.

  • Aaron E

    Not an AK owner, but at $1300 I wouldn’t even consider this rifle. I like the folding stock option, but does that option fail with a large magazine inserted (like in the photo)?
    I know the shoulder stock portion is open, but it sure doesn’t look like the path of the rotation would allow the stock to complete its cycle with the magazine inserted.

    • The Hun

      My yugo under only folds over on 30 rd mags- bigger does not work.

  • BOB

    Underfolder is cool for a cheap trashcan AK, but $1300 is not a trashcan…

    • erwos

      This. Underfolders went out of style because they sucked as stocks, it’s pretty much the opposite of what I want on a high priced AK.

  • Miško

    hahaha only Americans are willing to buy a $1300 AK….

    • kd

      hahaha In Syria, a Kalash runs well over $2k these days….

  • hydepark

    I too was kind of surprised to see some of the comments here. I got an email yesterday from K-VAR and was super excited. There are no better AK’s out there that I have come across in my travels better than the Arsenals. And while some may not like the underfolder option, aren’t there ways to convert it, and aren’t they selling almost identical fixed and folding stock versions? IMHO, this type of rifle will not be available forever and may some day bring very high dollars in NIB condition. I’m getting one or two because AK’s make my dick hard, especially ones this badass!

  • WaltherJJR

    I wonder how much people complain when they pay a lot for Porsche or a
    Ferrari? If you want to spend money for a Ford then buy a Ford, they are
    fine cars, HOWEVER, the Arsenal is IMHO is the finest AK on the market
    and for that you will pay a premium. I got mine about 6 years ago from
    Arsenal U.S. and paid $1100 for it. I have never looked back, it is the
    best thing I have ever owned. To me…it is worth it.

    • ValleyForge77

      Agree 100%. It was worth the premium. Spend a few hundred ‘extra’ bucks and get the best. No real mods necessary. A true masterpiece with no compromises for the collection. I personally wouldn’t go with the UF though. Sam7sf has a much better cheek weld, the galil safety and better (but not yet replaceable) grip. If you want to replace the stock and grip though, Arsenal has better options. SF is perfect just the way it is for me. Masterpiece right out of the box.

    • 303

      The whiners know this. They just can’t soak the few extra bucks for something nicer, so they have to vent because they had to settle. The guy who bought the Infinite over the BMW, the guy who ordered the chuck instead of the rib eye, taking the homely girl home from a random bar instead of that babe an office over, and of course whoever bought a WASR over an Arsenal. After all, “they all do the same thing.”

    • n0truscotsman

      Let them buy their fucking centuries and WASRs. I get sick and tired of the same group of cheapskates always dictating the market and gun manufacturers catering to the lowest common denominator. It gets quite old.

      Hopefully this lot has finally had a glass of STFU and come to the realization that 300 dollar AKs no longer exist and probably never will.

  • d boy

    They have ar fans who trash the AK world and AK fans who trash the ar world. In my opinion I own a top of the line ar 15 and a low grade AK. A bushmaster and a zastinaf m70. And my ten years in service with the colt. My favorite gun just from experience is a AK. In my opinion ar15s are over priced and that is exactly why you have been seeing the prices change ars went down aks went up cause they are more reliable dependable in water sand whatever and still keep going. America finally got the AK right at the arsenal inc I’ll choose a AK every time for a battle unless we were talking long distance shooting that is the only advantage a ar has Because the AK has a heavier round. Everything else goes to the AK. And arsenal makes the best

    • Yellow Devil

      Different strokes for different folks. I like both, but I prefer the AR15 due to muscle memory.