Steyr Arms Grand Opening in Bessemer, AL

As reported here at TFB back in December 2013, Steyr Arms was moving to a new manufacturing facility in Bessemer, AL., as well as several other publications are now reporting the grand opening of the new Steyr Arms facility in Bessemer, AL.  On  on April 4, 2014 Steyr through a grand opening party and on hand was Ernst Reichmayer, owner of Steyr Mannlicher as well as the Mayor Kenneth Gulley, Mayor of Bessemer, AL and Allan Cors, Vice President of the NRA

For more on the grand opening celebration, visit the story from here.

For more about Steyr, please feel free to visit their site or give them a call at (205) 417-8644.

Thanks Jefferson for the tip!


Steyr grand opening, April 4th 2014. Bessemer, AL (


  • chris

    this mean a lower priced AUG?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      That’s probably the last thing this means :

  • iksnilol

    I hope this leads to an improved AUG (ambi-friendly controls and more chamberings).

    If they could incorporate something like this (maybe contact the inventor?):

    And making more chamberings like 6.5, 6.8, 7.62×39 (with AK mags).

    • sianmink

      AUG already has quick-change barrel capacity. Adding a magwell module and a few different bolt assemblies would make it pretty supremely versatile.

      • iksnilol

        That I know. It just needs some different bolts and magwell modules.

        I would personally like a 7.62×39 AUG that takes AK mags and has an ambi stock(like I linked to).

    • ducky

      Talked to them at Shot Show last year. They wanted to invite me to Austria when back from the U.S. but then skipped it without a word as they did once before …

      • iksnilol

        What do you mean?

        And if they forgot, why not contact them?

        PS: I presume you are “troubleshooterBerlin”.

        • ducky

          Yes I am and they didn’t “forget”. Wouldn’t be an indication of true interest anyway.
          I contacted them as discussed – no response. And since it wasn’t the first time I consider this intentional …

          • iksnilol

            I wonder why? Maybe it would make left-hand conversions redundant?

            Have you thought about making your own company? Kinda become the Krebs of AUGs.

            Hope I am not pestering you with questions

          • ducky

            Pestering? Not at all.
            Guess it’s the classic Not-Invented-Here-Syndrome.
            And my own company? Would have to win the lottery first.
            And given the 3k something AUG’s sold on the U.S. market – even if everybody would take an upgrade stock – not sure if this would pay off (molds etc.).

          • iksnilol

            Maybe the price falls on them if they get produced in the US? Which could increase availability?

            You could also check with MSAR, they make AUG clones (in multiple calibers).

            At worst make Steyr jealous. You could also try pestering them for a while so that they can’t ignore you. That is at least standard business practice in southern and northern Europe where I am.

          • ducky

            🙂 Contacted MSAR back then when they resurfaced – no response …

          • iksnilol

            Don’t know what to say except: don’t give up, pester them until they can’t ignore you and good luck with your future endeavors.

  • echelon

    I think they’d have to go back to the drawing board with the AUG. In it’s existing form it’s just not plausible to really make it any more ambi than it is…

    Same problem the Tavor has: it wasn’t built with ambidexterity in mind.

    But now that they have a facility here in the states maybe they’ll R&D a new design with that in mind, who knows. Here’s to hoping!

  • David_TheMan

    crony capitalism.
    Bessemer city paid Steyr to come there by giving them tax free privileges for 10years.
    If everyone can’t get a tax break it is wrong to give it to selected businesses

    • javierjuanmanual

      Crony capitalism us when the company buys demand with legislation, buys itself a monopoly, gets no bid contracts etc.

      This is competition. The town competed with other locales to get the biz their.

      If you want no taxes fir ten years go to ny state. They have thatvopen to everyone in certain zones. They have run commercials about itblike crazy in recent weeks in michigan.

      • David_TheMan

        No crony capitalism is when businesses use the government for competitive advantage. It can be mandating purchase, it can errecting barriers to entrance into markets, it can be subsidy for a certain company and etc.

        So you are wrong outright in your initial contention of what crony capitalism is.

        This isn’t competition, awards by vote to certain parties tax exemption isn’t competition is it politics.

        As for your NY State quip. I don’t live in NY State and don’t really care about what they do. If your argument is crony capitalism is good because other places do it, that doesn’t really hold up as a valid argument.

    • gunslinger

      was Steyr the only business to get a tax break upon moving to the area? if so, do you have sources of information?

  • Cameron

    Maybe we can finally get an improved factory trigger pack…