ROBAR’s NP3 Coating, Teflon for you firearm

While I was down in Phoenix for the 3MR event, I learned that the trigger system had a coating on it called NP3.  Also on hand for the media event was someone from ROBAR that was able to talk about the NP3 coating, and what it does. NP3 is a coating that is Electroless Nickle plating with PTFE (Teflon) in it.  It is being used on firearm parts that are prone to wear, and has its own lubricity.  After seeing triggers with several thousand round over them and they were barely even broken in, I wanted to know more about NP3.


ROBAR NP3 Coating (Courtesy of ROBAR)

NP3 has a lower coefficient of friction ranging from .07-.1, which provides even better performance than straight nickle boron coatings.  As the NP3 breaks in, it begins to take on a polished look.  The polishing is actually what is exposing the PTFE in the coating to provide lubrication.  The finish doesn’t actually wear any further than the break in point, and it actually quite a tough coating.  The NP3 coating is so resistant to wear, while also reducing corrosion that aerospace companies are also using it for aircraft parts. The corrosion resistance for the NP3+ is at 1000hrs of salt spray, which is done by the ASTM-B117 standards.  The next closest coating is electroless nickel boron, which is right around 100hrs.

Robar NP3 coating. (Coutesy of ROBAR)

Robar NP3 coating. (Coutesy of ROBAR)

ROBAR is able to coat entire pistols, AR’s or just about anything else with the stuff and it also carries a lifetime warranty.  While on the more expensive side of some of the coatings out there, guns that see hard use, every day carry or salt environments would benefit greatly from NP3 coating.  NP3 also makes cleaning easy enough to just need a soft cloth to wipe everything down.  After watching the ROBAR rep shoot 500rds on a completely dry upper and BCG, I was pretty impressed with the coating and what it can do for firearms.

If you want more info on NP3, or ROBAR you can visit their website:


  • Graham 1

    B-but teflon makes it armor piercing!! If teflon coated bullets can shoot through 80 layers of kevlar stacked on top of each other… imagine what a teflon coated GUN could do!!!

    • allannon

      Depends on how fast you can throw the gun, doesn’t it?

    • gunslinger

      what if it’s on a 30 caliber assault clip magazine ghost gun? with incendiary ‘HEAT SEEKING’ rounds?

  • Steve Truffer

    Hmm.. NP3 + molybdenum grease = lightning on glass?

  • Boogur T. Wang

    I’ve had Robby and the men do their magic on quite a few weapons of mine since they first opened up the shop. Good people, good service (used to be a bit “loose” but that was years back) with some really good products.
    Point being – If they offer it, its a good deal.

  • Lance

    Why dose that M-92FS have no safety??

  • gunslinger

    why did i immediately think of the scene in christmas vacation when clark sprays his new lubrication on his saucer and smokes the mountain?

  • Barry Hirsh

    Waddabout the black finish, RoGuard®? Do a report on that, also.