New .17 WSM Rifle from Franklin Armory

Franklin Armory F17

Franklin Armory is now selling what may be the first gas-operated, semi-automatic rifle chambered for the .17 WSM (Winchester Super Magnum) cartridge.  The F17-L rifle uses a Stoner-like system with direct gas impingement and a rotating locking bolt.  Although it is a rimfire cartridge, the .17 WSM runs at centerfire rifle velocities.  Factory ammo is rated up to 3,000 fps with a 20 grain bullet.


  • caliber:  .17 WSM
  • magazine capacity:  10 rounds (20 round mag in development)
  • barrel:  20″ bull barrel, 1:9″ twist, 4140 chromoly steel
  • upper and lower:  7075-T6 aluminum with anodized Desert Smoke finish
  • buttstock:  Magpul MOE
  • additional:  push button QD sling attachments, oversized trigger guard, Ergo AmbiSure grip

The majority of standard AR-15 parts (excluding the bolt carrier group, buffer and magazine) should fit this rifle.

Thanks to Cymond for the tip.

Richard Johnson

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  • Gabriel Owens

    hasnt there been problems with semi auto .17’s in the past?

    • patrickiv

      It’s .17WSM not .17HMR.

      • Gabriel Owens

        thanks, i feel less smart today. dont know why. thanks again.

    • Cymond

      Those problems were with *blowback* 17 HMRs. That’s one of the advantages to using a DI gas system for this.

  • Steve Truffer

    I still fail to see the point of that round. 5.56 velocities, but half the bullet weight, same price as centerfire, but non reloadable. If I could get it for $0.10/round I could see the appeal, but as is, I don’t get it. Cool on the gas operated centerfire, though.

    • Limonata

      Some places only allow hunting with rimfire. In addition, if you have varmint problem shooting a 5.56 will wakeup everyone in your and the next. The 17HMR is no louder than a 22. Yes, ammo is scarce for now but so are the number of rifles that use the ammo. That will change too. There are many threads over at Rimfire central which discuss the topic. Should not slam the idea without know all the facts

      • Gabe

        This is .17WSM very different than HMR.

    • Jas

      So awesome..
      After you shoot a few varmits with it, you will understand why.
      Extremely explosive bullet.

    • Gabe

      It was designed as a varmit cartridge, very flat shooting out to 300 yards. I agree with you though, it’s a bit too expensive and there are centerfire rounds that occupy the same space. .204 Ruger comes to mind.

  • Hunter57dor

    Expensive, currently unavailable on the market, and not reloadable in any manner.

    This seems like the most useless round ever.

    • patrickiv

      Every rimfire round started out like that. But hey, I can go to Walmart any day of the week and find .17WSM ammo available.

  • Cymond

    FWIW, many “assault weapon” laws specify “centerfire” so there are advantages in some jurisdictions to pushing the limits of a semiauto rimfire.

    • ATman

      same goes for Canada If this rifle is not using an actual ar-15 lower then this sort of thing would be prime up here in these northern parts as .17wsm is like the yeti but I could have unpinned 30rnd mags which would be cool.

      • floppyscience

        It doesn’t matter if the lower is identical to that of the AR-15, the appearance alone, overall design and parts commonality would have it classed as an AR-15 variant and therefore restricted. Things like the M&P15-22 and those hideous Armscor M1600s are restricted just on appearance.

        • ATman

          I cant speak to the armscor but I know from speaking with an RCMP officer in the know that there was concern with the M&P-22 being able to accept ar-15 parts and or some crazy custom upper that would then turn it into an ar-15. I know that the Canadian classification people are an especially anal sort that have used temp of there Tim’s Coffee as a barometric gauge as to a firearms classification.

          • ATman

            I just got a response from Franklin armory the lower is mil spec ar-15 which means this rifle is useless for us canucks. A person could only dream.

        • jankydeal

          Prohibited …

          • floppyscience

            Why on earth would it be prohibited? That’s nonsense. If the RCMP doesn’t see it as an AR-15 variant, it would be non-restricted. At absolute worst it will be seen as an AR-15 variant (because it is one) and be restricted.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    Oh, man, this is so much better than just getting a .17 Remington barrel because… uh…

  • Blake

    For me, the appropriate non-wildcat centerfire comparison with .17WSM is .204 Ruger, for which a lot of fine rifles are chambered & is available for about 20% less than .17WSM at the moment. Handload .204 Ruger with the 55gr Berger and you’ve got a serious long-range squirrel smasher on your hands.

    But anyway if you want a cheap long-range varmint cartridge your options are .17hmr, .223rem, or handloading… The more rimfire cartridges the merrier, but with rimfire ammo the way it is right now I don’t see Winchester taking the word by storm with .17WSM any time soon. .17hmr did that already :-).

  • Blake

    Mkay, read up a bit more on this weapon & Franklin armory.

    The point of this gun is that it’s a *rimfire*, so that it’s exempt from most states’ draconian legislation regarding detachable magazines & mag capacity. It had to be .17WSM because the other lighter-weight rimfire calibers don’t really produce enough gas to operate an AR-style gas system.

  • Julio

    OK. Neat gun, And it fills a niche in some jurisdictions. But the cartridge has yet to get anything like a vote of confidence from the industry. What have we got so far? The hideous, low-ticket B-Mag from Savage, a token deluxe single-shot rifle from Winchester’s sister brand Browning, and this FA creation (the best of the lot, but from a small outfit). It doesn’t bode well that CCI haven’t taken it up either. And why did Winchester ever go for .17 not .20-calibre, what with all the difficulties CCI have had with necking down and annealing cases originally designed for a .22 calibre projectile? [It would run too slow in .22 -though that wouldn’t stop us liking it here in the UK, where, oddly, a semi-auto ” .22 rimfire” of any type is legal but a .17 or .20 is not – but ballistically-speaking a .20 would work at least as well, as well as preventing the kind of HMR/WSM confusion you hear everywhere.]

  • jack don

    Now what would be cool is a CZ 455 barrel, so you would have a rifle that shoots 22lr,22WMR,17 hornet,AND 17 WSM

  • Jamie Clemons

    Yes it is a bit expensive but the .17 is one of the few cartridges not affected by the ammo shortage.

  • proudpatriot

    and it is legal in city limits. correct?

  • Sciop23

    It’s badass for michigan laws because we can shoot rimfire in city limits when hunting predators, and the only weapon we can shoot after dark is a rimfire. So this weapon with a night vision scope on it and when we get the law passed to use silencers will be the ultimate predator rifle in my arsenal! It will pay for itself since the price of pelts was up to $60 last year.

  • Doug

    Im in canada, i just KNOW we wont see these…. too bad, cause I would buy one!