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  • Ken

    So is this legally a DD or a muzzleloader?

    • Drew

      Yes, I’m wondering also. Wouldn’t this fall under “destructive weapons:large caliber device” for the BATF (>1.5 inches). Since it is using a contained explosive propellant… this clearly is not the same as a spud gun.

      • Renegade

        Frog could leap both ways. You can currently purchase golf ball launcher attachments that thread to the end of an AR-15. This is the same thing, but on a larger scale.

        So either this will be fine, or both this and the golf ball launcher attachment will go away.

        • Daniel

          Golf ball launcher threads onto an assumed 16 in barrel.

        • Ken

          I think that other than the lower, it has a case for being a muzzleloader, since it does not use fixed ammunition. I hope it’s no different than putting a muzzleloader upper on an AR. Yes, the lower has to be bought as a firearm with a 4473, but the muzzleloader part has no restriction on barrel length or bore size.

          • dan citizen

            BATFE seems to classify these sorts of things (as well as the 920 jdj) as designed for recreation and gives them a pass.

            Shoot this or a golf ball launcher at a person and I’m guessing they will charge you with having an illegal DD. , among other things.

            Remember, a hammer is just a hammer until you hit someone with it and convert it to a deadly weapon.

          • avconsumer2

            Ban hammers!!! Oh… wait… heh.

        • gunslinger

          i was wondering the same thing about the golf ball launchers

    • Komrad

      if it has a short part of the barrel that is only ~.22″ in diameter, then I think it counts as under .50″
      IIRC, the method the ATF uses is to drop a .50″ slug down the bore
      if it fits, it’s over .50″, if it doesn’t, it’s under .50″

      so it doesn’t matter how wide the barrel is at it’s widest point, only at it’s narrowest

  • ColaBox

    Make an M32 MGL and you can have my money.

  • bbmg

    Nice try with the brand name soda but let’s face, it will be mostly beer cans this thing will be launching. Redneck folk tales will now start with “Hand me a beer!”

    Fun fact:

    “To demonstrate the weapon’s versatility, a trial was arranged in Aldershot, Hampshire before Prime Minister Winston Churchill. No Mills rounds were brought, as it was assumed that some form of ammunition would be provided by the British Army, who were overseeing the trials. As it turned out, this was overlooked and the trial was delayed until one officer thought to bring out the bottles of beer that had been brought to serve at lunch. The smooth bore of the Projector allowed even these irregular projectiles to be fired successfully, with all striking the target with an explosion of glass and foam.”

    • Mystick

      …and waste the beer?!?!

      • bbmg

        Note that they didn’t use teabags. Different cultures mate.

    • Komrad

      if it has a short barrel that is only ~.22″ in diameter, then I think it counts as under .50″
      IIRC, the method the ATF uses is to drop a .50″ slug down the bore
      if it fits, it’s over .50″, if it doesn’t, it’s under .50″

      so it doesn’t matter how wide the barrel is at it’s widest point, only at it’s narrowest

      • Komrad

        *short part of the barrel

      • Komrad

        sorry, wrong comment

  • M.M.D.C.

    It looks like fun to me. Does that make me a redneck?

    • dp

      Not as long as you speedily say: “allahu snackbar!” But make sure you have beard and turban not to be confused for imposter and stoned..

  • mechamaster

    People with ill intention ( maybe ) use this soda launcher to launch molotov cocktail. Eww..

    • bbmg

      By people will ill intention you clearly mean “communist revolutionary scum”, right?

      “Che Guevara, in his 1961 book Guerrilla Warfare, notes that shotgun ammunition can be obtained by guerrillas even in times of war, and that shotguns loaded with heavy shot are highly effective against unarmored troop transport vehicles. He recommends that suburban guerrilla bands should be armed with easily concealable weapons, such as handguns and a sawed-off shotgun or carbine. Guevara also mentions an improvised weapon developed by guerrillas consisting of a sawed-off 16 gauge shotgun provided with a bipod to hold the barrel at a 45 degree angle. Called the “M-16″, this was loaded with a blank cartridge formed by removing the shot from a standard shotshell. A wooden rod was then placed in the barrel, with a Molotov cocktail attached to the front. This formed an improvised mortar capable of firing the incendiary device accurately out to a range of 100 meters.”

      • Mazryonh

        That’s exactly what I was thinking of–this launcher being used as an improvised mortar-type weapon by insurgents/insurrectionists.

        Imagine all the nasty chemical payloads the next “Walter White” could use this “soda can launcher” to deliver. Che Guevara’s “M-16 Incendiary Mortar Launcher” was just the beginning. Imagine someone loading this particular launcher with dangerous acid or a two-part liquid solution that produces toxic gases when violently mixed on impact, aside from the usual incendiary solution.

        I mean, if someone can call 3D-printed guns “Liberators,” how soon before we start seeing this launcher being used for “Liberation” against whomever the user deems as unacceptable authority? There’s been a rash of insurrectionist sentiment among certain American websites lately.

        • Insurrection, Ho!

          Got your panties all bunched up, comrade?

        • schizuki

          I think you’re worrying too much. AR-15 guys tend to be libertarian/right-wing. They don’t go in for political violence. They talk about responding, sure, but they don’t initiate. Initiating political violence tends to overwhelmingly be the purview of the Left. Groups like the Weather Underground have never needed AR-15 accessories to deliver their ordnance.

          • Mazryonh

            I would think that’s a premature assessment. The IRA in its history of violence used mainly the AR-18, but it got its armaments from anyone and everyone they could. This includes Glocks, AKs, M60s, Semtex, RPG-7s, .50 BMG Sniper Rifles, etc. from Russia, Libya, black markets in America, etc. These groups can’t afford to be picky about sources if they want their armaments.

            Assuming this “Soda Can Launcher” isn’t banned by the BATFE as being an overly-large-bored weapon or having “no sporting purpose” (why would anyone hunt animals with something as complex-to-use-and-aim as a mortar-type weapon when a bolt-action rifle will do much better?), I still think it could be used to deliver chemical/explosive payloads that can fit inside a soda-can-sized shell. Didn’t insurgents in “the sandbox” prefer mortars in their ambushes because they could be fired from behind cover and were harder to retaliate against than conventional firearms? The IRA liked using mortars too, and this one could be a smaller, more portable one.

        • Porty1119

          It’s not like this sort of device hasn’t been accessible to anyone with a rifle, blank-fire stuff, and plumbing parts…
          Oh, wait.

    • dp

      Good idea, but came kind of late, as far as events in Kiev are concerned. But, there might be another round of it some other town, so selling potential is there for sure.

      • iksnilol

        I doubt protesters would buy these, just make a pipe shotgun that can fit the molotovs and use shotgun blanks.

        Simple logic.

    • hydepark

      wtf bro you took my thunder

      I was gonna say that now we can show the Ukrainians how ‘Murika molotovs our cocktails

  • iksnilol

    Looks like fun to me. Would it be legal to export out of the country? Also could one possibly make one that takes construction blanks?

    • Ken

      Put a CMMG .22LR conversion and you can use power actuator blanks. However, I think the pressure will cycle the blowback bolt instead of launch the soda can.

      • iksnilol

        Was thinking a bolt action or something with a slide/bolt lock.

        Maybe 9mm blanks would provide more power than those nail gun cartridges (I believe those are .22 short)?

  • d

    This is basically a HI-Low pressure concept as applied on 40×46 launchers, just stretched a bit… it not?

    • wetcorps

      More like a rifle grenade since it uses a blank.

  • schizuki

    It had to happen – an AR-15 accessory that can literally jump a shark.

  • wetcorps

    So what brand of soda would you recommend for home defense?

    • dan citizen

      anything caffeine free

    • Vhyrus

      Whatever it is, make sure it has a mento tip.. for expansion.

      • bbmg

        ooooh… I guess you could tape a menthos to the tab of a diet coke can, the shock f firing drives the menthos into the can…. boom, airburst round!

      • gunslinger

        only works with diet coke though

    • bbmg

      As long as it is AmeriCAN it will do.

  • TheMasterMason

    That is an awesome T-shirt cannon!

  • dp

    This one is even better:
    but with caviat: for “moderates” only. Oh, that ‘sala-leftist’ scum….. better keep clear!

  • derfelcadarn

    One needs to ask WHY ? Is there any practical application ? Would it be a felony to use beer cans ?

    • bbmg

      The whole point of America is that one need not ask why, and if anyone does, the answer is “because we can!”

      hehe “can”, get it?

  • 101nomad

    I ain’t shooting no full beer cans from that thing.

  • Nicks87

    I wonder if a leaf sight for a M-203 would work with this?

  • noob

    hmm. can you stuff a t-shirt into that, or is a t-shirt too big in medium size?

    or would it shred the t-shirt into confetti?

    • gunslinger

      it’s how Urban Outfitters makes their clothes.

      • noob

        sounds pre-distressing

  • Ken

    Cement filled soda cans.

  • ArcRoyale

    I kind of expect that it will stay legal exactly until someone gets caught making improvised can grenades. Then banned.

  • Alan Aardman

    Finally, a way to live out my Zombies Ate My Neighbors fantasy