Krytac Trident .22LR

At IWA the KRISS Group announced they will be making a .22LR under their Krytac brand. It will be an AR-15 variant style from their Airsoft line. I am eager to see some more competition in the dedicated .22LR AR market.  I shall look forward to what Krytac will be coming out with.


Nicholas C

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  • Dan Siefert

    I would be interested in a dedicated upper that keeps everything subsonic and reliable.

    If they can do that I would be in!

    • iksnilol

      It is called a hacksaw and a long bloop tube welded on.

      • Dan Siefert

        I’d love to see your handy work

        • iksnilol

          “Hacksaw” is what I call shortening the barrel. I usually don’t mean using an actual hacksaw (except on shotguns) since those are hard to make clean cuts with.

          a 10cm (4 inch) barrel will keep all .22 lr subsonic. Was thinking of something like this just much longer:

          You cut down the barrel (or use a Ruger Charger barrel if you have a 10/22), thread it for bloop tube, weld on the bloop tube to avoid it becoming a SBR. Then you can attach sights to it.

          You would also need a a really long suppressor, so that you can unscrew it.

          NOTE: don’t keep the short barrel close to the rifle, to avoid “constructive intent”. Don’t attach it to the barrel before it is legal length if you don’t want the ATF to bother you (Read: put you in prison).

          • Dan Siefert

            Yah I’ll just do the sbr thing and not worry about it

          • iksnilol

            But it is cheaper, and the guberment doesn’t know about your Assassin Special .22.

            You also have way more sight radius.

  • Dracon1201

    I would like to see a belt fed .22 made

    • wing0black

      Lakeside Guns used to make a scaled-down 1919A4 in .22LR

      It was an amazing piece, it really is a pity that production had to end.

      • iksnilol

        They also made a beltfed 22 AR upper.

        There was also the Tippmann arms Vindicator:

        Would love to have one but I don’t know how accurate they are.

        • Dracon1201

          That Vindicator is amazing!!!

          • iksnilol

            Would like to get the blueprints, make a version with a target stock and quality barrel.

            A semi-target rifle you don’t need to reload for a while.

  • Dave

    Stuff like this pisses me off. You’d think the firearms manufacturers would actually pay attention to the market and recognize that no matter how uber your new .22 is people still won’t be able to feed it. And what do you see at shot show? “Come see our new .22lr firearms, lol!” tons of them!
    If they were smart they’d put out more 9mm or 5.45×39 (just not 7n6, damn you atf) carbines in light of the .22 drought so people could actually shoot the “awesome” new gun you just came out with and you’d at least get credit for doing something different and trying to forge ahead. Smith and Wesson is including 300 rounds of .22lr for people that buy their m&p 22’s. If you can’t beat that go piss up a rope.

    • Steve Truffer

      Hey stop stealing my thoughts.

    • Dracon1201

      Very true. However, I am regularly getting .22 now. The drought must be close to the end for my dinky LGS to start being able to put bricks out.

    • Cymond

      The 22lr shortage won’t last forever, it will soon be cheaper than 9mm or 5.45×39 again. In the long term, a 22lr will still be cheaper to shoot.
      I try to avoid making decisions based on short term trends.

    • Nicholas Chen

      No 22LR shortage here.

    • wetcorps

      I’m not sure how long it takes to design a gun and make it ready for the market, but maybe some of the new guns were created before the shortage? So now they are stuck trying to sell 22 guns because they still need to cover the R&D costs somehow.

  • clinton notestine

    whats with the weird yellow SAW/ar combo

  • J.J

    Are all of those rifles on the wall .22 or are some airsoft?

    • Nicholas Chen


  • ATman

    I really really hope they don’t go say why not put this on an normal ar-15 lower because if so It would be pointless for me stuck in Canada and all. I would be more interested if 1. The action was reliable/ innovative 2. Made a version not styled like an ar-15 (the look is a bit tired for me) 3.Did not price this gun into the moon sub $500 for base. I know this is highly unlikely and more likely than not it is going to go on the me too shelf but one can only dream.
    As for living in Canada getting an of AR-15 is a major PITA but we have no shortage of 22LR. My local Cambodian tire has 100’s of 500+ round bulk boxes on the shelf.

  • UD

    I’d be interested in a .22 Tavor…

  • Justin_GA

    Nicholas Chen is a stand up guy……Just had to throw that out there.

  • AK™

    KRISS Vector in .22LR would be neat..