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  • suchumski

    how dos the gun open, disassambly?

    • dp

      Ya, that’s good question for sure.

      • suchumski

        it is the weak point of the AK and its clones,
        a short sight or a bit unsteady one.

        • dp

          Well, I’s say the AKs structure is very good and disassembly is easy. Nothing to hinge about and no wiggle (like on AR). True – the short sight radius is a penalty for that. One goes with the other; you can’t have both unless you bridge over receiver length, somehow.

          • james


          • suchumski

            the sight of the galil is not absolutli fix, it moves a little,

            and the litle can be to much on 300 yards.

            they tell you that the galil

            was to heavy,

            i guess, it was the percision.

            the lokation of the sight like it is on the AK

            brings, when you are running in woods and stuff hits

            on the frontsight. you have similar problems with the vz 58

            which is a very fine and light gun. there is a ingeneur

            nessesary to bridg the problem.

            the mounting of optical

            sights is problematic

            to. the tshech gun is very underestimated, i love the

            wide open system of it, the ability to go inside

            of the gun with fingers and tools without

            disassambly is a rare luxery.

            most people think it is a AK


            there are more things than AK’s & stoners
            i would like something like a G3
            with simpler, more relieable
            technology. no gas
            dirt stuf……. 🙄

          • Paladin

            The sight radius on an AKM is near identical to that of an M4. The only difference is that the AK sights are farther forward, being above the chamber and at the muzzle, while the M4’s sights are at the rear of the upper receiver and gas port. The primary failing of the AK sighting system is not the sight radius, but the style. A leaf sight obscures a significant portion of the target, and is not as easy to acquire a proper sight picture with.

          • dp

            As for sight radius, the general rule is: the longer the better. Notch sight is not an issue for those who were trained on it (such as myself), especially if further forward. It is definitely not and obstruction.
            In contrast, the aperture (ghost ring) sight is strange proposition since it makes fuzzy image. Also, depending of individual experience, since it is close to eye it can be obstructive.

    • There is a hinge pin in front of the magwell like the AR. Right above the grip there appears to be two push pins. That’s all I can see that could be the takedown pins.

    • Knights Armament

      The stock hinge comes right off the back of the upper receiver revealing the bolt/spring/buffer inside the monolithic body.

  • Mark

    The SLICK looks slick for sure. I know the brake and dimpled barrel are costly to manufacture. Will be interesting to see if KAC can get the price where it needs to be.

    • Mark, Unfortunately this is only a prototype designed solely to compete for the original SCAR solicitation (First solicitation on Jan 30th, 2004). The FN SCAR won the solicitation and the acquisition was signed April 14th, 2010. Because of this there are no plans to manufacture the SLICK at any time in the future.

  • Robin

    Seems like they’ve taken their PDW concept and changed a couple pieces.

  • dp

    I did not gather what is the point (objective) behind this design. Is it just alteration from customary 7-lug bolt? Than doesn’t seem to justify the effort…. or does it? Please, enlighten me.

    • Geodkyt

      Um, totally different operating system? Long stroke piston as opposed to Direct Gas Impingement? The operating system is as different from a standard AR15 as an HK P7 is from a 1911 (not that the gas delayed blowback of the HK or the short recoil action of the 1911 are like either the AR or AK, mind you, just making an analogy). . .

  • JumpIf NotZero

    … Is this a day late for April Fools?

    Otherwise it seems KAC has lost their damn minds… They’re literally going backwards from where they were.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Well, this would be from a few years ago and not a far cry from the SR47.

    • That it is—fun time was yesterday:-)

    • This prototype/concept is about 10 years old designed exclusively for the SCAR solicitation by USSOC dated Jan 30th, 2004. There are no plans to manufacture the SLICK.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Well good, I was about to call social services and have them check up on you guys.

        The article could have done well to mention this was a decade ago. Good times!

        • Nicholas C

          Well if you looked up the SCAR program and when the SOF was looking for a new carbine, you would know it was a while ago.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Yea…. likewise, I’ll just assume the next 1911 article I see is talking about the early part of the 20th century.

      • st4

        I’d buy one. Just to have.

    • n0truscotsman

      The prototype is rather “not new”, although, to me, it is not going backwards, but using what has been proven to work (kalashnikov).

      In hindsight, the FN SCAR could have heeded lessons from Kalashnikov.

  • guest

    I have to admit the smartest way to use the concentional AK bolt/carrier group was and still is in the AK-12 by moving the charing handle on to the piston rod, and thus eliminating the gap in the upper that would usually be there to accomodate a chaging handle mounted directly on the carrier.

    • dp

      There were/are two guns in AKish format: FNC and SIG550 series. The designers probably had some objective while doing so. Well, some of it probably relates to running clearances and improving maintenance requirement, but it would be nice to hear official explanation. Till then it’s just a guess.

      • guest

        SIG did it in a very “patchy” way (as in “patching up” a problem rather than solving it) by adding rubber sleeves that are forced apart by the bolt’s charging handle, and return to close the gap as soon as the handle moves forward. This contra the AK-12 (or some aftermarket quick-fixes) is an inferior system. If the AK ever had a weakness it was this large, gaping slot in the receiver cover, and for me it is absurd that KA included this in their design.

        • dp

          True enough; one really wonders why – this is obvious invitation for elements to enter action. Another way to face is could have been a ‘compliant blind’ moving along with carrier.

  • LCON

    The Guts of a AK in A AR package.

  • SentMKG

    I think I like the ARAK-21 idea more over this.

    • FourString

      agreed. idea *and* implementation

  • Nooky

    Meh, I’d get a SG 553 LB.

  • I like it…

  • Esh325

    I wouldn’t take the stock breaking criticism seriously and charging handle thing seriously considering its coming from a competitor.

  • Hadi

    Looks like KAC is very interested in Kalashnikov and AK Rifles, first time SR-47 and now AK-Based Upper Assembly for AR15 with the name SLICK!
    Is it Knight Armaments or “Kalashnikov” Armaments? :))