HK97: April Fools’!

It pains me to admit this, but my post on the H&K 97/Civilian MP7 was nothing more than an April Fools’ Day hoax.

For those who believed it, I apologize. But kudos to those who figured it out. I tried my best to make it as elaborate as possible. I bought an airsoft MP7, a box of 4.6×30, and a real MP7 magazine to try and make it as legitimate as possible. I had a friend take the photo me “shooting” it at the range, and the targets were shot with an FN Five-seveN pistol to make it look as real as possible.

With all the buzz the post generated on the net, maybe it will show H&K that there is real demand for such a gun, but for now there is no civilian MP7 in sight.

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Hannes
  • Andy

    I knew it wasn’t real, but I liked the article anyway.

    I don’t think we’ll ever see the MP7, given the proprietary ammo and all. Then again, I never thought we’d see a G36 either. I think if that sells well stateside, then there’s a possibility the MP7 could eventually make its way here. Of course, the more obvious choice would be the MP5 variants due to ammo availability and demand.

    • I just wish it could be real!

    • clinton notestine

      they need to make a 22 mag version

      • allannon

        So, a non-Kel-Tec RMR-30? 🙂

        • Mtn.Man

          The best part about that is it wouldn’t be a kel-tec 😀

  • Charlie Igham

    Were we supposed to go “Oh you joking” ??

  • Giolli Joker

    I’m surprised the 4.6X30 is actually sold to civilians… who shoots it?
    What surprised me, was even opening a thread on a forum with the pictures and a quick review a couple of days before April 1st…
    Well played!

    • LOL—yea a little cooperation between folks made it look even more real. Group effort:-)

    • allannon

      Doesn’t Border Patrol use them? If so, there’s at least some 4.6×30 guns floating around.

  • Brian

    Me thinks someone has way too much time on his hands

  • Manimal

    Please let this be the year fake blog posts for April 1st have jumped the shark. Literally everything online yesterday was fake and stupid.

    • Hey this wasn’t stupid at all. This is one gun we all want to see imported. It took Alex a good deal of time and money,I would think, to stage the photos, conspire with friends to post the same thing two days before on another forum. To me this was a classic!
      No need to be irritated about it. It’s all in the spirit of fun and a good laugh.

  • Jeff Smith

    The fact that you were willing to spend +/- $100 (mag and ammo) makes me give this joke two thumbs up.

    I tip my hat to any elaborate prank.

    • It was an idea Alex came up with and Steve and I both thought it was great. I didn’t realize he was going to spend that much money and time to pull this off but I’m glad he did. I think we all had a good time with it!

  • gunslinger


  • gunslinger

    forgot to add this. editing the post won’t let me attach

  • Dick is a Dick

    I actually liked that article. Something like a civvie MP7 could have some potential.
    Don’t know about you, but I’m dreaming on.

    • So am I and the darn thing would sell like crazy! Another great import that well we can’t import at least in that caliber.

    • allannon

      Just look at the enthusiasm for the RMR-30. People want a compact, capable carbine.

      I suspect given better ammo availability and diversity 4.6 (or 5.7) would make a hell of a light-medium game cartridge, so an MP7-ish firearm would be a good truck or pack gun.

  • Heywood

    You’re stupid and I hate you. /kidding (somewhat) I had started a new Savings Account for this!!!! So not fair!

  • Lance

    That’s a good one!

  • LCON

    I knew I felt a yank on my Chain

  • BattleshipGrey

    I admit you got me. But once others started to claim the April Fools card, I went back and was going to look at the caliper to check the hole sizes, but you were smart to use a digital. Good job Alex.

  • Nick

    There’s a special place in hell for you. I knew it was an airsoft gun. You could see the hop up on the magazine. I lied to myself, but still, you’re a sick man
    10/1o fooled me

  • Fruitbat44

    So this was an April Fool, but the beard camouflage system was real??!!
    We are living in a surreal world . . .

  • DPinTX

    Not cool bro, not cool 🙁

  • Pierangelo Tendas

    Okay, then.
    Not that I believed this — or’s bout about .22 polymer ammunition — for a second. I am mature enough to stop believing ANYTHING that comes out on US gun-related websites on April 1st.

    As you all know, I am a gunwriter working for ALL4SHOOTERS.COM. I appreciate your work, people, and I’d appreciate it even more if you’d stop this April’s Fools “tradition” once and for all. I consider ours as a job that’s waay too serious — keeping our readers up-to-date, and most of all countering the endless shitstorm of lies of the anti-gun crowd with true facts, which have to be believable in all intents and purposes if we want to have a chance! — to allow ourselves to indulge in such nonsense.
    Keep April’s Fools jokes at home. Publishing it is seriously unprofessional.

    • pokulski

      You shouldn’t take life so seriously, lighten up or you will never get out alive.

  • Joey Szabo

    You really went all out if you wasted the elusive 5.7×28 rounds to make it look legit. lol

  • Steve_7

    There are some semi-auto MP7s in civilian hands in Canada, ex-prop guns.

  • nonono


  • Andy Marcell

    April Fools Joke OK but it was posted on 26 August ? HK is a nasty company and they can shove their 4.6 toy where the sun does not shine. I will stay loyal to FN. By the way Fiocchi sells the 4.6. There are specialty barrel makers for the Thompson Contender who will chamber anything you will pay for. The Recoil Magazine article turned me off to the HK P 7.
    Sorry but if they sell them in Canada and Europe they can sell them here. I am still offended by HK’s attitude and lousy customer relations. There are actually companies that want and appreciate our business go to them.