Primary Weapons Systems .308 Enhanced Buffer Tube

Primary Weapons Systems recently released their new Enhanced Buffer Tube for ARs chambered in .308 Winchester. Their new EBT in .308 is compatible with standard AR-15 buffers and is machined from one piece of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. It eliminates the use of a castle nut with a unique indexing screw and plate setup to ensure correct alignment with the buffer tube. The PWS EBT also features QD attachments machined directly into the tube as well as fluted sides and drain holes to allow water to escape. One downfall to early piston designs for the AR-15 was carrier tilt. The EBT features a lip that extends into the AR receiver that supports the carrier and eliminates carrier tilt making it a great option for piston driven ARs. There’s no official word on a price as of yet, however their other Enhanced Buffer Tubes retail for $149.95 to $199.95. Check out for more info.

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  • FourString

    looks like it could work nicely with a sig716

  • lucusloc

    I think this is the second article I have sen in the last week that talks about .308 AR-15s. Are we just dropping the AR-10 nomenclature? I know most of the parts are cross compatible, but the mag well and retaining pin dimensions are totally different. Or are we talking about something I am out of the loop on?

    • Mike

      No where in this article does it say this 308EBT is for an AR15.

      • lucusloc

        Nowhere in the article does it mention an AR-10, yet it constantly mentions the AR-1. So either the author failed to clarify, neglecting to mention this is for the AR-10, but adapting it to use common AR-15 parts (which are largely cross compatible anyway), or someone figured out how to cram a 308 into an AR-15. I am not the only one who was puzzled by this. I have also noticed this as a trend, people refer to AR-10s as “.308 ARs” but still refer to the “.223 AR” as AR-15. I find this far less clear than the original nomenclature, as both AR platforms have been adapted to many different cartridges. If you use the numeric notation I know instantly which one you are referring to, regardless of what caliber you are talking about.

        Just use proper nomenclature, then it is clear.

        • Mike

          The only place it mentions an AR-15 is to say that this buffer tube with accept AR15 buffers and that carrier tilt was a problem in early piston AR15s. Its okay that you read through too fast and jumped to the comment but nowhere does it say this is for the AR15.

          On a side note I have the AR15 version on four rifles. None of them are AR10s, for clarity.

          • lucusloc

            My point was that it is written in a confusing way.

            e.g. (with corrections for clarity)

            “Primary Weapons Systems recently released their new Enhanced Buffer Tube for [AR-10s] chambered in .308 Winchester.”

            “One downfall to early piston designs for the AR-15 was carrier tilt.”
            Why is this relevant? Was this also a problem for AR-10s, which we are supposedly talking about? If it was then he should have said AR-10. We are trying to fix carrier tilt in AR-10s, not AR-15s. This sentence, in the context of the one right after it, makes it sound like this buffer tube will help fix the problem in AR-15s.

          • lucusloc

            As an example of why this is confusing (and why you should specify the lower, not the caliber) here is a single shot AR-15 upper for .308 Winchester:

            The article gives not indication that we are talking about a buffer tube for AR-10s or or something special for single shot AR-15s.

  • gunslinger

    a .308 buffer tube compatable with the Ar-15? am i missing something?

  • Mr_Fastbucks

    PWS’ AR-15 buffer tubes have been unavailable everywhere for the last two years. Rather than introduce a new product, I wish they would just start producing the old one again.

    • me ohmy