$56K Chi-Com AK47 Vietnam War Bring Back Rifle

This select fire bad boy cost a little more than the typical WASR-10 at your local gun store. It’s a Vietnam War bring back rifle picked up near the Mekong Delta. It has a milled receiver, front folding spike bayonet and even comes with the original cleaning kit. What’s the asking price? A cool $55,995, but if you can pay cash they’ll cut that down by $1,000. Check it out at WesternFirearms.com.

An super rare documented original Chi-Com bring back AK47 from Vietnam. This weapon was picked up off a tributary of the Mekong Delta in the summer of 1968 by a member of the US Mobil Riverine Force known as “Brown Water Sailors. There is an article on this weapon in the April 2002 issue of Small Arms Review, Vol 5, No 7, page 89. It is a milled receiver weapon from factory 66 in excellent condition. It has the original front folding spike bayonet and still has the original cleaning kit in the buttstock. The new owner will receive a copy of the letter from the US Vet that brought this weapon back to the USA and registered it in the 1968 Amnesty Act. The form 4 that it is registered on shows the manufacturer as “Russia”. If you are a top end weapon collector, you will know what this is.




Ray I.

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  • Phil Hsueh

    Russian? Don’t all Russian made AKs & SKSs have a regular bladed style bayonet while the Chinese were the ones to put spiked bayonets on all of theirs?

    • Andrew

      Obviously you, sir, are most certainly NOT a “top end weapon collector, or you would know what this is.”

      I don’t know either.

      • avconsumer2

        lol – he did come off a bit “high & mighty” there didn’t he. If I was a billionaire, I’d play completely stupid & buy it from him… “Wait, so how do you make bullets come out again? Do they make those bullets anymore?”

    • John C Sell Jr

      Paperwork, that is all that is. The GI brought it home and had to register it. When he did, he had to list the manufacture. He probably didn’t know Russian from Chinese and remember the “AK-47 is from Mother Russia”, so I’m sure he just said, “Russia”. That is what is on the paperwork, not the actual info of the gun. It is a Chinese gun.

      • Leigh Rich

        You couldn’t bring back captured guns from Vietnam legally. That went out with WW2 and even than it was who you know..

        • John C Sell Jr

          “Legally” and “who you know” are the key phrases there. Lots of things have gotten done over the years… Why sometimes there are amnesties created to help those who maybe “didn’t know”.

        • usmcmailman

          In 1969 I tried to get on my plane home to the World with an SKS with spike bayonet. A Captain told me I could keep the gun or get on the plane, but NOT both!
          I got on the plane and he probably got the gun ! Officers suck !

    • torr10

      I have a Chinese SKS with a blade.

    • Leigh Rich

      It swung either way on the bayonets.

  • Asdf

    56k for a full auto AK. Is it me, or am I not the only one that just doesn’t think full auto weapons worth the cost? Of course, if the registry was reopened, I would be all over some nice cheap machine guns.

    • I agree. They are fun but not that much!

    • The Hun

      It is the rarity and provenance- there are few or no others to be had. Many consider the AK to be a true work of art.

    • Edward Franklin

      Very few full auto weapons are worth the cost they can bring in the US market, this Spiker could put someone through college yet it probably took a few dollars to assemble and was dumped en masse into various countries over the years. To say little of the more exotic MG’s on the market, I shudder to know what a Remington 7188 would cost if one ever became available. The artificial supply limit imposed by the closing of the registry resulted in an escalation of the prices of remaining firearms well beyond their original worth.

    • allannon

      Basically. I’d like a .22 machinegun/pistol, just for shits&giggles, though.

      • iksnilol

        You mean something like the MGV-176 or A180?

        • allannon

          Something like that, but I really was thinking about a Calico. The gizmo factor of the helical mag tickles my fancy.

    • james doesky

      Makes a $300 slidefire seem like pocket change.

  • Samson

    Dude. Throw a Magpul MOE+K grip and CTR stock on that beeatch, a MI quad rail forend, Magpul RVG foregrip, some XTM panels , and an AK-74 compensator and you got yourself a gun!!!! Yeah yeah yeah, you got yourself a gun!!

    • idk

      Dude stop it with your tacticool crap and leave this gun with it’s original part’s. Go back and play you Call Of Duty

  • Nick is good people. I have bought several cans and machine guns from him over the years and he is easy to deal with. He has the world’s largest Thompson collection (next to the US government) and his home defense gun is a Vickers gun set on a tripod. Not kidding either!

    On machine guns: remember, if it doesn’t depreciate then it isnt an expense. A true (non converted) AK that is transferable is a truly rare piece.

    • Cymond

      It seems that even the converted transferrables are uncommon compared to other personal arms like M16s, MACs, Reisings, etc, etc.

    • Unimpressed

      That guy is a fuggin clown. Never seen so many pics of guns that were ‘sold’ or ‘sale pending’ on a website.

  • Ken

    Price actually is less than what the bringback Russian Type III went for a few years ago at auction with Julia Auction. I think that went for $60k.

  • Patrick Mingle

    As I am not a top end weapon collector can someone explain the meaning behind the paperwork saying it was manufactured in “Russia” while it was clearly not?

    • Cymond

      Well, the description says it was picked up in 1968 and then brought back to the US at some later date. If I remember correctly, the AK was unknown in the US until Vietnam, so it’s possible that whoever filled out the registration paperworkt didn’t realize it was Chinese.

  • AkFan
    • Ken

      That petition lists the diameter of the 5.45 as 0.214″. Some quick searching seems to indicate that that’s the land diameter of the bore, not the bullet diameter. The bullet diameter seems to be 0.221″. I want 7N6 to remain importable as well, but the facts need to be right.

    • hydepark

      When was this decision made? Because I need to buy some cans if this is the case.

      • John C Sell Jr

        Better find them now if you can. The import stops NOW! No one can get new approvals or licenses for it, many places are pulling it wondering about the legality of it, and what this is available, if not pulled, will be gone ASAP!

        • james doesky

          Pffffft ….too late…any available cans are within a few pennies/rd of brand new non-corrosive. Here’s hoping that we can get the decision turned around….if not….look on the bright side that we won’t have to worry about cleaning corrosive.

      • n0truscotsman

        A day late and a dollar short.

        Should have bought it last week. 15 cents a round was the lowest. Or back in 2007, when it was less than 10 cents.

        Its STILL cheaper than 5.56 though.

  • Jeff Smith

    Someone out there can afford to pay cash for this.

    I now feel bad about my life.

  • 101nomad

    Pocket change, just not my pocket.

  • Lance

    Makes you want to buy or find a Polytech AKS 762. Wish they import Chicom Type 56 AK parts kits to the US. YOU don’t need to buy them from China to get around import bans buy them from Vietnam even since they use AKMs now.

  • Grits.N.Jowls

    That’s a beautiful collector’s version of the greatest battle rifle ever produced. I would buy it unhesitatingly if I had the money and lend it to the NRA museum. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed and is unconditional.

    • Leigh Rich


      • Grits.N.Jowls

        You must live above the Mason-Dixon line? As you seem to be trying to convey sarcasm towards gun rights and the 2nd.

        • Leigh Rich

          Beat you rebs.

          • Grits.N.Jowls

            Typical anti-gun radical urbanist type right? I’ll be you’re probably one of those gelded “yes dear” manginas too. Want the G to save you’re sorry ***. Nothing manly about you types except the original plumbing, eh?

          • Leigh Rich

            Who me? i have more guns than you.. It is a pre 68 machine gun.
            I do not feel AK was the greatest in the world even though i have quite a few. I have had a CCW for many decades. how about you? Who did you kill in Connecticut?

          • Grits.N.Jowls

            Not a question of how many. I have had my Georgia weapons license and my FFL since 1996, got them just after those backstabbing anti-gun traitors were voted out of Congress in 1994. I have never been to Connecticut and have no intention to as it’s currently behind the anti-gun enemy lines. Also, it’s my personal opinion that the AK-47 is the best combat rifle ever created. I also hunt with it.

          • Leigh Rich

            Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions. I did hunt with a M-60 if you want to call it during the Vietnam conflict. More of a spray than aim thing however. I have had a FFL too however I didn’t sell enough so I was not renewed by the ATF around 1990 if i can recall..
            I have never found the AK very accurate. Especially when the barrel heats up.

          • Grits.N.Jowls

            I also carried the POS M-60 for my platoon between 1986-90 until the army smartened up and replaced them with the more reliable and faster firing FN Mag model 240. So we’re probably not too far different philosophically just 2 different generations that look nothing like the group running the army today. You’re right it’s not accurate but out to about 200 yards it’s a hammer.

  • Leigh Rich

    A General Foster had one on his office wall at a NJ base…years ago during the vietnam war war, It had the barrel filled with lead. They were worn and hand built.

  • BryanS

    56K for a rifle that is actually worth maybe 1000 because of its history is a travesty. Our founders would have strung up those behind the NFA by their “tender bits”.

  • The triangle with the FF in it is a chinese factory mark, even tells where it was built if you know which mark was which factory.
    Can be found on the internet, I don’t have them memorized. 🙂

  • clueless

    Funny… from the Chinese characters it’s clearly the Type 56 (五六式)…. and it’s selling for 56k. Must be some joke.