Rubber Band Machine Gun!? Yep, It is Real.

Armed with one of these, it would be nigh impossible to lose your fantasy office rubber band fight. The aptly named Rubber Band Machine Gun (RBMG) is a (genius) product originally released on KickStarter. The project, which only had a goal of $5,000, generated over $147,000 from 1,100 backers.

*Note, the funny part is the KickStarter video. The double-entendres are excellent.



The RBMG in black. Other colors are also available including plain wood and what looks like leopard camo. Click the picture to be taken to their new post-KickStarter website.

The RBMG has 16 barrels that when fully loaded, give you 672 rubber shots. The RBMG is powered off of 5 standard AA batteries. Loading 672 rubber bands can be tedius, but fear not, a speed loader is offered as an accessory.

Sadly, the KickStarter is over, but the inventor, a Ukrainian named Alexander Shpetniy now has a website where you can purchase your very own RBMG. You can order them from Prices range from about $100-$150 depending on color and options.

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Nathan S

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  • Guest

    Reminds me Helsing from Metro 2033
    Sorry, image wasn’t so broekn for me

  • Guest

    Reminds me Helsing from Metro 2033.

  • Zugunder

    Reminds me Helsing from Metro 2033

  • bbmg

    Not exactly the height of innovation, these things are as old as the internet…

  • Jing

    I thought Kickstart is against firearm, I guess they are not that liberal, yet.

  • Lance

    Don’t show this. Sen Feinstine and here Muslim terrorist arming pal Sen Yee will ban this next evil assault rubber ban rifles! LOL

  • mechamaster

    Well… it’s very useful for ‘non-lethal’ solution to shoo away rat or small animal from the house. Lol.

  • Jeff Smith

    I want to walk into my brother’s office and attack him with this while he’s at his desk.

    I’m 27 years old. I should probably feel ashamed for wanting to do this, but I do not.

  • 7N6 is no more

    The way gun laws are going in this country, we may be lucky to have the king allow us to shoot nothing but rubber bands. Of course I am referring to the draconian 5.45×39 BAN that was enacted recently by the BATF. I expect an article up shortly from you guys at TFB.

    • We do not have confirmation yet, and are following up. When we have a formal status update, we will post it up.

      Before everyone jumps to conclusions its important to understand that since it is Russian ammo, the ATF may just be slowing things down until the sanctions are defined by superiors. This may or may not be related to the 5.45 pistol.

      Keep calm and keep shooting!

      • SausageNipples

        Big thread on Arfcom is indicating Aimsurplus and Cope’s had a conference call with BATF, who confirmed it with them. I think it’s pretty conclusive, just check 5.45 on gunbot to see for yourself. I’m just glad I never got into that caliber precisely for this reason.

        • I don’t believe forums until I hear it from the horse’s mouth. Too many things have been “confirmed” on forums…

          Like I said, when TFB can confirm it directly with people in the industry, then we will post it up. We try not to contribute to fear-mongering.

      • noob

        can we get “Keep Calm and Keep Shooting” T-shirts?


    finally a use for floppy disks. Kill em dead!

  • 1leggeddog

    Banned in California and Canada.

    • Tyler John Richards

      Definitely prohibited in Canada haha

  • Nicholas C

    Meh. Nathan, I prefer the Japanese P90 rubberband machine gun. It is magazine fed and can switch from full to semi auto.

  • Sulaco

    Rotary rubberband guns are not new. I picked up a different model at a state fair years ago and used it to over whelm a co-worker that kept shooting rubberbands at me from his desk when he least expected it!! Re-load times are LONG though!

  • gunslinger


  • Mazryonh

    This looks like it belongs in a movie like I Declare War.