Detailed Photo Comparison of Magpul’s MBUS Gen 2 vs MBUS PRO

Magpul-MBUS-Pro-vs-MBUS-Gen2-5 (1)

AR15News created an excellent picture comparison of MagPul’s MBUS Gen 2 polymer flip-up sights versus the newly released MBUS PRO machined metal sights.

My LGS still has not gotten their order of MBUS PRO in so I have yet to see them side by side. After review, I can really see the benefit of the new style sights, although paying to replace all my Gen 2’s is going to require another mortgage. Why is it the case when something gets smaller it gets more expensive?

AR15News has many more pictures from all different angles. Click on the picture to be taken to their comparison.

AR15News has many more pictures from all different angles. Click on the picture to be taken to their comparison.


Do any of you have the new MBUS PRO? What do you think about the new sights? I┬ádo like that the Gen 2’s will snap right back up into place if they are accidentally knocked.

Nathan S.

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  • TITAN308

    One is made of polymer, the other is made of metal. Thus the price difference is my guess.

    • patrickiv

      Yeah injection molding polymer is way cheaper than machining steel. It looks like the MBUS PRO are forged with minimal machining.

      • GUEST

        the pro’s are injection molded (MIM)

        • patrickiv

          That’s interesting. I wonder if they still have to ream the holes after molding.

        • dan

          Seems like all magpul metal parts are MIM; ASAP plate is for sure. Dont own the bad lever but it looks MIM as well.

  • Mud

    Looks like something made by GG&G back in 1999.

  • ClintTorres

    As good as the mbus2 sights are, I’d love to see elevation control on the rear sight.

    • Ceapea

      Why do they not have the ability to adjust the elevation on/at the rear sight by now??

  • sianmink

    What’s the weight comparison on these?

  • Ben

    Thanks for the share!

  • hkryan

    Wow, those Pro sights are way more compact than I thought. Thanks for the side by side pics!