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  • Want one for review!

  • Gunner Jacky

    It is nice semi auto rifle. It is interesting to shoot with this rifle. What will be the price of this Kalibr Colibri Semi-Auto bullpup.
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    Kalibr Colibri Semi-Auto bullpup

  • Julio

    It’s certainly a neat design. As in the double-cylinder FX guns, a section of what looks like brass tubing carries the air around the pistol grip to the valve at the rear. What’s even more unusual -for a bullpup- is that the charging handle is amidships on the L/H side, i.e. where it should be. As an AUG owner, it has always surprised me that, having accepted the need for an extended trigger linkage, most bullpup designers seem to reject the possibility of placing the charging handle forward on the “weak” side”, where it is easier to operate. Anyway, the Czechs seem to have seen the light, because there was another Czech gun at IWA (the Airgun Technology Vulcan), that Ted also reports on, which shows this layout.

    • Nicholas C

      The Tavor has a forward charging handle as well as the RFB IIRC.

  • Bruce

    One thing I’ve noticed about Nicholas C, he doesn’t actually write anything. Perhaps his TFB title should be, press release poster.

    • Nicholas C

      You are close. My responsibilities is to post blogs and youtube videos. Thanks for following!

  • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

    Reminds me of the Tihar from Metro 2033.

  • Hunter57dor

    If it is accurate enough, this would make most excellent practice.

    Seriously, im getting sick of reviewers calling an airgun “accurate” if it can stay on a pizza box across the basement in their mom’s house.

    • Zugunder

      You cant expect much from pneumatic gun? I don’t know about Colibri, but here groups of Cricket (similar gun from same company) at 50 meters (around 55 yards)

      • Michel_T

        Looks quite acceptable to me!

  • Ass HAmmer

    My God.