Hexmag HX30-AR Magazine

The HX30-AR is the first product from HexMag. This polymer AR-15 magazine is made in the USA and features a lightweight impact resistant design with an attractive non-slip hexagonal surface. What really separates it from the rest of the magazines out there is its HexID Color Identification system.

The follower and latch plate is available in a number of colors allowing for easy identification of magazines. You could, for example, use only blue magazines for .300 BLK, red magazines for 55gr FMJ 5.56mm and green magazines for .223 Remington HP hunting loads. The different colors can be purchased separately.

hexmag followers

The company is looking for retailers and distributors. Right now they can be purchased from Apex Gun Parts for $13.99.

Below are some videos about the product. We will be reviewing this magazine in the near future.


Steve Johnson

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  • guest

    IMHO Magpul’s lineup is very hard to beat. This mag does not seem to offer anything new.

    • True—I guess there’s room for more.

      • guest

        I’m not saying there isn’t, to the contrary the more competition the better for eveyone in the long run: but see here, I got the Maglevel mags and can not possibly be more satisfied with the functionality.
        Now if some company would take the time to develop say a 40-rd mag (quad stack) the size of a 30 rd mag or slightely shorter, just from polymer not steel, that would give me and every other black rifle owner a real hard-on. But a rehash of an existing concept – yet another plastic 30rd mag, as if there are not enough of those… that just brings little to the table, especially of the only “feature” is a colored follower- which nobody really sees anyway.

        • MichaelZWilliamson

          And baseplate insert to match. You can do the same with Magpul by swapping parts around, but you have less color choices.

          Of course, both are plastic mags, so I will never buy them. I’ve never found a plastic mag that worked properly, and that includes the vaunted Pmag.

          Your mileage may vary. This is just my experience.

    • 1leggeddog

      I guess if they are as good/tough, and cheaper, they could easily get a market share.

      • gunslinger

        mmm….. capitalism.

    • Hunter57dor

      true, but what about-
      magpul windowed magazine

      with this floorplate and follower in it!


      the bright neon follower will really pop through that window, allowing you to easily determine ammo levels.

  • iksnilol

    What about using tape around magazines instead of a colored follower?

    • Of course you can do that as well.

    • gunslinger

      so you could actually know what was in the mag? no way. not pratical. i mean tape residue on the mag? smudges from the ink..

      /end sarcasm

  • Renegade

    10rd version in the works by any chance?
    – Detained in California

    • kipy

      I recommend Lancer L5 10 round mags.
      -Detained in NY

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Get a 10 round .50 Beowulf mag to go with your .50 Beowulf upper.

      Be sure you never accidentally put 30 rounds of 5.56 in your 10 round .50 Beowulf magazine.

      The color coding will help you do this. 🙂

  • Shanksabunch

    Did you see that guy pull a mag from his back pocket…Not very OPERATOR of him.

  • Jeff

    Looks cool to me. I like that green follower cause shoot, I like green 🙂

  • hydepark

    Can anyone here talk to the idea as the whether or not these skirt around current mag restrictions? Like here in Colorado, officially nothing over 15 besides what’s been grandfathered.

    And just to let everyone know, NOBODY here is taking the new laws seriously. We can go north to Wyoming easily from my area, or simply have an out of state friend or relative mail us some 40rd Pmags (to my knowledge no 40 rounders made it in before the deadline but all the cool kids have them). Also, many stores are now taking mags apart and doing the whole “rebuild kit” thing which I love.

    But, in states with 10rd limits, does this starfish-magazine-abomination count as 10 or 50?

    • hydepark

      Sorry, just to clarify the question was in regard to this thing
      For some reason I was under the impression that Hexmag made those too.

      My bad.

      • Cymond

        I can’t speak for every state, but the “starfish” magazine connector is legal in California. It still only feeds 10 rounds at a time. I currently have a pair 10-round magazines coupled together on my CA-15. Likewise, the Alangator TriMag for 10/22 magazines is also popular in California.

        • gunslinger

          CTD had it featured in one of their email blasts the other day…shudder…

        • MichaelZWilliamson

          You could call a brown one a chocolate starfish.

          • gunslinger

            clean it with the hot dog flavored water?

  • Michael

    This way after you empty a mag of .300 BO in your 5.56 rifle you can look at the follower and realize you just made a big mistake…

    • Laserbait

      If you have 300BLK loaded in your 5.56 upper’d rifle, the first pull of the trigger will unload the mag for you, letting you know that you made a big mistake.

      • BuzzKillington

        Nuh uh. Not in my ghost gun. 5.56, 300BLK, heat seaking .50BMG…..it doesn’t matter, it all shoots.

    • Dale

      The latch plate is also available in other colors…

  • Cymond

    Goodluck to them, but they’re going to have a tough time competing with Magpul and Lancer. I do personally like the idea of color coding according to ammunition loads, but I want something more eye catching for different calibers.

  • gunslinger

    nice, but once the ammo is in, how do you know which follower you have?

    • gunslinger,

      You could look at the floorplate.

      • gunslinger

        reading for the win.

        i didn’t watch the video, so i didn’t realize the latch plate was included and colored.

  • LRB

    Made in Colorado?

  • Nicholas C

    Interesting, but it only works if the mag is empty with regards to the ID system.

    • Nicholas,

      The floorplate retainer is the same color as the follower for ID purposes.

      • Geodkyt

        So, basically, they have a $14 plastic magazine of unknown (to me) reliability compared to PMags, Lancers, or even USGI aluminum, that doesn’t allow me to see rounds remaining (a flaw faced by USGI and some PMagsand Lancers), and which conveys no more information to the user than colored duct tape, spray paint from WalMart, or floorplates or mag boots available for mags I already own?
        Heck, PMags without windows and USGI grade aluminum ones are (NIB) CHEAPER than these mags. Lancers can be had from Midway for about a buck and a half more per mag.

        Right now, all my ARs are 5.56, and by and large the loaded mags are all loaded with M193. I also have a bunch of empty mags for going to the range. However, I am planning on getting a .300BLK put together. When I do, I’ll use a revolutionary method of ID’ing which mags are for 5.56 and which are for .300BLK — I’ll use the black magazines for Blackout, and all the other mags (various dirt & snot colors, aluminum, etc.) will be for 5.56. If I need to differenciate between .300BLK mags, well, duct tape or a can of flat matte paint for floorplates goes a LONG way.
        This color-coordination idea is simply not revolutionary enough on its own — Hexmag needs to establish that they are AT LEAST as reliable AND durable as PMags and Lancers at a similar or better price point before it’s even worth looking at seriously. (I’ll give them the price point — they are in the ballpark, about halfway between Lancers and PMags. But honestly, about the only polymer lipped AR mags I trust are PMags, and I frankly prefer Lancers due to the steel lips.)
        But I’d much rather have a transluscent mag or a mag window than to be able to Martha Stewart my magazine pouches without having to remember to fetch the tape or spray paint from the corner store.

        • Hexmags, so far as I know, are generally retailing for less than Gen M3 PMags.

          As for “why?” well, that’s up to you. If you have a pile of PMags, there probably won’t be a good answer. However, in general more variety is always welcome.

  • tt_ttf

    Have to laugh at the “can’t tell the color ’cause its loaded” comments – if you did then you clearly did not watch the videos

    The button on the bottom can be made to match the follower

  • WFA

    More importantly, form follows function, how well do these function?
    Do they have a continous curve inside the mag to allow smooth feeding into the rifle?
    This a feature patented by magpul, that so improves function over a gi mag.

    • Triple

      The continuous curve interior is not part of Magpul’s IP, it is an artifact of injection molding the magazine body out of polymer. There has to be a big piece of steel in the mold that forms the hollow space for the ammunition in the magazine, and you need to get that steel out of there after the magazine body is molded. If you have anything other than a continuous curve, that steel would be jammed in place.