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Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • HerkyBird596

    Looks like a good option if you want to mount an Inforce WML.

  • suchumski

    i am so jalouse for your 2 amendment, here in germany i can just dream about a tavor.
    in “great” britan they cant even dream about any gun
    when i see americans not apreciating what
    there founding fathers did for them,
    it makes me speechless.

    • Schadavi

      Well, you can just get Schuhmacher to import one, have them get a Feststellungsbescheid from the BKA, and you got yourself a Tavor.
      But don’t expect to pay less than 10k for that rifle with all the paperwork 😉

      • suchumski

        the BKA thing is not so easy, i will look for a korth insted of the tavor.
        you need a Sondergenehmigung cuz the US tavors are made of
        the same parts like the military versions and you
        know, they can forbid everything
        we need a 2 amendment here, and the NRA to. 😉

    • mikewest007

      Ha, makes me wonder what the Polish Keystone Kops would do if asked to register a semi-auto Tavor. I don’t know what’s crazier, the government banning a firearm completely, or just the idiot commissioner in charge telling you that YOU, specifically, can’t own it. The reason for both being “it looks scary”.
      But then, folks hunt with Saiga rifles over here.

  • Stephen

    How much does it weigh?

    • Nicholas C

      5.4oz without rails.