Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • JT

    Not a fan of Travis 1) He doesn’t answer e-mails, no twitter handle 2) His economy of motion principles can be disasterous when switching to guns that are not your own (tricked out with B.A.D. levers, etc.)

    That said, this makes some sense

    • Not defending him but these guys travel all the time and get a heck of a lot of emails everyday.
      Just handling emails is a job in itself.

      • big daddy

        It’s difficult to learn and use new techniques. But having tried and been trained for being a professional in other things I can say that once you have developed those techniques you will see how much more effective they will be. It’s difficult to retrain yourself but having an open mind and really working hard to learn and use these techniques you will see that they are superior. if it works, it works. Who cares who is teaching it or showing it, it’s not about them it’s about the techniques. Once you learn these techniques properly you can than transition and modify them to use other weapons, one size never fits all. Learn the basic principles and take it to another level. He is teaching you how to fight with a gun.

        • JT

          of course, I just don’t like the idea of training too narrowly that devices like the B.A.D. lever encourage. You go for a bad lever due to muscle memory, it’s not there, wasted seconds. Not saying he doesn’t give out good information. I own the Magpul DVD’s and find them useful. Anyhow, I still don’t like how unreachable he is. Like he goes out of his way to avoid contact with the community at large (outside of training or these videos)

          • big daddy

            Think about your last sentence…..after encountering some of this so called community I don’t blame him.

          • JT

            Well, there’s probably going to be bad eggs in any community. I can sort of see why he would want to avoid contact, but then he’s really not anything spectacular in that case. If he gets out helpful information, that’s great, but all the truly great people I can think of are accessible, not private. And humble. Travis’ falling out with Costas without any explanation makes wonder what’s going on. Again, he makes interesting points, and beyond that I don’t see why there’s any reason to follow him as opposed to other figures that are much more appreciative of their supporters/fans. This is one of the only less-well known perspectives on handgun grip I’ve seen. His other videos I’ve seen have him differing to another trainer he’s friends with or covering fundamentals

          • JT

            Eh, actually, it might have sounded like I didn’t think he’s that great. He might be decent guy in person and very talented. Condensed, he should be more accessible if he cares about forwarding the sport and developing shooters that can’t put the money up for his classes. As is he’s a businessman that pushes A LOT of products and partners with a lot of people down to his own store and production company. Within that context he’s making his money, promoting himself, and earning good money for his post-military career. Can’t blame him, but don’t see reasons to praise what he’s doing outside of the occasional unique perspective

  • Marmot

    He uses three times more words than are necessary to convey his message. Constantly using “if you will” and other verbiage makes it very hard to listen to him.