The “Weekend Funny”, Users of Glock, XDs, and… Revolver?

Fans of Longmire rejoice, this week’s submission includes the much loved and reviled…  Branch Connally (I mean how dare he run against the Sheriff!?!?).

Smirk-arising matrix below:

User Of As Seen By

On-target or no-impact, no-idea?

Thanks, Renegade!

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • kipy

    I do see myself as a rugged wild west outlaw when I carry my NAA mini revolver…

    • 101nomad

      May be for the best. I could have an M-60 in the back seat and still look normal.

  • schizuki

    Nicely done!

  • Rogier Velting

    I definitely do feel like a… wait… no gun, never mind…

  • Guest

    Hey, I couldn’t help but make the matrix. I design UIs for a living. I mean, the program was just sitting there…

  • ssssssoooo….this was made by a glock guy.

    • Renegade

      Sorry, I’m an XD guy.

  • john huscio

    but what about sig/hk/walther?

    • Renegade

      Well, XD and Revolver haven’t been done yet, and I feel that at this time Glock is the standard for making these. I plan on doing long arm versions as well.

  • john huscio

    and cops carrying XDs? seems like a once in a blue moon occurrence….

    • Renegade

      Only works if you’ve seen Longmire. I was shooting for the “a jerk while not being a jerk” and that was the best i could come up with.

  • Slim934

    I definitely feel like Walter Brennan when I’ve sportin a revolver.

  • Glockerator

    Imagine your keypad on your keyboard. 7 at the top left, 9 top right, 1 bottom left, 3 bottom right. IMO I would switch 6 and 2.

  • Robert Burger

    So a glock user see revolver guys as a glock with lots of accesories?

    • Valentine

      Nono, Users of Glocks are seen by Revolver guys as glocks with a lot of accessories.

      Users of Revolvers are seen by Glock guys as primitive.

      • Renegade

        Give the man a cookie.

        Even better, primitive guy in a modern world.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Funny! Even better, the comments!

  • 101nomad

    I do enjoy this site. It is one of the few left. But, forgive me, I love a good revolver. .38 +P preferred. I own a .380 Bersa, 6 years of trouble free shooting. It’s bigger brother is an unassuming 12 gauge pump. I had my .38 and my .22 cal Hi standard revolver stolen from a rental house while I was at work. I bought them in the 60s. I latched onto the Bersa because at the time it cost $250, and I wanted something quick, had no idea what I was getting. I got lucky, it is a good little firearm. I do not shoot for fun, I do not shoot for pleasure, I shoot to verify accuracy and reliability of the firearm over time. So far, so good. I do not leave my firearms at home alone any more. Having choices, and a sense of humor, is wonderful. (Revolvers are more expensive now, and what I have suits me, never know, I might yet find a true love).

  • percynjpn

    Pretty funny!

  • sota

    I think a couple are reversed. red-head/cow, and copy/old-fart.