TriStar P-120 9mm Pistols

P-120 Chrome Cerakote

TriStar announced the company is expanding its line of handguns to include the P-120 pistol in 9mm.  The guns are hammer-fired, and use a traditional double-/single-action trigger pull.  Both the frame and slide are made from stainless steel.

The pistols will ship with two magazines and a cleaning kit.  These guns, like all of TriStar pistols since mid-2013, come with a Cerakote finish.

P-120 Black Cereakote


  • caliber:  9mm
  • barrel length:  4.7″
  • magazine capacity:  17 rounds
  • sights:  fixed front, drift adjustable rear
  • weight:  1.87 pounds
  • finish:  black Cerakote or chrome Cerakote
  • MSRP:  $489 for black, $509 for chrome
TriStar P120 old school

The P-120 that was on display at the 2013 SHOT Show.

I first saw these pistols at the 2013 SHOT Show.  It is not clear from the company’s information if these are considered new pistols because the P-120 I saw never shipped.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Nicks87

    Cheap CZ knock-offs? No thanks.

    • iksnilol

      I thought they looked like CZ.

  • tnelson

    they get really good reviews

  • dp

    Are they CZUB subdivision? Made in Philippines? Some copycats are real smack to the face brash, is it because patent in now in public domain?

    • Trent Russell

      It says Made it Turkey right on the side…

      • dp

        This is what they say in description:
        “TriStar is proud to introduce its first line of pistols. We work closely with our NATO approved factory to deliver the very best in function and durability. Our factory produces arms for over 25 different militaries across the world.”
        I would bet Tangfolio (their subsidy); they are big time merchandisers and much of their production comes from Philippines. In addition, they have their own experience with CZ75 cloning. Name of the game is maximum profit with minimum expense.

        • Brian Ahearn

          Hi Brian From Easton Firearms Refinishing we have been discussing the Canik , Tristar and Sar Turk made pistols for almost 2 years now on the original cz forum in the clone section. I have been customizing and shooting these pistol including the Sharks , 120 steel and light models ,the C100 series and all the Sar models and just recently built two custom p120s Tristars using some very nice trigger and sear parts that are custom made by my good friend Dave Milam at Cajun Gun Works- he also make custom CZ parts.
          Are these pistols Cz’s no of course not , but there manufactured to modern standards using modern manufacturing equipment and methods.They are selling below their suggested manufacturer prices because many Americans can’t get behind purchasing firearms from a largely Muslim country.
          I too was skeptical when they first hit our shores, I bought one and thought well if it does not last I won’t lose too much money.. I actually bought it due to the shortage of CZ’s at the time.
          After a year of shooting them and getting a couple more because we liked them so much we shot three Caniks and 1 Sar BP6 full size poly -CZ clone in IDPA last year. After an average of 7000 rounds through our pistols they are still in excellent shooting condition-no major failures. I actually have three full on custom Caniks that I am now shooting as much as my CZ custom shop pistols.and still waiting to have something break.
          This year we will shoot the two custom P120’s as hard as the Caniks that we shot last year.

          • dp

            Brian, thank you for your report! Since I live in Canada, I would most likely consider buying Turkish made pistol from local suppliers such as Ammo Canada; they have whole lineup of Canik. I do not doubt for second that they are good quality product. Tangfolio has been also pretty well positioned with their clone, but as far as Philippines import (if that is the case) I would not be as confident. That is what was my message about. Take care!

          • percynjpn

            Please learn how to use punctuation – seriously.

      • dp

        Ok, I overlooked that. Thanks!

  • Trent Russell

    Author fails to mention these are made by Canik.

  • Andrew

    4 Spinx pistols for the price of 1!

  • echelon

    What’s funny is that Canik makes a cheaper model that is completely ambidextrous and has really good fit and finish. I guess this one is for the purists…

  • nester7929

    Just out of curiosity, are these as “good” as a CZ? Trying to determine if this is a rip-off, or like the Stoeger Cougar where it’s a Beretta but named differently.

    • iksnilol

      I would say inferior, though Turkey produces some good guns (mainly shotguns).

      I would still buy the original out of principle.

      • nester7929

        I’d like to buy a normal 75B as well, but they’ve gotten so damn expensive over the last couple of years.

        • iksnilol

          Cheaper than a Sig.

          Found them(CZ) for 550 at Buds.

  • Lance

    Another CZ-75 clone……Yawn

    • DW

      Didn’t see you YAWN at 1911 or AR15 clones

  • john huscio

    wish CZ would come out with a PCR chambered for 10mm or 357sig

  • suchumski

    So the turks are copiyng cz, baretta, P88 HK, MP 5, HK G3, HK 416…..
    How stupid the West sells knowledg, and then they will ask where the
    terrorists have there arms from!
    Hekler & Koch has build 3 manufaktoris in the ME,
    in turky, iran and pakistan, iresponsible.

    • CrankyFool

      FWIW, and I hope this doesn’t verge into politics, but Turkey is a member of NATO, a candidate to become part of the EU, has a strong tradition of secularism, a constitution that recognizes freedom of religion, and prohibits religious political parties. Putting them in the same list as Iran and Pakistan is, itself, irresponsible — and ignorant.

      • suchumski

        Erdoghan is part of the Muslim brotherhood, like Al-Qaida.
        Dont punish the messenger for the message.

        • suchumski


          How can they join the EU ocupieing half of CIPRUS?

          I have given a CZ for 25 jears to my shooting club, it has seen
          a lot of fiering and works well. i see no reason for a turkisch, chines italian, swiss, american or israeli CZ75/85 clones.
          there are more aftermarket parts, surplus and customstuff for
          the CZ then for each clon. i have no problems with
          copyng when the result is beter but the tri star is
          a sevice gun and i doubt it can beat the
          CZ. i would prefere a used CZ 75
          to the most copys anytime.

          • Turk

            go cry somewhere else brother this is thefirearmblog

    • supergun

      But the World continues to go a round.

  • Tenacious221

    Looks like the eaa “stock” pistols but half the price… More cz75 clones.

  • Vaughan

    I would like to read opinions from people who have purchased and fired TriStar pistols. They are inexpensive and appear to be of good quality. It would be nice to get an accurate report on pros and cons.

  • Hedd Wyn

    Looks very similar to the CZ75 SP01 series.