20 year old Mercedes bullet proof test

Here is an interesting test. I really do not condone putting anyone’s life at risk to test if a car is bullet proof. I am curious how they thought it was bullet proof. Did they just obtain the car on the word of the previous owner? And what would convince them to test it let alone put someone inside? They could have put balloons, watermelon or any other substitute target inside the car.

They tested the car with a 9mm. I would have tested it against other calibers to truly test its bulletproofness. Also, no one would be inside when I test it.


Nicholas C

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  • Steve Hunter

    Idiocracy strikes again. These guys should be forbidden to breed.

    • patrickiv

      I think they’ll take care of that by themselves given enough time.

  • dp

    Sure, not every Merc is bulletproof, but I can tell you this. My old neighbour (not living here any longer) had a deer jumped at his Mercedes in fair speed; in area where a-pillar, hood and fender meet. Any ‘normal’ car of that size would be seriously damaged, maybe even write-off. He just polished the area and cleared the remnants of hair.

    • dan citizen

      I work at an auto recycler and used to work at a crash test lab, I have seen every possible make of car post-accident, have watched them cut into various pieces and occasionally seen them welded back together.

      Mercedes are decent, fairly sturdy cars. About the same as a subaru. Nowhere near as stout as a range rover (by far the sturdiest consumer vehicle currently made, but horribly unreliable)

      The bottom line is you can’t easily make a vehicle sturdier than the norm and still have enough crumple zones to meet impact ablation standards.

      also this video is clearly fake.

      • dp

        I concur; your opinion and knowledge are appreciated. Not much more can be done with metal which already is in place. Cage is always bit stiffer than peripheries.

  • wetcorps


  • dan citizen


  • Anonymoose

    Should have tested it against a few rounds of .30-06 or 54R.

  • 101nomad

    Stupid. Beyond stupid. Did I mention stupid? Wonder where some of those anti gun nuts get their ideas? (If this was real, some choices are bad choices). OK, now, let us test the effective range of a shotgun, stand still.

  • The Hun

    Love the gold wheels.

  • Joshua

    I love how the fancy glass is spider webbed inside and perfectly fine outside….Very impressive.

  • mechamaster

    They are confident because they know ‘normal’ 9mm doesn’t penetrate the car. Don’t know if the hostile shoot with 9x19mm 7N21 or other Armor piercing 9mm type bullet.

  • kimbiwa

    Mercedes has been making bullet resistant cars for 30+ years. The test is real, and REALLY DUMB! This isn’t smoke and mirrors. However, I really wish Mr. Darwin had stepped in with some of his science. The heard always needs a bit of thinning. Further, Matt Farrah (idiot in car) is a reputable automotive journalist, for the likes of Motor Trend. They KNEW this car was properly bullet resistant. It was still dangerously STUPID!

    • dp

      In my perceptions there are various ‘sub-cultures’ inside s.c. western culture. One such case is cars, the other is guns. Someone is apparently tempted (basically childish drift) to relate these to in a destructive way. It’s lame.

    • itsmefool

      If Matt is hanging around this guy and is willing to the be the test subject in such a stupid pet trick, then his “reputation” has just suffered immensely.

  • dp

    What really should be worth of test IMHO, is effect of large calibre bullet fired into engine compartment of truck. Would it cause to damage it to stop? That seem to me as more practical consideration, if you have to into that kind of things.

  • This was a “real” test in the same way everything on Top Gear is “real” In many ways Matt has troll’d everyone.

    I know Matt at bit, trust me when I say he wasn’t going to put his life in any kind of danger for this. Matt is also a gun enthusiast.

    • Rob

      Care to share what made this “safe” so that no one’s life was in danger?

  • Nothing screams “shoot me! I deserve it!” more than those rims…

  • WV Cycling

    I have shot a Volvo 240 door to see how well 22LR / 20ga slugs / 9mm rounds would penetrate it.

    Slugs were great, 22lr had about an 85% success rate of penetrating both walls of the steel, and the 9mm from a PF-9 at 10 yards had about a 30% success rate in penetrating both sides of the steel door, and 80% rate of penetrating the first layer of the steel door.

    • Cymond

      Wait, it sounds like you had more success with 22lr than 9mm. Any theories?

      • WV Cycling

        My knowledge and expertise are in bicycles and microbiology, not so much ballistics, so I honestly don’t know.

        All the 9mm rounds were FMJ Winchester whitebox’ers (1190fps, 362 ft lb). Several of them just left 1/3″ dents in the steel. The ones that did puncture through that I found in the ground right behind it had a somewhat teardrop silhouette. Imagine taking some pliers to the end of a bullet until the back tip was kind of flat.

        22lr round were thunderbolt, or golden bullet… (1255fps 140 ft. lb.) and were shot with both a 22/45 and a 10/22 from the same distance.

        I could speculate that the 9mm rounds had too much surface area, and that displaced the energy of it? I really don’t know.

        • Cymond

          Interesting! I thought maybe I misunderstood. It is true that larger small calibers penetrate better, heavier bullets also penetrate better. While the 9mm is larger, it is also approximately 3 times heavier at a similar velocity. Perhaps the short barrel on the PF-9 is reducing velocity enough to be a problem? I doubt that though. Looking at ballisticsbytheinch.com/9luger.html indicates that a 3″ barrel is only about 100 to 200 fps slower than a 6″ barrel. (If I recall correctly, handgun ammo is often velocity-tested at the factory from a 6″ barrel.)

          On a personal note, I hope you’re well in the WV hills. Your username makes me nostalgic for home.

  • SafeArmsReview

    Always nice to see someone pointing a firearm at their feet – I mean what could possible happen???


    I cringe when I see this at the range. In all my classes I have the students point the firearm at a 45 degree angle and NEVER at their feet.

    • maodeedee

      Ummm…I think it’s a little bit worse to point it at someone inside a car and fire repeatedly to see whether or not the glass would break.
      Maybe your concern is a bit misplaced, do ya think?

  • Todd

    I had some bullet proof glass to shoot once, not actually glass, but like plexiglass and about 2 or 2.5″ thick. It stopped 9 and 45 all day, just slightly scratched the surface. Then I hit it with 223 which went thru like a hot knife, and a hot loaded 45-70 with a soft nose 400g bullet which also went thru. Even at an angle of maybe 10 degrees 45-70 would still go thru so the hole was much longer than the glass was thick. Basically it seems if the glass were 6″ thick the 45-70 would’ve still gone thru, and that was a flat soft nose, imagine a pointed copper or steel point.

  • Sharky

    The same crew did a follow-up video with more powerful calibers